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InterWeave Smart Solutions- Bruce Magown

SalesForce and its solutions have been gaining major recognition and popularity in previous years. SalesForce is an integrated CRM platform that brings all the departments including sales, marketing, service, etc. under one roof, making it easier for enterprises to have a shared view of their customers, and ensuring that their customers are much more than consumers, a part of their family, a part of the enterprise’s tradition, and values.

Many companies are working in providing SalesForce services, but only a handful are the innovators of the curve, offering services that are highly effective, accurate, and extremely beneficial to their clients, enabling them to have an outperforming CRM.

InterWeave Smart Solutions is a leading company, providing SalesForce solutions with integrations that make sure their client’s CRM needs and requirements are met with the best-in-class solutions. They are leading SalesForce service providers, having an outstanding service history, delivering clients with impeccable support throughout the journey and beyond. They come forth as highly acclaimed in the industry, having exemplary client satisfaction and retention ratings, making them one of the most recommended SalesForce solution providers in 2021.

In conversation with the CEO of InterWeave Smart Solutions, Bruce Magown. Let’s dwell deeper into the journey of InterWeave, its services, and the CEO’s professional journey.

Tell us about the company, and the inspiration leading to its inception.

InterWeave Smart Solutions started its journey over 20 years ago with a mission to craft intelligent, configurable CRM Integration Solutions for its customers. InterWeave works at leveraging comprehensive quotes, orders, payments, and inventory processes within their CRM, while sourcing real-time data from Financial Applications, ACH/CC Payment Gateway, eCommerce, ERP, Databases, and more. 

As InterWeave started its journey, it built the Enterprise Integration Engine and achieved a very prestigious first customer, ACS of Dallas. But, these achievements were stretched by competitors like Tibco, Above All, See Beyond, and others that were established, well-funded and successful. After meeting SalesForce in 2003, the company’s focus was sharpened as they

were introduced to a new technology named SaaS. After three years, InterWeave presented its own SaaS Integration Model edition in partnership with SalesForce in 2006, hosted at Rackspace Managed Hosting. 

What are the services offered by InterWeave, and how do they stand out in the market?

  • InterWeave Smart Solutions is the SmartIntegration Platform for CRM: InterWeave provides intelligent Cloud Integration for SaaS Companies. Having its focus fixed on three integration tenants, namely Financial Services Solutions, Payment Processors, and Multi-Cloud integrations in the most simple and configurable ways. SaaS, SMB, and Enterprise Customers manage their customer interactions with system-specific business processes and workflow to provide an extraordinary customer experience. 
  • InterWeave Smart Solutions Stands Out On Customer Service: InterWeave Solutions are known because of its leading-edge Solutions supported by incredible customer service. The firm also provides Solutions that allows the customers to define their workflow and business process dynamically, in a configurable way. Teaming up with other CRM’s like Creatio, ORO CRM, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, etc. have helped in the rebranding of InterWeave and has burnished its image as one of the most recognized SaaS Integration firms. These are the primary aspects that have helped the company stand out in terms of Solution performance and Service delivery. 

Tell us about the team of InterWeave Smart Solutions

“Our vision is to focus on the customer’s needs and consistently provide innovative solutions to them. InterWeave Smart Solutions is a leading provider of Intelligent Cloud Integration for SaaS

Companies. We focus on three integration tenants: Financial Services Solutions, Payment Processors, and Multi-Cloud integrations in a simple, configurable way. SaaS, SMB, and Enterprise Customers manage their customer interactions with system-specific business processes and workflow to provide an extraordinary customer experience” 

“The firm operates a Client focused approach to ensure that they are all treated to the highest possible standards of service and support. The team is required to treat clients as they would like to be treated themselves, as InterWeave Smart Solutions understands that its clients are the driving force behind the success of the company”. I feel this has accelerated his company’s push from dependency on QuickBooks to the Sage line and MS Dynamics integration and hence, the company is now in outbound sales and marketing strategies in multiple locations across the globe.

Tell us about your professional experience, and any achievements of your professional journey you would like to share.

I am the CEO, President, Board Member, and Investor in Integration Technologies, Inc., and the creator of the SmartIntegration Platform for CRM, which is known to have delivered customer-focused Solutions in response to the customers’ needs in the digital age. I am dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction, holding a record of having achieved so much since the company’s first CRM customer in 2006. 

I have emerged to be an experienced leader. Before commencing my venture, InterWeave, I have worked as the Chief Executive Officer, President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Head of Audit Committee, and Investor for multiple Technology Companies. 

Robust and Unique SaaS Integration Platform – 

The concept of InterWeave Smart Solutions being the most comprehensive SaaS integration platform available, with “Smart Solutions” that integrate Enterprise Systems, Legacy Applications, Databases, Files, Content, and Web Services for CRM’s is well known. 

With more than 20 years of experience in the market, InterWeave Smart Solutions is designed to help enterprises, mid-market and non-profits quickly and affordably build, deploy and maintain integration solutions. Fast, affordable, and tailored to meet the customers’ needs, InterWeave can jump-start or expand a company’s integration efforts, generating immediate business value and rapid ROI.

InterWeave Smart Solutions has completed over 8,000 CRM Configurations since 2006 and is ideally positioned to support clients and provide them with the expertise and knowledge regarding integrations they need.

Any memorable client experience you would like to share?

Our first customer was Jane Gyorgy, owner of DeepVac Inc. She is also a customer today.

I have been working with computers since 1985. As a small business owner for the past 25 years, it was only in 1998 I started to work with QuickBooks. With a few hitches in between, I took my company to the cloud with SalesForce in 2006, and integrated SF with QB through InterWeave Smart Solutions in 2007 and have never looked back.

Between 1998 and 2006 I had the misfortune of working with several companies that did not understand what I wanted, what I needed and couldn’t deliver even on what they did profess to do, and their technical support was sorely lacking.

InterWeave Smart Solutions has made it possible for smooth integration of my CRM / Scheduling program (SalesForce) and my Financial Management program (QuickBooks). They listened to what I was attempting to accomplish, customized their program to fit my needs, and have provided the best customer service since day one that I have encountered in my 31 years of experience with technical support of any kind.

Recently, SalesForce changed the encryption platform which required my files to be moved to a dedicated server. About the same time, it became obvious my original QuickBooks company file, in use since 1998, could no longer handle incoming from SalesForce. When we needed to create a new file and sync SalesForce to it, InterWeave Smart Solutions made that transition as smooth as silk, as if it only required flipping a switch. It took much more than that on their end, but on mine, they couldn’t have made it seem any easier. – you can remove these two paragraphs if you like.

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