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Pratyush Kumar- Algoworks

Consultancy services are not only highly recognized but are very important as many companies who have started venturing into the world of business have to face very high competition and the existing companies always have an edge over the new ones in many ways.

Moreover, if a company is venturing into domains that deal in highly complex and detailed services such as SaaS, CRM, etc. it is not only crucial that they refer to specialists in the field but also to hire such consultancy services which have immense experience and a large and popular customer base. These services have become highly coveted these days as no one wants to fail and the challenges in the market are unforgiving and do not hesitate to take major players down and out of business. 

Algoworks has been among the most popular and sought-after brands when it comes to services in the CRM and SaaS areas. They are not only professionals in these domains with an enormous loyal customer base and a team of industry experts who work round the clock to ensure the performance and finesse of their services are unparalleled in the market. They provide end-to-end development services and also provide Salesforce consultancy services.

They are not only a one-stop space for many services in the SaaS and CRM domain but their expertise in Salesforce and their combined experience of decades is what makes them one of the best among the competition in the market and the number one choice for their customers.

In conversation with the Co-founder of Algoworks, Pratyush Kumar. Let’s hear about Algoworks, its services, and the Co-founder’s professional journey.

Tell us about Algoworks and the hurdles faced during the initial stages.

Algoworks is a technology company providing end-to-end product development services globally. With our product engineering and agile delivery process, we help deliver robust software products in the shortest time to market. Our key IT service offerings include Mobility, Web, Salesforce, DevOps, UI/UX, and Enterprise Application Integration. We are recognized partners with major businesses worldwide including Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Dell, Salesforce, and Microsoft. 

Algoworks has acute finesse in areas of CRM and SaaS technologies, and unmatched ambitions in providing Salesforce consultancy services. Algoworks is a Salesforce Gold Consulting & ISV Partner helping global clients grow business. With a team of 125+ Salesforce Certified Architects & Experts, we have provided customization, development, integration, and support services on 600+ Salesforce projects. Rated 5/5 across all customer reviews, our team has consistently topped the Most Popular Salesforce Consultant List on AppExchange. 

Our diverse proficiency allows us to pick the perfect technology combination that best suits our clients’ needs. The company was started in 2006 by Ajeet Singh, Rachit Agarwal, and myself, and now comprises 500+ employees.

The vision of Algoworks was to facilitate the market of quality IT services for companies and businesses looking for reliable IT technology solutions back in 2006. The market did exist in India but limited companies were providing IT services. India was yet to make the mark as a reliable IT hub for international companies.

The biggest challenge for us was to change the mindset of companies and businesses overseas to be able to rely on professional IT services when working with Algoworks – an Indian IT services-based firm. All we needed to do was never compromise on quality services. Did it work? The magnificent assets who decided to be a part of our dream project made it possible. Rest, as they say, is history. 

Tell us about the services Algoworks offers, new additions, and the factors that take these services ahead with the changing times and trends.

We provide end-to-end product development services globally. Our key IT service offerings include Salesforce (Architecture & Design, Consulting & Assessment, Migration & Integration, Development, Maintenance & Support), Mobile App Development, Web App Development, DevOps (Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine Services, Windows Azure, CI/CD Automation, Serverless Computing), and UI/UX services (Brand Strategy, Design Consulting, Product Designing, UX Research, UI & Animation, Design Testing). 

Algoworks is an award-winning Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner that helps organizations make more out of their Salesforce CRM. We are end-to-end Salesforce development experts and we redefine how you use Salesforce, forever.

Our business model archetype revolves around customer intimacy, where we provide uniquely tailored solutions to meet customer demand, and operational excellence, ensuring competitive pricing concomitant with reliable, efficient delivery of projects. 

We have expanded our services to more Salesforce Clouds than we were serving in earlier. With various Salesforce certifications under our belt, we are now able to provide our services to all sizes of companies (small, mid-sized, large) in almost all domains.  Our investment into AI-related app services has increased, and we are extremely excited about how our venture into UX/UI designs along with DevOps, industries are adding to our strength. 

Every day, we strive to achieve excellence through technology adoption, collaborations, and teamwork to maximize the business success of our customers. We innovate to deliver best-in-class services and ensure that our solutions are scalable and aligned with their vision. We also reach out and engage in community development programs and social initiatives to drive sustainable change. Furthermore, we empower our employees to lead and develop decision-making ability, enrich creativity and enhance learning through comprehensive training modules.

We don’t fear investing in emerging technologies – we may end up failing sometimes, but that doesn’t deter us from our vision of contributing to the technology landscape of the future.

Tell us about your professional journey and any achievements you would like to share.

After working at HCL for 2 years and then at GlobalLogic for another 2 years, I, with two of my close friends, Rachit Agarwal and Ajeet Singh, founded Algoworks in 2006.

Our most treasured achievements include the Salesforce Gold Consulting partnership, Salesforce ISV partnership, and Salesforce AppExchange partnership. We are also Salesforce PDO (Product Development Outsourcers), Salesforce Pledge 1% member, and Salesforce Talent Alliance member. 

With 7 smart, high-value Salesforce apps launched on AppExchange, we stand at a CSAT rating of 5/5 from over 600+ projects. 

Apart from that, we have been awarded the Deloitte Technology Fast50 India (2013, 2014, 2015, and 2020), the Deloitte Technology Fast500 Asia (2013, 2014, and 2015), ETNow Stars of the Industry Awards 2018, IT World Gold Award 2020 (Company of the Year – IT Services), and WebAward 2017 (Outstanding Achievement in Web Development). 

Tell us about the work culture and team of Algoworks.

Just browse through our Facebook & LinkedIn pages, and you’ll know how crazy our geeks and nerds are. We celebrate every festival with energy and celebrate our personal and professional achievements together. 

We promote cultural diversity, gender equality, and employee safety. We are a bunch of enthusiastic people who enjoy equal parts of work and play. We organize cricket tournaments, annual trips, painting competitions, dancing competitions, and a lot more. 

We have a five-day-a-week work policy and provide flexible hours to our employees. Our salary appraisal cycles are bi-annual, with health insurance benefits for all the employees. 

Your take on the competition in the market and how it affects you or Algoworks.

With 14+ years of experience, we have made a respectable position for ourselves in the market. But being a part of the ever-growing IT industry, we see up-and-coming competition stepping in almost every day. To cope with the competition, it is important to first identify the competitors, know about their offerings, and their strengths.

It helps us to identify the areas in which we need to perform better. We also ensure that we are always on top of our customers’ needs. One can only cope with the competition if one is proactive, farsighted, and is prepared to face the dynamicity of the market.

Of course, competition motivates you in one way or the other. We have always faced healthy competition in the market. It has only helped us be the better version of ourselves and pushed us towards working on better outcomes. It lets us experiment with emerging technologies, untapped domains, and new geographies.

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