ZyGen- Leveraging the Power of SAP Solutions

ZyGen- Leveraging the Power of SAP Solutions | K. Viriya and K. Wiparat's

Whether you are a start-up or a big organization, everyone can reap the benefits of SAP ERP solutions. Tailored to bring in advantages from a customer point of view, to the organizations, SAP ERP solutions can prove to be a major asset to any company. Among all the benefits one of the major ones is that SAP solutions can help you run your business smoothly by unifying your data and automating certain business processes. 

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s this issue of The Most Recommended SAP Service Providers is ZyGen, a company that is helping other organizations leverage the power of SAP solutions.

The Company-

ZyGen Company Limited (ZG) was founded in 1999 as SAP professional consulting service firm with their principal office in Thailand.  The company’s MISSION is “Innovative Consultancy for BETTER BUSINESS and LIFE”. ZyGen has been developing and introducing new innovations to its customers. 

“The aim to is to help our customers to achieve great business performance while improving its employee to work more comfortably and more effectively at the same time.”

Currently, ZyGen has more than 120 full-time permanent employees with expertise in SAP solutions and other innovations. ZyGen gears itself towards building the appropriate skill sets, processes, and services to cater to new and continuously changing customer demands to align with their Vision. “Trustworthy partner who help to make SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS with its HAPPY PEOPLE”

Cutting Through the Complexities-

Technology has evolved rapidly over recent years. Many businesses faced the challenges of adopting new innovations or new technologies successfully. Knowledge of technologies and each business domain understanding play crucial roles in choosing the right solution and implementation methodology. Being able to provide only some specific solutions to customers is not enough anymore.

In the beginning, ZyGen provided only some areas of SAP consulting services such as ABAP Programming. The company then expanded their portfolio to be a one-stop service for SAP consulting. ZyGen provides both business consulting and technical consulting services. Therefore, they successfully retain their current customers while expanding the customer base as well. 

“We did not stop evolving our business. We transform ourselves from an SAP consulting company into an innovation company and introduce several new innovations and technologies to our customers.”

The Growth Quotient-

Customer success is the key. ZyGen always offers suitable solutions and delivers their excellent services to the customers. The team always thinks about customers first, not the company. Their staff is happy when their solutions help the customers’ business and their people. 

“Just like our mission, Innovative Consultancy for BETTER BUSINESS and LIFE”.”

The team often receives compliments about their service mind and flexibility. Satisfied customers spread the word of mouth about their product and services. ZyGen gains customers’ trust and confidence. They continue to use the company’s services again and again. This is the key reason for the company’s long-standing success.

The Products and Services- 

As mentioned earlier, ZyGen not only provides SAP consulting services but also other new innovations and technologies. For SAP, they have SAP ABAP Consultant, SAP Functional Consultant, SAP Fiori Consultant, SAP iRPA (Intelligent Robotic Process Automation), SAP BI/BW/BPC, SAP Business One, SAP Integration services, etc. 

ZyGen also provides other technologies and innovations such as Chatbot, Big Data, Modern Low-Code Platform, Digital Innovation & AI, Blue Prism RPA. Recently, as the Metaverse trend evolves, they also provide Metaverse solutions in 2D, 3D, and immersive.

The world is changing faster than ever, especially with technology. Consumer expectations and behavior have changed. The clients want to explore and adopt the new technology and innovation to keep up with the world and gain competitive advantages over their competitors. The new operating model for the future has emerged. 

The new operating model will be about humans collaborating with robots (both physical robots and software robots). Digital worker (RPA) is becoming a must for leading enterprises and the virtual (Merged-Reality) workplace option will become indispensable. Leading enterprises will gain even more competitive advantage, run the business faster, more effective, at a lower cost, and become even more successful. ZyGen’s products and services are to help the customers to achieve these. 

The Road Ahead-

The Metaverse is the new addition to ZyGen’s offerings. AR / VR / MR are regularly cited as top of technology trend. Some may unsure if these can help their businesses. For ZyGen, the potential of this technology is much. They offer the Merged-Reality solution where employees stay connected with colleagues and the company. 

With this one can maintain employees’ good relationships and also their productive work. It is completely different from the online-meeting-only tool. In MR, employees see what is going on in the virtual office. The management can easily access the critical information from the dashboard at each corner in the virtual room. In the Merged-Reality workplace, human and digital workers can also collaborate seamlessly and effectively just like humans can talk to robots to ask for the real-time status of the automation. ZyGen has 2D, 3D, immersive choices of Metaverse for the customer to select. 

ZyGen’s Milestones in the Journey-

ZyGen won several international awards such as, “Top 10 SAP Solution Providers in Asia Pacific (2018, 2019)”, “Most 30 Innovative Companies” (2019). We also won awards in Thailand such as “Winner of Start-Up Thailand in area of AI & ChatBot” (2018), “Thailand ICT Award, Category of Professional Services Solution” (2019, 2020), “The Best SAP Upgrade Project”, “Channel partner outstanding sales performance” (SAP), etc. In addition, ZyGen also signed MOU as a strategic partner with a leading enterprise in Thailand that ranked in Fortune Global 500. 

“We are proud to receive recognition from many local and international organizations and trust from our customers.”

The Team that Makes it All Happen-

Encourage employees to learn new knowledge and technologies including providing support, system, infrastructure, work environment to improve morale, productivity, growth mindset & a can-do attitude. Adapting to the new norm is also another key factor. Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, they have adjusted to remote working very fast. They changed company rules. Working at the office is NOT required anymore. They get more flexibility on their work but still stay connected with colleagues and company while they can spend more time with their family. 

“We provide a MergedReality workplace to maintain good relationships.”

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