Kuldip Kamat- AllWave AV Systems Pvt. Ltd.

AllWave AV Systems is an industry-leading AV solutions provider that delivers custom-built & innovative collaborative,

Marc Rippen- Alertgy

Diabetes is a disease that affects thousands of people worldwide every year. At present, statistics

Krishna Kumar- CropIn

CropIn is a leading global AI-driven AgTech organization that provides SaaS and data solutions to

Aniruddh Singh- Sygitech

In today’s era, the computer is one of our basic needs, we use it to

Abhishek Tyagi- AnyTechTrial

In this fast-paced digital era, there is new technology rising with every new dawn. Particularly

Amit Gupta & Britta Knobel- Studio Symbiosis

Studio Symbiosis is an award-winning multi-disciplinary Architecture and design studio based out of Stuttgart and

Pranav Iyer- Ground 11

A beautiful workplace or a home is a dream for many. It is the right

Devesh Chawla- Chatur Ideas

With a vision and mission to empower budding entrepreneurs, Chatur Ideas was started back in

David Conforti, Francesco Carante, ofcourseMe

OfCourseMe is one of the leading companies changing the way learning culture and behavior works

Matthias De Ferrieres- Stark Group

Stark Group is a start-up incubator and InsurTech lab that aims at disrupting the insurance

Kevin Steer- One Two One Advisor

The way of banking is changing around the globe and FinTech or financial technology companies

Poorvi Chothani- LawQuest

LawQuest is a leading immigration law firm headquartered in Mumbai with offices in New York

Sonia Gupta- Ashok Dhingra Associates

A business cannot run without law. Law protects businesses from having products copied (patent), protects

David Prokupek- Ideal Image MedSpa

The only reason one is working and striving for success is to attain satisfaction and

Rhyan Finch- 1st Class Real Estate

An entrepreneur is always looking for an opportunity or an idea to start a business

Thad West- Isos Technology

Since the world of automation and technology dawned upon us, the possibilities, applications and innovations

Abhay Bhalerao- Amrut Software

Since the business world evolved and functioning and processes become smoother and more efficient, it

Stratiform Business Solutions

Stratiform Business Solutions: Leading the Way in Business Innovation When various departments work together within

Tony Zorc- Accounting Seed

A Business is run by many things such as customers, sales, their products/services, etc. but

Marina Tongnetti- mYngle

mYngle Online education has proved to be one of the most effective ways of teaching