Softvative- Your Partner in Digital Transformation and Cloud Journey

Softvative- Your Partner in Digital Transformation Faisal Masood

With the business landscapes changing at a rapid rate, cloud computing has become increasingly important. The capabilities of cloud computing are powerful and far-reaching. The most important aspect of cloud computing is that it can potentially transform almost every little aspect of any organization. And among some of the most trusted cloud computing platforms, Microsoft ranks the highest and is known to have ample benefits. Partnering with companies providing Microsoft solutions can upscale your company’s workings. 

Featuring in The Enterprise World’s this issue of The 5 Best Microsoft Solution Providers To Watch is Softvative, a trusted Microsoft partner and a company taking you to new heights of digital transformation and cloud computing. 

The Company-

Softvative is a Minnesota, USA-based company initiated in 2008. Softvative provides complete services around to project solutions and digital transformation needs, including cloud solutions, IT and web services, and training sessions. The company is a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner in Project Portfolio Management and Collaboration and Content. The company specialises in Microsoft Office 365, Azure, SharePoint, Microsoft Project and other technology and strategy areas.

Overcoming the Challenges-

“Running a business is always challenging when you step into the craft.”

Setting up a software business was not easy as technology is constantly revolutionizing, and you need to keep yourself updated. The initial challenges included finding a team passionate about technology and software and encouraging people to move to advanced technological solutions for management within the organization. However, the challenges are short-lived if you are determined to take your company to next levels.

The company evolved after integrating cloud solutions and Microsoft Partnership. The cloud-based solutions help the customers adopt the technology rapidly and keep it updated fairly quickly. Softvative launched website 3.0 along with other solutions. The addition of cloud-based solutions enabled Softvative to help customers with on-premises to cloud and vice versa migration of application, systems, and databases. 

Digital transformation helped the organization to make a major impact in helping customer reach to automation levels never seen before. Document archiving, scanning and automation around it help customers streamline their manual business processes. Softvative invented, adopted and practices some the best practices used by leading organization to help in the growth and to help the customers. 

“Our services include a DBMS (Design, Build, Manage and Support) model, where we help customers from inception to the full adoption lifecycle of solutions.”

The Growth Quotient-

Softvative started with the goal of making technology easy to customers by organizing and managing data with straightforward technologies. In the past almost 15 years, the team has become a huge family. They have grown into a company with numerous clients. Softvative is catering to clients small to large Fortune 100 companies, private and public sectors, that trust in us and our services to sustain and scale their businesses.

“We believe that the company’s long-standing success is attributed to everyone working towards a common goal to provide the customer with exactly what they are looking forward to.”

The key is prioritizing the needs of the clients and understand their problems in depth before recommending a suitable solution. Softvative’s experts utilize their experience to choose the right kind of tool and combing it with the best industry process for a particular need. The team chooses the best-suited option ensuring that customers can easily adopt to the change in technology and process. Their commitment to our jobs and improving customer experience keeps us going and has made Softvative an eminent name in the industry.

The Products and Services-

Softvative provides range of technological services to its clients. The company offers solutions around these areas:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Project Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions
  • IT and Web Solutions
  • Training
  • Job Placement
  • SAAS based application – Budget Planner

The company’s solutions help customers collaborate and communicate with their team using Office 365 and other cloud-based software. Their services mainly include document management, records management, OCR, team collaboration, workflows, enterprise search, resource management, project management, cloud solutions IT, Web and security solutions. 

The company also provides TOGAF architecture consulting and SQL, ITSM, IA, BI, website development, DevOps, and ERP integration. Our cloud-based solutions like SAAS, IAAS, PAAS, Office 365, Azure, and Amazon AWS are in high demand among the customers.

“Our staff is certified in various technologies, making them a master of their craft. Our products are developed by expert developers and integrated by highly skilled professionals.”

Benefitting Businesses in a Unique Way-

By leveraging some of the intelligence provided by Microsoft Azure and other clouds, Softvative has developed some applications that will benefit the customers in such a way that they will recognize the value of investing in these technologies. Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Clouds will be the primary focus of the team’s future investments. 

Softvative’s advanced technologies, including IT, web-based solutions, and cloud-based integrations, help them save costs and manage their business more efficiently. Their web strategy is based on a holistic approach featuring the client’s online presence. Tech-savvy solutions like Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI dashboards and SharePoint help companies reduce their technology and process waste and focus on other aspects of the company at the least cost. 

“Our process driven approach helps customer visualize the potential of our delivery.”

Here is a representation of the data centre, system & application migration process Softvative adopts for Enterprise applications.

Faisal Masood- Leading the Way-

President and Solution Architect

“Agility, accuracy and risk taking are the key aspects of a successful entrepreneur.”

Being an entrepreneur was not easy, but worth all the effort, says Mr. Faisal. Being in a marketplace with other companies offering similar services to you, it can be quite difficult to become a part of the top names. Mr. Faisal’s story is no different. He has had years of consulting experience in technology leadership roles at various organizations. Everyone in the business is working to gain clients, and initially, it was challenging to have people try a new service provider. 

“Our consistently top-notch services enabled us to retain clients while gaining more. In all, it has been a great learning experience.”

Initiating Softvative in 2008, Mr. Faisal always wanted to make it big. After all these years, the efforts have paid off. The company has successfully shifted many small and big businesses towards smart, technological approaches to organization and project management. Recently, Softvative has made its place on the list of CEO views top 50 innovative companies of 2022, most promising office 365 solution providers by CIO review, 10 Best SharePoint Solution Providers of 2022 by Industry Tech Outlook, and many others. It’s surreal to see Softvative among the top choices trusted by the customer and critiques as we strive to make your services better every day.

Mr. Faisal’s Advice to the Budding Entrepreneurs-

“I’d say that the first rule of entrepreneurship is knowing to take risks. You cannot be a successful entrepreneur if you do not make agile decisions with risks involved. Sometimes these decisions can take you to a higher place unexpectedly. 

Also, entrepreneurship is not only about making money. It is about making relationships – with your clients and your employees. A happy employee is a company’s best testimonial and contributes to company growth happily. If you are looking forward to being an entrepreneur, measure risk, make decisions, and take care of the people who work with you.”

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