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Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs

There is a characteristic force of inventiveness inside everybody. The progression of this force is outside. Not many individuals utilize these unique powers and transform their diversions into a business. Unparalleled imagination encourages organizations to turn into a brand!

It is said that Image is everything! thus for the brands, the graphical portrayal is the most indispensable thing for organizations as it is a face to connect with the possible clients and gain their trust.

Powered with such the box creative approach, Sprak Design is a multidisciplinary design studio offering branding and graphic design services.

Established in 2011, språk design is an India-based company serving businesses worldwide. Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Hermit Chawla, the CEO and Ms. Bhoomi Chawla, Director-Design. språk design is empowering businesses in almost all verticals with their most attractive graphics solutions.

Over 9+ years, språk design has expanded its team size to more than 35 designers and completed over 1,000+ projects across multiple industry sectors. From online stores to big retailers, from local manufacturers to international ones, from cafes to hotels, from boutiques to top designers, from business software development companies to online gaming and entertainment businesses, its client base is widely diverse.

When it comes to branding and graphic design, team språk design is limitless in creativity, strategic approach, and service delivery. The company’s teams have extensive experience in transforming concepts into full-fledged designs, experimenting with a range of techniques, trends, tools (software), and technologies (web, mobile, print, and digital publishing).

Språk Design is now also involved in 3D and immersive design projects, exploring sensory and AI-backed design solutions, developing strengths in various emerging and newly popular design trends, be it retro-futurism, optical illusion, nature-inspired, surrealism, or AR-supported UX designs, retrofitting etc.

Sprak Design- Cutting Through the Complexities

To chisel a beautiful statue, you first need to hit the rock, which is what counts! Similarly, when starting a venture, you face challenges, which make up for the successful times of your organization. And tackling them with innovation and efficiency sails your boat! språk design has also faced some antecedent challenges and learned a lot from them. 

Since språk design was a new player in the market and a legacy company in the market already exists. They were trying to break the legacy infrastructure and become a modern graphics designing company.

When it was a startup, språk design had a handful of workstations and a few designers. Without a large portfolio, it was tough to persuade chief marketing officers and entrepreneurs about their talent and capacities. Every project came with challenges, like style, mindset, culture, philosophy, and brand values are not matters that can be easily translated into definite, explicit expectations. Also, many types of design techniques and outcomes were software and application-dependent.

The company’s design director, with her vision and experience, steered the team well. She had brought over 15 years of design project experience to the table. språk design quickly understood about perfecting its approach that gets maximum valuable inputs from clients, and which can be measured from a design perspective. The initial consultation, approach, and dedicated efforts won them many clients. The company refined its approach in a way that they would never lose track of goals and purpose specified by the client and crafted the solutions accordingly.

From simple printed brochures and catalogs, the company developed its capacities to design websites spanning 1,000 pages, graphic-rich websites such as for gaming companies, UI/UX designs for hundreds of web and mobile applications, multi-media company presentations, product packaging, and various marketing and sales materials.

And then the Growth Started

It was not a point but rather a set of events that helped språk design cross significant milestones. Two-three years from inception, they got a contract with an international company to take on most of their web design and digital marketing design work. At the same time, they could partner with a couple of global agencies to take on their project work. The experiences enriched team språk design a lot and allowed them to spread their wings into many domains and serve in different geographies.

Pillars of Språk Design’s success

Success depends as much on creativity, originality, and diverse skill sets as project management abilities and a lot of hard work. Graphic design project management skills are crucial to managing a custom approach-based framework, a long list of client specifications, minute details that affect 100% quality assurance, work scheduling and deadline management, iteration management, printing guidelines post-delivery, etc. The less the customers have to think and worry and invest time and energy to get their expected outputs, the happier they are.

They blend design, technical expertise, and creativity with Lean concepts that allow clients to get their desired designs and solutions within a minimum time and hassles. The ability to give 100% satisfaction faster without cutting corners on quality increases year-over-year success metrics.

Another factor is the ability to adopt the latest technology and design trends and keep in pace with the dynamics in the market. What is latest in graphic design has evolved from HD designs to 3D animated designs to augmented reality-supported designs. The styles that are getting popular use widely different creative and technical skill sets. We continually invest in training, learning, and re-skilling.

