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Sumit Sengar- Sparx IT Solutions

The gaining momentum in the IT space has called for specialists in the field who are not only providing exceptional IT support and services but also bring possibilities and innovations to the table. IT services are not limited to software, and related services but this field goes a lot deeper right down to Website design, CMS, consulting, and the list goes on.

IT companies are not only competing to provide unmatched services but also keeping the competition fierce which is not only keeping the companies at their toes, striving for excellence but also pushing them to go a step beyond and introduce innovations that benefit the clients but also open new possibilities and applications for the same. 

Sparx IT Solutions is one of the leading companies in the IT domain. Their services are not only one of the most recommended and sought-after but also it is their wide variety of services, which makes a huge difference and presents their clients with all solutions under one roof. The team of Sparx comprises professional and seasoned industry experts, dedicated to providing exceptional services and support that is highly acclaimed by their clients as one of the best in the market.

These are some of the reasons that make Sparx IT Solutions a dominant player in the IT space but also one of the most admired companies of 2021.

The company, The story- Sparx IT Solutions

Sparx IT Solutions is a NASSCOM-recognized IT company delivering software solutions based on a wide range of technologies. The company has been serving businesses of all sizes and industry backgrounds for more than 14 years. Their clientele comprises start-ups, SMBs, and Fortune 500 companies stationed across the globe. With their promising digital solutions, they have brought sustainable results to their client’s ventures for industries including education, travel, healthcare & fitness, retail, social networking, on-demand, etc.

They always engage in the latest technology trends to make their deliverables more future-oriented, efficient, and productive for their clients. An agile approach to product development enables them to meet the varying demands of customers more effectively. This not only creates a reliance in the hearts of their customers but also pushes Sparx IT and its team to deliver their best in every possible way.

The initial stages of Sparx IT were a series of up, down, and intricate hurdles, but the team managed to wither them owing to their sincerity and unwavering spirit to helping their clients and providing exemplary IT solutions. The management adopted a direct approach to deal with any existing issues that were obstructing the further extension of the company.

Soon they found out that despite growing every year, they had not expanded their offerings to new verticals and technologies which was limiting the company’s growth and expansion in the market. With a shared and transformed vision, they stepped ahead in the direction. The earlier results were way more satisfactory than the leadership thought they would be, thus strong holding the position of the company, and making Sparx It one of the most admired companies in the domain.

Services of Sparx IT Solutions, and New Additions

Their unique approach of executing their plans and handling all project deliveries enables them to serve their clients passionately. They tend to remain their client’s most credible technology and business partner through the years. They have conformed to the varied industry needs and become their one-stop station to avail digital solutions. Their extensive range of services includes web and mobile app development, CMS development, website design, consulting, digital marketing, maintenance, branding, and staffing services. 

A large part of their portfolio comprises eCommerce deliverables. They have businesses of all sizes with futuristic custom app solutions to help them serve their customers like never before. With the advanced latest technology stack and development architecture, they create fast and scalable applications that exhibit lucrative results with maximum capabilities. They are currently working on a SaaS-based enterprise solution in the form of an eCommerce app for versatile user requirements.

Salesforce has been among the technologies they have served customers on but they wanted to increase the emphasis and utilize the technology for their internal business transitions as well. In the last few months, they have interacted with several leading companies across the globe to partner and work on this growth plan more proactively.

Sparx IT is glad to inform you that they are exclusively working with some leading no-code platform companies and they shall announce their plans soon.

How Sparx IT Solutions goes ahead with the changing time, and reasons behind its long-standing success

To take this company ahead, they are making it more and more capable of meeting the most complex demands of the customers. The conclusive idea of their growth strategy is to upskill, upgrade, and upscale. Ever since the company started its journey, they have always tried exploring new ways and plans to enhance their productivity, service deliveries, and work efficiency. With this approach, they have been able to create new possibilities and opportunities for their business.

Though there are plenty of factors that pave the foundation of any organization’s success, one of the most significant components that Sparx IT Solutions has implemented well is an independent yet connected approach. To pave the foundation for a strong team association, they have focused on choosing the right people who can match the vision of the organization. The team is provided the best training opportunities to fill any gaps in their understanding of technology or business processes. Sparx IT follows this approach to make everyone being part of the company to become capable and add value to their customer’s ventures.

Leadership at Sparx IT Solutions

The company has been guided and spearheaded by one of the most capable, talented, and disciplined leaders, who have immense experience in the IT space and always looking ahead to bring forth new services and innovations that will change the way, and bring forth new dawn in the IT industry.

Sparx IT Solutions nurtured in the visionary, and effervescent leadership of Sumit S. Sengar, Chief Business Officer at Sparx IT Solutions. Before he took part in the role of business development, Sumit worked as a programmer. He worked on several web app design & development projects using his coding skills. With more learnings, he could incline himself to streamlined and result-oriented project management. His experience as a programmer helped him to evolve his professional career in business development with a better understanding of the challenges faced by the professionals in his team.

The key reason why Sumit could involve better in project and business management is that he listens more, learn eventually, and educate others about it enthusiastically. By on boarding elite name in the market including companies like Archies Online, Cairn India, Delhi Duty Free, Cleartrip, Kumon India etc, Sumit has kept the level of overall business productivity sustained.

Among his greatest achievements at Sparx IT Solutions, Sumit would include having grown the workforce, handling a versatile team of professionals, start working on new industry verticals, adopting new technologies to their technology stack, and help the company reaching a small team to 300-mark.

Team of Sparx IT Solutions

Whether being led by his superiors or leading those expecting his guidance and inputs, Sumit has always considered the follow his philosophy of listening, understanding, engaging in, and getting favorable results. He makes sure that no one is undervalued and given due credit and admiration for their work. By following such an approach, the team of Sparx IT engages in increased productivity.

This also creates a stress-free environment so the team can discuss their ideas freely, sparking ideas and suggestions which are directed towards improving the current services of Sparx IT and building new ones. All these factors combine to form a close-knit team, dedicated to helping their clients, upholding the company values and culture in everything they do, and producing the best possible results with complete synchronization.

Chief Business Officer’s views on constant vigilance- a need or strategy, and his take on the rat race in the market.

Being a techie himself, Sumit considers constant vigilance a strategy that helps him to evolve the offerings of the organization in a positive direction.

As for the rat race, he wishes to not get involved in the same and focus more on what his customers expect from him. The ultimate goal is to serve the customers in the best way possible. He thinks that the only thing any great business or service provider must focus on is, comprehending the demands of the customers. Adding up new things to enhance their experience, creating a happy environment, and developing result-oriented and sustainable products is what his organization and he aspire to do.

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