Why Small Businesses Use Flyers as a Marketing Tool

Why Small Businesses Use Flyers as a Marketing Tool

As the world is transitioning to industry 4.0, AI is taking over almost everything including the ways of doing business. It would not be wrong to say that the world is soon to be run by robots and computers in lieu of humans.

AI has already taken over much of the work that humans do. Inevitably, it will eventually take over many jobs. For instance, with the help of AI, Tesla aims to replace human drivers’ jobs with its driverless cars. Similarly, the AI has already seized many business-related jobs such as bookkeeping, data entry, customer service executive, etc.

However, the old-school marketing tool, flyer, doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Small businesses still use flyers as marketing tool instead of AI-powered substitutes because of some obvious reasons as explained in this article:

  • Readability
  • Easiness
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Deliverability
  • Reliability
  • Scalability

Here are 6 Benefits of Using Flyers as a Marketing Tool by Small Businesses:

1. Readability

One reason for the flyer’s undefeated rule as THE marketing tool is its inherent feature of readability. As per a study, 88% of people understand, retain, and read information better on printed paper instead of electronic mediums. 

Realizing the importance of communication via printed form, small businesses have never opted to abandon this excellent tool in their marketing strategy.

Although flyers have the inherent advantage of readability because they come in tangible form, you can leverage their features to make the most out of it. Some of the ways to leverage it are as under:

a. Choose the right font

The font used in the flyer must match the target audience’s personality, enhancing the readability. By personality, we mean not to use a font type like Comic Sans, generally used for children’s material, when interacting with adults. You must match the vibe of font type with the vibe your target audience want to feel.

Similarly, by readability, we mean to use a font category that is widely accepted for this purpose. For instance, Times New Roman of the Serif family is generalized as the most readable font type for printed text; hence, it is also used in academia. We recommend using the rule of thumb instead of experimenting here to save time and effort.

b. Choose the right color

Color plays a vital role in the readability of your flyer. Flyers are often colorful, incorporating multiple graphics into one paper. The chances are that your written content may blend into the colors of the background. Since blending obstructs readability, you must build a distinguishing contrast between the color of your font and the color of the background.

c. Divide content into sections

To ensure that the content is digestible by the audience, divide it into easy-to-read sections. For instance, when explaining multiple features of a product, don’t bombard all of them into one place; instead, divide them into sections.

d. Bolden the key terms

To guide the reader’s eyes through the key terms in your flyer, make them bold.

e. Craft a catchy headline

Disruptive new technologies and globalization have made the business world immensely competitive; hundreds of substitutes are available for people to choose one from. So, it’s all about which product captivates their sight and converts them into your customers.

It is where your catchy headlines come into play. You must craft your flyer’s headline that stands out and propels your audience into actually reading the whole thing.

f. Print it on a high-quality paper

For successful marketing of your business, Philip Kotler, a marketing wizard, suggests in his co-authored book ‘Marketing Management’ to focus on every possible touchpoint of your business. To elaborate, businesses must ameliorate all those things with which their customers interact.

Accordingly, the quality of your flyer’s paper is one such touchpoint that you must not neglect. It will reflect your brand; if you are a high-quality brand, the flyer’s paper must also be high quality. To help you out, we recommend you print your flyers at Helloprint.

Whether you want to do a full-color flyer or a single leaflet, all of the high quality, Helloprint’s printing options are perfect for your needs. They offer a variety of suitable sizes for your campaign, as well as durability and easy distribution. With their affordable prices, you’ll never have to worry about the quality of your advertising again.

2. Easiness

Undoubtedly, marketing with flyers is one of the easiest ways of advertisement. All you need is a designer or a design tool to get the advertisement specimen ready.

Tools like Canva have thousands of pre-made templates to choose from. You just need to craft and customize your flyer with the right content, right font, right color, right spacing, and right sectioning. Voila. It is all done and as easily as just mentioned.

Once the design of your flyer is ready, it’s time to get it printed on high-quality paper. Afterward, you just need to deliver it to your target audience. Because marketing with flyers is as easy as this, it is one of the reasons that small businesses use flyers as a marketing tool. 

3. Cost-effectiveness

Since we have just walked you through the process of a flyer’s creation, you must be having a vague idea of its cost. Is it as inexpensive as you are thinking? Yes, it is. Flyer advertisement is relatively inexpensive than other advertisement channels such as billboards or mainstream media.

Billboards cost thousands of dollars to have your advertisement published on them, and that, too, varies on the type of billboards. Digital billboards cost much higher than bulletin billboards because they consume energy to run all day and night.

Remember that this billboard part is all after the designing part of a flyer. You incur the same cost until designing either you choose a dedicated designer or a designing tool. After that, if you choose a flyer for advertisement, you incur the printing cost, and if you choose billboards or mainstream media, you incur the rental cost.

Comparatively, printing cost is much lesser than that charged by billboards and media. It is for this another reason that small businesses opt for flyers as their marketing tool.

4. Deliverability

Due to the small size, weight, and thinness, flyers are easy to deliver to your target audience. However, it is necessary to locate your target audience first. Once you know where they reside, you can just sneak the flyer in by any of the following ways:

  • Put it on their car’s windshield under the wiper
  • Sneak it in through their entrance door
  • Place it in their newspaper
  • Drop it inside the mailbox
  • Hand it over to them directly
  • Distribute it outside the events, markets, etc.

Or, you can also sprinkle some of your own creativity to find a new way. Since flyers are as easy to deliver to the target audience, it is another reason why small businesses use them as a marketing tool.

5. Reliability

Flyers can be your one-stop advertising tool for all of your advertising needs. From advertising your new product or service to advertising a discount on the existing ones, you can rely on flyers for everything. To name a few:

  • Use it to advertise the existing or new product or service
  • Use it to communicate your brand’s vision
  • Use it to tell them about the discounts and coupon codes
  • Use it to inform them about the exclusive and limited deals
  • Use it to show what you have got on the menu if you are a food business
  • Use it to invite them to any event or activity you are going to organize

Literally think of anything you want to advertise, and you will find the flyer helping you out with that. Hence, it is just another reason why flyers are at the heart of small businesses as a marketing tool.

6. Scalability

Coming back to the inherent feature of flyers that we mentioned at the start, with that readability feature, flyers can also help scale your business in terms of new customers and eventually revenues.

Since many people want to read on tangible paper rather than electronic mediums for better readability, email marketing, a substitute to flyers, often fails to harvest intended results. Most of the promotional emails either end up unopened or into the spam folders of receivers’ inboxes.

As a result, your communication never reaches your target audience, and they shift to any of the other hundreds of substitutes available to your product or service. Contrastingly, flyers help communicate your product or service to the target audience effectively.

Subsequently, if you have communicated to the right audience, you will start receiving new customers. Hence, your business’s turnover increases with more customers, scaling your business to the new heights of success.


Now you know the reasons why small businesses use flyers as a marketing tool. It’s no secret that flyers are one of the most effective ways for small businesses to market their services. You can simply drop these flyers in your local community, near your business, or on the street.

When you do this, people are more likely to see your flyer, read it, and find out where you are located. If they are interested, they will call you up and give you a chance to service their needs. It is an excellent way for you to get your company seen and establish a valuable rapport with the residents of your area.

Don’t forget to print up a flyer and put it out for people to see, and take them with you the next time you walk around the neighborhood. Thank you for reading our blog post; we hope that it was helpful!

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