digiCloud Solutions: Empowering Indian Businesses with Digital Transformation

digiCloud Solutions - Empowering Businesses Abhijeet Kate

With the world rapidly shifting towards Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, technology has been a huge game-changer in all businesses. Whatever might be your company’s vision for growth, digital transformation is a must for its exponential growth. 

With technology in the play, you can see prominent changes in your company’s operations and its processes.

Featuring for The Most Recommended Salesforce Consulting Companies To Look Out: 2021 is digiCloud Solutions, a company helping others adapt to the digital shift and bringing about significant growth. 

Here is an exclusive interview with Abhijeet Kate, the Principal Consultant of digiCloud Solutions

Brief us about digiCloud Solutions, what inspired you to start digiCloud Solutions?

digiCloud Solutions Pvt Ltd was founded in 2016 in Pune, India with the vision of empowering businesses with consulting, implementation, integration, and managed services for Salesforce.com applications and solutions.

With a team of 50+ experienced and certified technical and managerial professionals, including the founders, we have been delivering salesforce services to our customers globally.

In 2019, we have started expanding internationally:

Established office in Ohio, USA to serve our customers from the US and Canada & started exploring ANZ, EU & Middle East Market with the help of local partners.

About inspiration:

  1. Market opportunity: Salesforce services are in huge demand and are growing consistently across industries. 
  2. The gap in the services market: Spotted an acute gap while working in the Salesforce partner ecosystem – there were very handful of partners who could provide end to end, value-driven salesforce services combined with deep business and domain knowledge at an affordable price point
  3. Focus on Customer success 
  4. Providing quality work and career development path to our talented professionals.
  5. Making a truly transparent and flat organization where every one of us works on what they like/want to achieve in their career.

What are the key challenges you tackled while establishing digiCloud Solutions?

As first-time entrepreneurs, we didn’t know how other departments function for eg. Admin, accounts & finance, support, etc. As you know the only thing that makes any services company successful is, the team. It was quite challenging to attract talent to a self-funded start-up kind of organization, which was started in a shared office, which had no fancy infrastructure. The only thing that we could offer is challenging projects, lots of learnings, and growth-oriented culture. 

What are digiCloud Solutions’s main offerings? How are they different from those in the market?

Our key expertise is in Salesforce services – consulting, implementation, integration, and support services. digiCloud Solutions have been recognized as a “Problem Solver” and our deep understanding of customer business knowledge and practical solutions approach.

With the background and experience of Manufacturing, Retail, Hi-Tech industries, we have developed our own accelerators, templates, for faster implementations. 

What makes Salesforce the best and desired CRM solution?

Salesforce CRM helps thousands of organizations worldwide identify new opportunities, drive marketing campaigns, manage, and utilize customer data, and improve (internal and external) communications. Ultimately, it helps them improve their decision-making ability and drive more robust business growth.

Salesforce Development gives them the power to create useful software solutions and Salesforce services that are not generic but customized.

A few major benefits of SFDC CRM Solutions are:

  1. Creates user-friendly and customized solutions for the organization’s problems.
  2. Helps in making informed decisions and future forecasting.
  3. To Get better insight into your competitors.
  4. Most effective solutions as it build exactly the same what you need.
  5. Empower your Sales & Marketing teams and make customers happy

How do you define leadership? How do you empower your workforce?

digiCloud Solutions believe leadership is not the executive position, but a responsibility to develop and guide teams to grow and achieve their goals. It is about adding value and confidence to the team and developing more leaders.

To empower our workforce, we provide them the open platform to perform and explore their creativity, ideas, and skill which boost confidence in them. We also have an open-door policy and an easy approach to the management for all levels of the workforce due to which they feel empowered.

digiCloud Solutions focus on developing soft skills with their hard skill to make them future leaders. 

Please brief us about your professional experience. 

Abhijeet: A Master’s in Computer Applications from Aurangabad, started a career in IT as a Computer Hardware salesman, moved into technical roles, written device drivers, and worked as Software engineer on various business applications including retail banking, call center automation, CRM, etc in early career. Moved to Project Management, Customer management, and Sales. A key contributor to digiCloud Solutions’ strategy development team managed the product portfolio of one of the key service lines & created new revenue streams.

Abhijeet leads digiCloud Solutions by developing growth strategies, key account management, delivering consulting assignments, Sales & marketing, business operations, managing Salesforce partnership, and implementing business processes.

Nitin: B.E in Mechanical from Walchand College of Engineering Sangli, started a career in IT as a developer, managed various technical roles in the journey. Solutions varied business applications in CAD \ CAM, Telecom, Manufacturing, CRM, etc domains. 

Passionate about solutions & delivering CRM projects for varied industries across the globe. With his vast experience and zest for learning new technologies has a very strong technology foundation and ability to understand customer needs precisely. Believes that customer focus is the key to satisfied customers.

Nitin leads digiCloud Solutions by managing the deliveries along with the people. Responsible for generating technically sound professionals who can take on any challenging assignments.

What are the key achievements of your business journey?

Getting recognized as a trusted Salesforce services partner by our customers

Winning implementation contracts while competing with Big 4 consulting companies 

Developing and shaping careers of 75+ Salesforce professionals!

Last but not least, gaining the trust and support of our employees is also our achievement, our employees are our backbone, and I feel proud to share that we have a very strong backbone.

Any client experience you would like to highlight?

We were shortlisted by one of the customers for their Salesforce implementation project. However, at the last moment, due to unknown reasons, we were not awarded the contract. The reason that we have been told is we didn’t have any history in the business. The customer awarded the contract to the second-in-line partner. The project scope had a very complex integration requirement. After a couple of months in the project, the customer calls us and requests our help in solving the integration issue which the chosen partner was not able to solve for more than a month.

Our integration team gladly offered the support without thinking of commercials at that moment, and solved the long-pending complex integration issue within 18 hours flat! We earned the trust of the customer and that’s how we entered into this account and the customer awarded the remaining project to us! We delivered a few more projects for this customer since then and is our one of the biggest customers since last 4 years!

Which one is your favourite quote? 

“Work hard in silence, let success make the noise”

We also believe that success is a journey, not a destination, our team enjoys and cherishes every milestone in the journey and that creates a strong bond within the team, we believe in moving and growing together. 

What the future holds for digiCloud Solutions?

Growth and expansion! We are gearing up for a large-scale expansion globally!

Developing leaders to grow fast with us in the near future, as they are our core strength.

Also, we are going to build SFDC competence by handpicking talent from tier 3, tier 4 cities across India and helping them achieve their dreams of working in the IT services industry!

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