Introducing Plug and Play ERP Solution for MSMEs

TYASuite Plug and Play ERP Solution for MSMEs

TYASuite – Plug and Play ERP Solution for MSMEs


30% of India’s GDP and close 45% of India’s Export comes from MSMEs. There is approximately 25 Lakh registered MSMEs in India. This segment provides jobs to over 110 million people. 

Our objective is to help these MSMEs with affordable technology and grow their business with a faster and quicker turnaround time. 


As per our understanding of the market, Most of the MSMEs, rely on traditional accounting software to manage themselves. In today’s competitive world, accounting software alone is not sufficient to give you an advantage over your peers. Interconnected modules related to Sales Function, Procurement function, Inventory management, Production management, and finance and accounts is the need of the hour. 

TYASuite Software solutions were started with a vision of providing affordable ERP solutions for MSMEs (small and medium-size business enterprises). With the introduction of Plug and Play ERP which is affordable and can go live in 24 Hours, anyone from small to medium enterprise, including startups can use enhance their business with TYASuite ERP. 

Small and medium businesses have sophisticated IT needs but often lack access to the affordable solution which is right for them as per their business operations. Employees can access any data, anytime, anywhere from any device. On the top, MSME owners can control the access of respective data at the employee level to maintain complete confidentiality. 


As per Market estimates the global cloud ERP market size is expected to grow from USD 45.3 billion in 2020 to USD 101.1 billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.4% during the forecast period. Thousands of new businesses and startups in India looking to save on IT and operational costs. Moreover, SMB’s needs to migrate from traditional accounting software to ERP and will be looking for the simplest and economical cloud-based ERP solutions which have an easy interface, scalable and fast implementation time to manage their daily purchasing, inventory, suppliers, finance, sales operations, customers, Logistics, supply chain and other days to day business needs.


Cloud ERP software is one of the most popular business management tools of the 21st century. It is a fact that ERP software is important for any dimension of business. However, considering cloud ERP, there are numerous advantages. The need for cloud ERP software is increasing quickly because today’s business operations are conducted in a variety of locations worldwide. Cloud ERP solutions help to provide better services and reduce IT costs simultaneously, which support the overall cost of solutions and solve the business problems.

Cloud ERP software seekers in India have been more and more popular nowadays. The need for cloud ERP software that allows a company to harness the power of cloud computing and deploy it within days.

Small to medium-scale businesses are now depending on the affordable cloud ERP software as they were not able to afford traditional ERPs like Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP. Business Owners can now focus their time on more critical business decisions rather than managing mundane tasks. 


Many SMB is still uncertain about the true cost of the cloud ERP software and lack of maturity on how cloud ERP can save significant time and effort by implementing workflow applications in the system.

Educating the top-level executives on the major benefits of using cloud ERP in reduced costs, easier deployment, greater flexibility, and much improved time to market. 


Keeping pace with the latest technologies, TYASuite is an innovator in the field of Plug and Play ERP Solutions. 

TYASuite is World 1st Cloud ERP that can go live in 24 hours. With hands-on experience of problem statements of more than 300 companies over the last 20 years, TYASuite has developed more than 4,000 configurable settings, helping it achieve 24-hour Go-Live.

With its unique capability to simplify complex problems, TYASuite has built fully customizable workflows and is constantly advancing in workflows as per modern needs. TYASuite plans to have more than 10,000 Plug and Play settings in the coming years. 

TYASuite is hosted on an AWS Cloud server to assure uptime and confidentiality to its clients. 


Having built the world’s 1st Plug and Play Cloud ERP Software, TYASuite is working with MSMEs, startups, and Enterprise level businesses to streamline their business operations and financial needs for over 3 years now. 

Our digital procurement platform (Part of ERP) has been helping clients fully shift to the cloud during the Covid-19 Lockdown and has proved to be a blessing during these difficult times. 

TYASuite cloud-based ERP software solution works on a SaaS-based subscription model. Companies can subscribe to full ERP modules or individual automation modules such as Procurement to Pay, Vendor Management, Inventory Management, Manufacturing module, Sales Order Management, Enterprise Project Management, Finance modules, E-invoice, and others and can connect their traditional accounting systems such as Tally or QuickBooks. We have integrated our Procurement modules to both Tally and QuickBooks to give a seamless experience to clients.  

We are successfully working with many clients across multiple industries including manufacturing, IT/ITES, Pharma R&D, Trading, and Construction to ensure that our solutions fit multiple needs. 

We have been bestowed with the “Fastest implementation Award” and many more such accolades in a short period. 


We envision building an integrated digital ecosystem by partnering with other companies as per market needs and providing a seamless solution to MSMEs. 

Our mission is to improve the lives of business professionals across the globe. We aim to provide a customizable cloud ERP solution to companies at an affordable cost

Following our vision, we aim to deliver the fastest deployment and most secure cloud ERP in the world with our cloud AWS partner. We deploy within days, feature-rich while having the most time-to-market functionality with a target of 10,000 Plug and Play features in the next few years down the line and with a motto of Plug and Plug ERP solutions that fit your business.

About Founders

Vikas Mandawewala and Praveen Dokania co-founded TYASuite Software Solutions in 2018 with the vision to build the next big thing in the ERP space. Vikas brings 20+ years of financial expertise and had a stupendous corporate career in India and the US with KPMG for 7+ years. Praveen is a tech-wizard with 10+ years of experience in software development and project management.

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