CRMIT Solutions – Agility Digital Transformation at Your Fingertips!

CRMIT Solutions - Vinord Reddy

CRMIT Solutions – Agility Digital Transformation at Your Fingertips!

The changing times and trends have invoked the need for radical solutions in the business world. Such is the need for the digital transformation of companies and businesses as the customers are getting more inclined and are shifting to online mode of shopping and that too in masses, invoking the dire need for the companies/businesses to shift their working online. Digital transformation sounds easy and detailed but it involves a lot of complex applications and details, if done without the help of a professional can cause many problems which directly affect the sales and growth of a company or business.

Digital transformation is necessary as it not only improves and smoothens the daily functions of a business/company but also expands their customer reach and also helps in the application of other strategies of marketing, sales, etc. Thus, digital transformation has become the need of today for companies to expand their customer base along with all the benefits one can derive from online services such as account keeping ease, efficient and wide reach of marketing strategies, and much more.

CRMIT Solutions are the pioneers of digital transformation solutions, providing a one-stop solution to all the services a company may require in the process of transforming digitally. Their team has industry professionals, with extensive knowledge along with working experience over countless loyal and satisfied clients, making them one of the leading companies in the domain.

CRMIT Solutions is way ahead of the competition in the market with their services that are not ahead of their time but are always a step ahead of the changing trends and times. CRMIT Solutions has proved to be the best-in-class, industry-leading professional with their sincerity and dedication to their customers, always pushing for excellence and authenticity in everything they provide and offer.

In conversation with the CEO of CRMIT Solutions, Vinod Reddy. Let’s hear more about the company, its services, and the CEO’s professional journey.

Tell us about the company and the initial challenges faced during the journey.

CRMIT Solutions is a pioneer in digital transformation solutions to deliver Customer360. As a premier Salesforce Consulting & AppExchange partner, CRMIT Solutions specializes in CRM, business insights, field transformations, human services, and patient experience solutions. 

With over 200+ certified CRM & business intelligence consultants and over 1000+ successful deployments globally, CRMIT Solutions has successfully acquired 200+ customers spreading across various domains including financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, and human services (governments). 

As an established Salesforce Partner and a proven track record, CRMIT Solutions demonstrates a commitment to excellence with certified skills. CRMIT Solutions’ extensive domain experience, technological excellence, and stress on timely responses are the key differentiators. CRMIT Solutions also has proven expertise and capabilities in implementing dashboards and analytics.

Our Customer360 journey started with one of the largest global B2C eCommerce solutions. Against this backdrop, the B2B industry was continually expanding and evolving in eCommerce. Some of our critical challenges in transitioning to a B2B business model included:

  1. Complexity of multi-cloud, multi-location, multi-currency contracts, and agreements.
  2. Transitioning from a domestic business to a global solution provider.

This transition demanded our tailored business model and business strategy to be successful.

Tell us the factors that have led to the long-standing success of CRMIT Solutions.

In this B2B business model, partnering with Salesforce helped our business to take a steep inclination into the market. We partnered with Salesforce in 2017, which helped our clients with strategic planning for their projects and services. Our Salesforce experts became a crucial deciding factor for customers while choosing relevant services. Staking on Salesforce Consulting Services remains a trigger to our growth.

The success of our business is inherently intertwined with the success of our customers. At the core of our business offering is Customer Success – ensuring our customers achieve their desired outcome while engaging with us and thereafter. 

Similarly, workforce success parallels our customer’s success. By providing employees with omnichannel tools and guidance on how to use them productively, CRMIT Solutions has been successfully driving internal digital transformations that in turn power customer digital transformations.

Tell us about the services offered by CRMIT, any new additions, and the plans for taking these services ahead with the changing times and trends.

No business is stable and neither can be their Salesforce system. CRMIT’s next-generation Customer360++ framework is designed to let customers integrate all of the different components of the digital infrastructure with easy-to-use, task-focused solutions & apps, providing our customers with a delightful experience at every digital touchpoint. Customers love the fact that CRMIT Solutions continues to work on all loose ends to a desired customer360 view.

Our product list includes – 

  • FieldSalesPro (Sales Accelerations Tool for Salesforce Sales Cloud) 
  • FieldForcePro (Field Service Management) 
  • ActNow Plugin for Salesforce (Workplace wellness & COVID-19 vaccine administration management) 
  • HealthCare360 for Salesforce (a comprehensive healthcare solution)

With over 20+ years of front office automation solutions expertise, our mission has been to deliver contextual Customer360 ​for every user of the system leveraging all relevant systems & data.

The new entrant on our product innovation is HealthCARE360 –a personalized patient experience platform, for healthcare providers. Built on a robust and secure Salesforce platform, HealthCARE360 helps healthcare providers, practice medicine with a simplified cloud-based healthcare management software system (HIPAA compliant). 

Expanding our strategic partnership with Salesforce remains core to our plans in accelerating Customers’ Success. We believe we share our values in this partnership – Trust, Innovation, and Passion. Plans are to continuously innovate our Customer360 products and services to deliver the single source of truth. 

Tell us about your professional journey and any highlights you wish to share.

I am the Founder & CEO of CRMIT Solutions, a pioneer in cloud CRM products & solutions focused on large & mid-size enterprises. Teaming with the best viz. Salesforce, Tableau, and Mulesoft to deliver “Customer Success” through continuous innovation.

I have worked in various technical & leadership positions at American Airlines, BroadVision, and Sabre. I have hands-on experience in various areas including managed services, product development, marketing, implementation, consulting, and project management.

At BroadVision, I successfully implemented an eCommerce portal for one of the largest railway networks in the world and the first mobile commerce platform in India at the time of its delivery. The implementation bagged the PC Quest’s “Maximum Social Impact for Indian people in 2004″ and the “Best IT Implementation in India for 2005″.

 At American Airlines, one of the projects that I led as the Technical Lead received the “Franz Edelman” award for the best software application in the Management Sciences/Operations Research area.

I have led CRMIT Solution and won various accolades including:

  • 2019 10 Best Artificial Intelligence Companies (The Technology Headlines).
  • 2019 Top 25 Salesforce Solution Providers (CIOApplication).
  • 2016 50 Most Valuable Consultant Companies (Insight Success).
  • 2016 50 Best Companies to Work For (Silicon Review).
  • 2015 20 Most Promising Cloud Solution Providers (SiliconIndia).
  • 2014 Top 100 Tech Companies founded & managed by Indians in the US (SiliconIndia).
  • 2012 Asian Banker’s Best CRM project Award.2012 Best Cloud-based Programme Award

Tell us about the work culture and team of CRMIT Solutions.

Our global work culture supports workforce involvement at all levels and provides positive, fun ways for our employees to get together for personal and professional development activities, both within and outside normal company hours. All our employees have a well-crafted success roadmap with adequate enabling programs, leadership guidance, realistic goals, and work-life balance. All employees a well-motivated to uphold and live out the core values of Trust, innovation, and passion.

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