Their Offerings

Språk Design offers end-to-end design solutions, taking on a project right from the concept stage and transforming ideas into print-ready or website-ready designs.

Second, they optimize the design processes and phases in such a way that they can assure superlative design quality while cutting down on design development time and costs. This capacity has won them a high rate of repeat business.

Also, they invest in maintaining client relationships and mutually-beneficial experiences. With the company, clients do not have to worry about paying for every minute change. The company allows multiple iterations for free, allowing the client increased flexibility in influencing design outcomes.

Språk Design’s core focus is on branding and graphic design services. They also have a setup of an interior design service arm.

Design Services:

  1. Brand Identity Creation and Brand Building
  2. Branding Strategy and Media Planning
  3. Logo Design
  4. Brand Collateral Design
  5. Online Branding Campaign Support

Graphic Design Services

  1. Brochure Design
  2. Catalogue Design
  3. Marketing Communication and Content Design
  4. Sales Collateral and Business Promotion Material Design
  5. Website Design
  6. Event Promotion Content Design
  7. Mobile and Web App UI/UX Design
  8. Banner and Hoarding Design
  9. Restaurant Menu Design
  10. Flyers and Poster Design
  11. Calendar Design
  12. Corporate Presentation Design
  13. Social Media Design
  14. Graphics for digital magazines and books

Interior Design Services

  1. Residential
  2. Commercial
  3. Exhibitions and Stalls
  4. Schools and Institutions

Språk Design taking a step ahead with…

Språk Design is investing in the latest technology and skillsets to transform design experiences so that they can fulfill the changing needs in digital and print design for businesses across 30+ sectors. They are developing industry-focused talent groups so that clients from different markets and business segments get optimized opportunities through our designs. Their interior design team is also gearing up to deliver on 3D visuals and renderings that support VR and AR.

Some new variants in the company’s design solutions are those focused on social media marketing and digital marketing – social media design and marketing support, social media-based branding support, and designs to optimize digital marketing outcomes.

Businesses find that since most social media platforms are visual communication-focused; any social media and digital marketing endeavor needs to have a strong design element to it. språk design is already developing a niche in this market. Our designs are influencing client’s key website metrics like lead generation and customer engagement, and the success stories are adding up.

The Unmatched Leadership at Språk Design

Hermit Chawla, CEO

Hermit Chawla started språk design with his wife Bhoomi Chawla. As the CEO, he has oversight for business strategy and expansion, technology, marketing, and finance. Hermit has led the company to evolve constantly, embracing new technologies, new domains, and markets. He has headed many initiatives to constantly enhance Språk Design’s capacities, from inception through to commercial and technological successes. Under Hermit’s leadership, the company has steadily grown and become the go-to design agency for hundreds of organizations worldwide.

My personal belief is about empowering employees to be innovative, voice opinions, make correct decisions, enhance their learning curves, and be open to more and more training and re-skilling. We have flexible workplace culture and policies and are also flexible about helping our teams improve their technical expertise.

Hermit Chawla

Bhoomi Chawla, Director – Design.

Bhoomi Chawla has been instrumental in developing the gamut of design offerings at Språk Design, as its design director. Her experience in the field has enriched the approach, quality, and design-delivery standards. Under her leadership, all design projects are executed with excellence, with the user experience and customer needs in mind at all times. Bhoomi is the innovator behind all språk design projects – branding, graphics, marketing design, product packaging design, and interiors.

Karim Rashid has been a source of motivation for the leadership at språk design since long. Rashid inspires designers to explore excellence in design is not only one field but in many domains, to explore creativity and innovation without setting boundaries.

The Key Achievements

Språk Design has crossed many milestones:

  • From a team of a few designers, they now have 35+ artists from diverse backgrounds and are continually expanding team strengths.
  • From a few projects in the year of inception, the company now completed 1,000+ projects.
  • Initially, they had mostly print-based design projects. Today, they are working on digital design projects supporting AR, immersive designs, multi-platform mobile applications UI/UX designs, and hundreds of different digital marketing and branding projects. The company’s strengths in branding have increased to embrace popular brands and their new product launches. Språk Design’s interior design team is also scaling up its digital capabilities in presentation and renderings.
  • Språk Design’s clientele were few and far between when they started, but today they have a global business with a diverse portfolio, having served organizations across sectors and geographies.

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