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Kevin Steer - 121 Advisor

The Insurance and Finance sector witnessed major changes in the past two years. There have a lot of changes in not only the functioning of the companies but also the various processes involved in the work. This has not only created a need for expert solutions and specialists who not only are up to date with the latest trends and practices, and bring enormous experience to the table in the Finance and Insurance industry.

As these are some of the most complicated and heavily looked upon industries, the margin of error becomes near to nil and the pressure to perform and deliver is always on the rise. Many companies provide various solutions to Financial, Insurance, etc. providers but only a few are highly acclaimed and one of the most popular names in the industry.

121 Advisor is one of the leading companies in the market, enabling enterprises with their innovative, best-in-class services, made with the latest technology and team of experts who are not only heavily experienced but have a proven track record of unmatched delivery and performance standards. 121 Advisor delivers cost-effective solutions that empower Financial, Insurance, and Takaful providers with robust, innovative technology solutions enabling generation of quality leads, secure sales, building customer loyalty in a professional and regulatory compliant manner.

Their technology is not only the leading solution amongst the competition in the market but also leading the innovation curve of the industry, making them pioneers of the Insurance Tech domain.

The Company, and Its Story: 121 Advisor

One Two One Advisor was launched in 2010, focusing on InsurTech & FinTech solutions. They entered into the market to provide cutting-edge and breakthrough services in the Insurance field and enable enterprises to not only perform better but also keep the margin next to nil. The company was founded with a vision – To become a renowned Financial, Insurance, and Takaful technology enabler in the region. And the team has been working ever since, pursuing excellence in whatever they do, and provide their clients services that are not only unmatched but are also efficient, scalable, and feasible.

 They are one of the pioneers of InsurTech and FinTech solutions, and their journey since the inception of the company has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride.

It is to their dedication, unwavering attitude, and discipline that 121 Advisor has become one the most successful companies in the Insurance Tech domain and has gathered numerous highly-satisfied and recurring clients, that speak very highly of the company, their services, and not to forget the way they are delivered these exemplary services, fitting to every need put up by them. These factors not only make 121 Advisor one of the best-in-class but also a benchmark for the other companies in the domain. They came up with the logo “WE DON’T FOLLOW TRENDS, WE PIONEER THEM”.

They started building their solutions from scratch and implemented them, they grew the business and acquired more customers. They wanted to make their products & services Regulatory Compliant, for the cloud services.

Unparalleled Services of 121 Advisor and New Additions

121 Advisor is known for their latest and innovative interventions in the Insurance Tech field, providing technology that is not only ahead of time but is also highly effective, efficient, and caters to the needs of today and demands of tomorrow. They have developed these services right from scratch which not only makes them masters of the field but also one of the best companies in the domain, which can provide a highly technical yet easy-to-use interface, enabling their clients to make the most out of these services, and achieve their desired goals and growth rate.

Yes, competition is the motivating factor, 121 Advisor focuses on competition and also plans for Regulatory Compliance for FinTech & InsurTech.

Kevin Steer- 121 Advisor

121Advisor has implemented 11 solutions including Predictive Analytics Modelling, ChatBots & Robo Advisors (multi-lingual), Web sites for many customers, Referral Management & worksite automation for banks, Sales Activity Management Solutions, Online store for selling Insurance & Takaful, Mobile agent insurance/takaful solutions for Windows, IOS & Android, Customer Service Portals (with service requests), Agency Management Solutions to compute commission & pay agents, Online Communities, Claims Management Solutions & Product Configurators to set up new products.

They are a team of highly dedicated experts and are continuously working to upgrade their services and also introduce innovations, which are always a step ahead due to their heavy reliance on customer feedback, which gives them acute details and basis for further improvement, alongside their heavy research-based operations, which helps them plan and implement new services in best ways possible. 

In September 2020, they launched a knowledge portal (www.u12know.com ), advising people about their lifestyles (single, married, young family, grown family retired) including their financial goals, as well as health and wellness, we will shortly be rolling out a ‘Total Health Score’ to assess if a person is healthy, unhealthy or in critical condition. Millennials often get into debt and max out their credit cards; they want to advise Millennials for financial planning & health.

Leadership at 121 Advisor:

A company like 121 Advisor not only requires a leader who is a visionary, always a step ahead of the game and time but also an expert in the field who is experienced and knows every nook and detail of the industry in and out. This is not an easy task to handle as the Insurance industry is always evolving, and alongside managing a team of specialists, creating unparalleled services that have been leading the market for more than a decade. The man of the hour is Kevin Steer, CEO of 121 Advisor.

In 1979, Kevin graduated from Cambridge University with, Bachelor of Arts Engineering degree, a Master of Arts (Electrical

Sciences) degree from Cambridge University UK, and a Master of Science (Computing) degree from Imperial College, London, United Kingdom.

Kevin started his career for Schlumberger Asia in 1979 as a Field Engineer and Manager. He was posted to China to run its USD 12 million annual operations in Liaohe. In 1985, he left the company to pursue a Master’s in Computing at Imperial College, UK.

Kevin joined Artificial Intelligence Ltd, UK in 1988 as a Research Engineer working on massively parallel Artificial Intelligence applications. He played a major role as a Consultant with Strand Software Inc, US, Oregon Advanced Computing Institute in the US and was appointed as a consultant to Boeing Aerospace Inc, US (1989 –1990).

In 1990, he moved to Malaysia working as a Consultant to Computer Systems Advisers Bhd on a client-server banking system for a local bank. He also provided consultation and training services on information and object modeling, design of distributed information systems client-server technology. Mr. Steer was involved in the development of object-oriented war game simulations for the Ministry of Defence, Malaysia.

Work-culture at 121 Advisor.

121Advisor motivates its employees, by showing them new solutions to implement and advise them on the solutions to build, giving them advice on new products. This creates an environment that not only fuels the growth of the employees on a professional level but

also, on a personal level as they have an open-door policy, frequent discussions, etc. which adds to the dexterity and knowledge of the employees.

All these factors lead to a work culture that is full of learning opportunities, aiding the employees in creating services that set a benchmark in the industry, working in perfect sync and coordination, making the team nothing less than a close-knit family.

CEO’s views on the competition in the market and how he deals with it.

Competition is critical to the FintTech & InsurTech market, we see new start-up companies growing in the market. However, we still look at new solutions to implement especially with a focus on Predictive Analytics & Chatbots & Robo Advisors.

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