Marvelution – Opening the Revolution

Marvelution - Opening the Revolution Mark Rekveld

Marvelution develops and maintains projects, some to support its software development efforts, others are customer facing projects.

Companies and organizations are battling for the top spot. And it is this process that segregates the leaders from the rest. In this fierce competition, only a handful of companies gain the title of “Enterprising companies of the year.” 

In the search of the next big revolution in the world of business. Welcome Marvelution, a leading company venturing into the world of open-source software. They are providing a comprehensive and innovative collaboration of a major widely used and highly popular software – Jenkins.

Without further ado, let’s get to an insightful conversation with Mark Rekveld, Founder and Software Engineer, Marvelution. Get to know more about Marvelution, its services, and Mark’s professional journey.

“I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.”  – Michael Jordan, NBA Legendary Basketball MVP

1. Brief us about the company, what inspired you to start the company?

Marvelution started as a hobby in 2007, because I was playing around with open source projects to increase my knowledge of them as they were not used on client projects that I was consulting on.

One thing led to another and I started working on my view on how Jenkins (Hudson at the time) and Jira could be better integrated. This hobby project was quickly adopted by 3000+ companies and projects worldwide. Then in 2015, I got the opportunity to establish Marvelution the company to further better the Jenkins Integration for Jira app. Adding support for Jira Data Center and Jira Cloud.

2. How are your services different from those in the market?

Marvelution focuses on the Jenkins Integration for Jira app available for all flavors of Atlassian Jira.

3. Please tell us about your team.

It’s just me. I am the team!

4. Please brief us about your professional experience. 

I finished my bachelor’s degree in Informatics in February 2007 and started working with one of the bigger IT consulting firms in the Netherlands. After that, I worked with some smaller firms as well, always in a consulting, developer, and product owner role. Before starting Marvelution in 2015.

5. What are the key achievements of your business journey?

The biggest key achievement is that with support for Jira Cloud in the Jenkins Integration for Jira app, Marvelution was able to further grow and not need to take on additional consulting jobs.

6. Any client experience you would like to highlight?

No, there is no specific client experience that is more, or better than others. Overall I enjoy working with clients that see it as a dance where both need to participate to make it a success.

What one is your favorite quote?

“Some men see things as they are and say why – I dream things that never were and say why not.” by George Bernard Shaw 

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