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Amit Jain- Integrated Tech9Labs

Tech9Labs is the contrivance of Amit Jain – an IT professional who jumped out of a cushy job to spearhead the difference. While in the job with top MNC to provide IT Infra consulting to various enterprises in India & abroad, he felt a clear lack of technology integration to handhold clients in setting up their technology roadmap. The majority of business partners were turning out to be vendors and not partnering in the success of their clients. Under his strong leadership, the venture kicked off its strategic alliance innings with many OEMs & a strong in-house team to provide multi-dimensional solutions & services from its first year itself.

Tech9Labs today hosts over 200+ enterprises across the country & abroad. As a customer-driven organization, Tech9Labs abides by a thorough process of engagement from clearly understanding the business pain, ideating the compelling requirements, assist clients to draw a clear roadmap through TCO & ROI. The ISO 9001:2008 certified venture provides a process-complaint, sophisticated and multi-dimensional solutions, while it also guarantees optimal IT governance, devising their sound strategies.

In a talk with Amit Jain, we discovered what Tech9Labs is all about and what the future holds for Tech9Labs.

Brief us about your journey at Tech9Labs, what inspired you to start Tech9Labs?

‘Adapt or Die’ has been the survival mantra for since long befitting not just living creatures but businesses too. Following this nerve, enterprises have not only been providing highly efficient, technology-driven yet budget-friendly IT solutions & services to their clients, but also standing along the bleeding edge of their profits and working to turn around them.

To ace this intricacy, enterprises need to partner with a technology service provider who would not just architect robust & agile IT solutions, but also handhold them, right from conceptualizing the roadmap to its completion stage. Serving as a perfect example of the aforementioned qualities is a New Delhi-based Company – Integrated Tech9Labs Pvt Ltd. who fortify technology integration through consulting. In the last ten years of its inception, Tech9Labs has emanated to be one of the most respected organizations, succoring all the needs of IT Solutions through the streamlined approach of Consulting – Architecting – Managed Services.

What are the initial challenges you faced and what are the reasons behind Tech9Labs’ long-standing success?

Driving change is not easy and it takes consistent & persistent efforts to build trust with employees, alliances, and customers. Tech9 journey was no different and it took almost three years to settle down in the vendor crowded market and create a difference. Tech9Labs only focussed on enterprise solutions and ensured customer serviceability as its highest responsibility.

The rising success of the organization can also be attributed to its pool of talented minds who constantly harness the power of the latest technological breakthroughs to provide superior services to customers. Bound by the core values which include the customer-first attitude, challenging spirit, teamwork, and being fair and transparent in the projects, the certified project management specialists endeavor to simplify and redefine the complex technology parameters to eliminate the unnecessary and to elevate the purpose.

What are the products or services Tech9Labs focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market?

With the high adoption of digitization through ERP Solutions across SMBs, robust & optimal infrastructure sizing was a clear challenge. We opted for different routes to solve the problems and partnered with some of the product companies to create a distinctive approach in providing high ROI and lower TCO solutions.

Having Data Assurance and Disaster Recovery mechanisms within organizations is a must to have in the CIO’s charter. Clearly understanding the same, Tech9 consults, architects, and deploys end-to-end infrastructure through its certified and experienced resources for various technologies around UNIX & Linux Platform Migrations, Data Migrations, Unified Storage Solutions across a range of direct-attach, virtualized, and SAN environments. Be it a hassle-free migration from on-premise to the cloud platform, a stack of consolidation & virtualization solutions or disaster recovery solutions, performed IT security and compliance audits, or such other mission-critical elixirs, Tech9 offers it all and enjoys a distinctive position.

We provide assistance for large and small companies, in practically every industry, with everything from strategy formulation, architecture to implementation.

In addition, the enterprises can also own the bliss of scalable and high-performing cross-platform backup architectures. Additionally, the customers can focus on their core business without the strain of security complications, as the company also leverages integrated information security solutions.

Today, Tech9Labs has clear verticals to serve their customers, yet with the similar approach of Consult-Architect-Manage.

  • Infrastructure Solution    
  • Cloud Transformation  
  • Cyber Security Practice
  • Digital Transformation
  • Professional Services

How do you decide to take Tech9Labs a step further?

Change is constant. Tech9Labs and its people have evolved over the years to provide transformational change to their customers. We firmly believe that the company’s approach and people’s skills are required to be ahead of time to help transform the business of our customers and provide them advanced technology solutions to create a distinction in their business compared to their peers. The growth of our customers is our mission.

The Tech9ians will continue to push the needle on technological advancements, practicing them at a faster rate to meet their client’s expectations using a business platform that can scale. Amit has ventured with various technology service providers to give the edge to digital transformation initiatives and working to provide web & mobile applications, chatbot solutions, AI/ML, RPA & Blockchain platforms.

Being a successful leader, please share your views on the current business scenario across the globe after the Covid19 pandemic.

