Magna5- Modernizing Your IT Environment

Magna5- Modernizing Your IT Environment Robert Farina

Digitization and digital transformation have become as essential to companies as oxygen to humans. In this era where the internet has boosted globalization and companies are looking towards a more technological solution to their problems, this modernization has come as a boon. 

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s this issue of The 5 Best Microsoft Solution Providers To Watch is Magna5, a company that is helping to modernize the IT environment with its suite of services.

The Company-

Managed IT services backed by the industry’s top leaders…

Magna5, a NewSpring Holdings platform, provides managed IT services, cybersecurity, private and public cloud hosting, backup and disaster recovery and other advanced IT services to mid-market and enterprise customers, including leaders within the education, healthcare, government, financial services, manufacturing, and other industry segments. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Magna5 has customers nationally and the backing of the industry’s most recognized .

Scott Alcott, former CIO at Comcast and a globally recognized technology first-mover, is a Magna5 co-owner and director.

“Magna5 exists to help organizations automate, digitize, and seamlessly manage technology, freeing them up to focus on customers and growing their core business,” said Alcott. “I’m proud to be helping build Magna5 into the most trusted partner in the industry.”

As a trusted managed services provider, the company brings together the right mix of managed IT services, cybersecurity, network monitoring, and cloud hosting together under one roof … all fully managed by their team of experts 24/7/365. The team’s one passion is to help companies like yours work better, faster, and smarter. Proven approaches. Well-planned strategies and roadmaps. Innovative technology. All interconnected and easily deployed to take your organization into the future and beyond.

The Roadmap to Success-

Magna5’s Managed IT Services business is poised for strong organic and acquisitive growth. Magna5 acquired New York-based SpinnerTech in May of 2021 and is pursuing additional acquisition opportunities to enhance capabilities and expand its reach. 

“The demand for managed IT services in the lower middle-market is paving the way for Magna5’s booming organic growth,” says Jim Ashton, General Partner at NewSpring Holdings. “At the same time, the market is extremely fragmented, which provides an exciting opportunity for us to leverage our existing platform and execute our M&A strategy to build Magna5 into an even more formidable managed IT services player.” 

Magna5 is constantly evaluating new products and IT technologies and comparing them against their existing product stack to develop new solutions for the end customers. By offering these advanced technologies as a fully managed service, Magna5 can introduce these ‘best of breed’ tools to organizations that do not have the IT staff or expertise to implement them on their own.

The Products and Services-

By partnering with Magna5, companies can offload critical IT tasks to an experienced team, allowing them to focus on driving their business without worrying about managing hardware, software, or cloud platforms that are critical to operation.

Magna5 provides managed IT services, cybersecurity, private and public cloud hosting, backup and disaster recovery, and other advanced services to mid-market and enterprise customers nationwide. All managed Magna5 IT services are backed by certified and experienced engineers around the clock, 24/7/365.

Magna5 takes the complexity out of implementing and managing Microsoft 365 across your organization with managed services. Get more out of your IT investment with a business-class email and productivity solution that leverages the benefits of the cloud with 24/7/365 support. 

“We handle the daily tedious maintenance and support tasks that come with systems management so you can get back to growing your business. Our fully staffed Operations Center is available 24/7/365 to support you. We provide full migration, deployment, admin, and end-user support and management services.”

Their suite of services include-

Managed IT Services-

Magna5’s Managed IT Services provide the right blend of people, processes, and new technologies for you to drive costs down and improve efficiencies across your organization. Everything from moving to the cloud, monitoring IT operations, help desk support to managed security and data backup and recovery, we’ve got you covered. By moving your routine IT activities to our hosted and managed cloud environments, you can free time for your staff to refocus on what matters … taking care of your customers, and helping your employees stay productive.


Combating modern day cyber threats requires a deep understanding of security best practices, emerging technologies, security intelligence and technical expertise. Most organizations don’t have the time, money, expertise or personnel to maintain and implement effective security, 24/7/365. That’s why organizations are turning to managed security services.

The average cost of a data breach is $3.9 million (IBM).

Managed security services protect your network, endpoints, mission-critical applications and more from emerging and current threats. Magna5 leverages best-in-class tools and threat intelligence combined with certified 24/7/365 expertise and monitoring that extends your in-house IT team to manage security functions.

Public Cloud Services-

Data is growing exponentially every day. Organizations need an efficient and secure way to operate their business and access data that doesn’t break the bank. Magna5’s cloud and data center services ensure that your organization’s lifeblood is protected from threat actors, easily accessible, and compliance-ready.

Magna5’s cloud and data center solutions are managed 24/7/365 and meticulously thought out from the planning stage to implementation. We have in-house cloud and data center experts that will ensure the best experience.

What Sets Magna5 Apart: A Case Study-

For 23 years, satisfied customers throughout the greater Pittsburgh area have relied on Ryan Automotive for quality tire and automotive services. With four locations in Crafton, Pleasant Hills, Kennedy Township and Moon Township, they needed a reliable managed services partner to ensure their network, internet and phone systems were always up and running without downtime. 

The fast-paced business could not afford their point-of-sale and inventory management systems to be down and disrupt business operation causing revenue loss. Aging technology at multiple locations was experiencing downtime with frequent equipment failure and unreliable internet connections. 

They were seeking a trusted partner who could centrally manage their network in a cloud environment to improve network performance, connectivity and security across all store locations. Magna5 installed cloud-based Office applications to enhance communication and improve productivity across store locations. Stores can now collaborate, share and communicate with email and flexible collaboration tools accessible from either desktop or mobile devices.

“While the IT landscape changes, Magna5 is constantly evaluating the available tools/technologies and how they can benefit our customers.”

Improve Your Efficiency with Magna5-

Everything from moving to the cloud, monitoring IT operations and end-user support, to cybersecurity, data backup and recovery operations, and SD-WAN, we pave the way to improve responsiveness so you can deliver a better customer experience.

Many organizations are at a tipping point to modernize their IT and communication platforms to support digital transformation. 

“Helping organizations evolve and thrive is our calling.”

Leadership at Magna5-

Magna5’s foundation is built upon the concept of leadership through coaching. The company has intentionally built a solid team that attracts and retains the best players and coaches. They aspire to BE the team that the very best want to play for. Magna5 recognizes that coaching is not simply teaching, but importantly, inspiring others to achieve their greatest performance.

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