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Global Services in Education – Shanna Parry and Greg Parry

The world that we live in is changing rapidly. It has become a world where a person requires not specific, but a few skillsets to move ahead and keep up. The landscape of higher education has changed and evolved, as compared to the traditional one, and this requires students to remain abreast of all the future trends. 

After being approached repeatedly from virtually every corner of the world, both individually and as a dynamic team, the founders of GSE decided to create their international company. Peerless in their capacity to start-up new schools, provide management and support, GSE became a veritable overnight success. The demand was tremendous from the outset, and continues to grow.
Nelson Mandela observed, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” GSE’s founders understand this, because they’ve experienced those mighty changes first-hand on five continents.

Shanna Parry and Greg Parry, the Founders of Global Services in Education, in this interview with The Enterprise World, take us on a stellar journey of the company. 

Please brief us about the Global Services In Education and its inception.

Global Services in Education was first launched in 2011 in response to requests by investors and developers in setting up and operating schools. Investors moving into the industry were challenged by a lack of specialist education expertise and strong educational management. Our first project was in Mumbai India before moving to China. We have now worked on school projects in more than 12 countries covering all major curriculums.

What is the reason behind company’s long-standing success?

Global Services in Education (GSE) is described by many as the bridge between education and business. GSE are leaders in international education management. They understand how to operate schools, curriculum, teaching and learning. GSE is also a leader in international business. All projects are backed by a comprehensive financial and business plan as well as strategic planning that drives long term business decisions for schools. GSE leadership is also unique in its ability to lead projects in unique cultural contexts. From Australia to the USA, Asia to the Middle East. There is no major region untouched by the GSE global education team.

Why should one choose Global Services In Education? What makes it unique?

Global Services in Education is a full service education management company. All major curriculums and all aspects of school set up and management. Schools only succeed if they are led by a strong management team that understands BOTH education and financial acumen.

What Global Services In Education provides to users, tell us about your unique offerings. 

School Set Up (Everything from business planning to school design, curriculum planning, marketing and human resources)

Technology vision that includes advisory services for classroom technology through to full service virtual school design and management.

School management for all models including virtual schools, K-12, Vocational and Higher Education.

How do you decide to take the Global Services In Education a step further in the field of education technology? 

Global Services in Education is receiving an increasing number of enquiries from investors wanting to set up full service virtual schools. We see this as a growing development that was accelerated due to experiences families and schools faced during the pandemic.

Schools are also wanting to develop hybrid capabilities that allow them to share curriculum in multimodes of delivery.

How is the Ed-Tech necessary in the current scenario across the world? 

Ed-Tech meets the needs of a wider variety of students and needs. The world is smaller and the true definition of classrooms, schools and education has transformed. Technology opens up new and expanded possibilities for students to learn and engage more effectively.

What do you think are the responsibilities of online knowledge providers?

There needs to be a strong focus on student outcomes. This includes achievement but also engagement. Commercial operators driven only by profit often fail because they do not meet the needs of their consumers. “Flashing lights, animations, bells and whistles all fail very quickly. If the technology does not improve educational outcomes for children it has no place in education.”

Can you please brief us about your professional experience in the field of Ed-Tech?

GSE is a market leader in Ed-Tech as an education management company that chooses methods for outcome. GSE’s founders pioneered the delivery of education and training using video conferencing back in the 90’s. Times have changed and GSE has maintained a balance of being innovators with a healthy dose of cynicism. They know that technology has fast moving fashions that can trick consumers but do not always deliver student outcomes. 

How has the digitization changed the traditional way of learning process? 

Digitization has accelerated learning as well as retention. It has all created increased levels of efficiency both at the operational level as well as the classrooms, both virtual and traditional.

Please tell us about your team. 

GSE proudly boast a large team with a broad range of skills. All curriculums and backgrounds, technology leaders and business people. They are a full-service organisation that have pioneered but also transformed existing institutions in all major regions of the world.

Which quote do you find the most inspiring for students? 

“Technology should not be the ‘shiny object’ that makes a school attractive just for marketing purposes.  Education technology must accelerate outcomes for students and improve the quality of education experiences for all stakeholders.”

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