Technology was never a barrier but the customer’s psychology was. We either plan the change or we are forced to change. Covid-19 did bring a forced change across industries, countries, and economies. Adversities bring Opportunities and I strongly feel the best time to RETHINK-RESET-RESTART. As the pandemic continues to evolve, there has never been a more pressing need for organizations to re-think and reconfigure their businesses for a changing world. As it spreads to an ever-growing segment of the global population, the top priority of an organization in this time of crisis is to protect the health of its people, customers, and other stakeholders.

Many organizations are already taking “no regret” actions to emerge from the pandemic stronger. These leaders are facing the crisis with a spirit of reinvention-accelerating digital transformation, establishing variable cost structures, and implementing agile operations.

This is the time organizations are required to focus their efforts on supporting key areas of their businesses that will help them to stabilize in the new environment and strategize for what next! “WFH” is the new normal. It’s a scenario that has been playing out across the country as the number of coronavirus cases swells and more employers commit to the social-distancing practices that health officials say will help slow the spread of COVID-19, the respiratory illness caused by the virus.

People, organizations, and communities need fit-for-purpose plans today that can evolve as the global health and economic environment changes. Businesses, Governments, Citizens, and Non-profits all play critical roles in establishing a human-centered, systems-minded approach that promotes shared workforce resilience.

Why it is said that the workforce plays a vital role in every business’s growth? Please tell us about your team.

When it comes to Tech9’s most valuable asset, it’s Tech9ians and our valued customers. During the first lockdown in 2020 due to Covid19, the people of Tech9 took the guard of transforming themselves first to consult customer transformation later. With the maximum technology-assisted processes, the productivity and efficiency of talent are maximized.

Employee efficiency and talent determine the pace and growth of an organization, therefore it’s imperative to recognize the value of employees and praise them accordingly for their knowledge, expertise, abilities, skillsets, and experience. These are all invaluable and intangible assets for securing a future for any company. So, when employees feel valued, they will gladly compete in the race and beat the competition. It goes without saying, but employees can’t be given a monetary value for the effort they put in to help the business grow. This results in excellent customer reviews and creates brand loyalty.

Amit Jain, MD & CEO – Anchor of the company’s growth!

Armed with a comprehensive education in management and with experience spanning across more than 14 years working with leading IT Companies, Amit is the quintessential IT consultant for infrastructural solutions.

After his greater learning curve with technology companies, it was IBM Corp. that gave Amit a wide exposure in managing various positions including sales, technology platform, and business leadership profiles. Amit’s exceptional techno-commercial acumen has made his tenure with IBM super successful. His exposure was not limited to India. He was chosen as an International Instructor and Trainer for various technologies to serve IBMers and Business Partners across APAC countries. The same 14+ years of rich experience in working with leading IT companies and his ability to successfully execute complex solutions to Indian & Global clients have given his brainchild a much-needed push to evolve

Under Amit’s vision, Tech9labs has grown to define, design, and deliver technology-enabled business solutions that help provide efficient & cost-effective solutions to complex information management requirements; through the innovative application of next-gen technology.

‘Innovation is the key to business growth’, Please share your views.

We have grown in footprint, customer base, and inexperience with the delivery of end-to-end solutions tailored to our client’s needs. Given our unique capabilities and deep domain expertise, we understand to help your business drive success in both, short & long term. With a relentless focus on quality & processes, we have consistently exceeded client expectations and helped them create more business value. 

Companies that have succeeded in the most challenging times over the years have one thing in common – “Innovation”. The companies are required to evolve continuously to grow & remain stand-out from their competition. Tech9 is proactive in filling flesh to its vision of emerging as a pioneered Technology Integration company through distinguished ‘Information Technology’ products & solutions and contributing to the ‘Smarter IT’, with a focus on customer & employee satisfaction.

Client Experiences

Tech9labs is an excellent partner to work with. They are committed, the technical knowledge and the skills they have are supreme, especially in the enterprise segment when it comes to integration of various platforms, creating an orchestration layer for applications to perform seamlessly. They specialize in conceptualizing various technology platforms to work together and provide a holistic framework for organizations to focus on their core business.

Mr. Naresh Sharma (CIO), RSWM Ltd

Evalueserve is an IT-enabled service company, and our need of quickly adopting new technology requires a strong partner that possesses a deep knowledge of both industry and technology. Tech9labs experience has helped us consolidate and virtualize our Infrastructure, and their core domain expertise has helped us build a robust next-gen ready platform.

Mr. Anuj Joshi (VP- IT), Pvt. Ltd.

Tech9labs domain expertise together on IBM Infrastructure & SAP HANA helped us to bridge the knowledge gap and turnaround a tailor-made solution and successfully deployed such a critical landscape for us. Their support from conceptualization-architecting-deployment has been impressive so far.

Parna Ghosh- Group CIO, Minda Industries Ltd.

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