Dan Prince- Making Healthcare Better

illumisoft- Making Healthcare Better Dan Prince

illumisoft- Making Healthcare Better

With the advances in digital technologies, the future of healthcare is shaping right in front of everyone’s eyes. Different technologies and software used in healthcare, like AR/VR, 3D printing, robotics, or even nanotechnologies have changed the way of healthcare today. 

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s this issue of The Most Successful Business Leaders to Watch Out is Dan Prince, who has set out on a mission to make healthcare better. 

Revolutionizing Healthcare One Step at a Time- 

Dan is a life-long technologist and a technology entrepreneur who started his first tech company in 1993. With a pragmatic approach to technology, what drives Dan is providing his customers with simplicity over perfection, people over processes, and communication over documentation. 

“I believe in continual improvement, both personally, and in business. I often say that reduction in someone’s cognitive computational effort is the key to improving their experience.”

This is true whether you’re talking about user interface design or interpersonal communication. Dan prefers to be a futurist who believes that, with technology, people tap into the ability to significantly increase the average lifespan.  

As founder and CEO of illumisoft, Dan set out on one simple mission, to make healthcare better. He believes that building strong relationships with clients helps to understand their needs and provide them with the right software solutions. With over 20 years in the software industry, Dan has a knack for maximizing resources and knows how to spearhead custom solutions that help healthcare organizations, practices, and providers work more efficiently and make an impact on their patients’ lives.

A Journey Towards Better Healthcare-

When Dan first started illumisoft, it was not a purpose-driven company. His only goal at that time was simply to stay in business and to do so the company aimed to provide its services to anyone and everyone that needed them. 

After a couple of years into the business, the team of illumnisoft completed a project that helped a local hospital in doing diabetes research and learned something very valuable. At the conclusion of the project, Dan learned that the results of the work that his team had done were going to benefit hundreds of thousands of children with type one diabetes to live longer, happier, healthier lives. 

“The joy that I felt personally provided such a great level of satisfaction that simply reducing business costs paled in comparison.”

Knowing that the work the team undertook helped so many people was one of the life-changing experiences. Since that day, Dan with his team has revamped illumnisoft and has turned his focus on providing services only for healthcare and healthcare research companies. 

“We realized that it’s not enough to build good solutions; it’s not enough to delight our clients; We want to provide a benefit to the world or it’s just not worth doing.”

About the illumisoft-

Dan Prince started illumisoft because he truly loved technology to create new and innovative solutions. But he realized some time ago that one of the main reasons many technical projects fail is that business people often don’t understand the technology and most technology people don’t understand business. 

At illumisoft, the team has engineered their client interaction specifically to bridge that gap. At illumnisoft, the team ensures that any project they take on is successful because they make it their responsibility to understand your situation and the reasons behind your requests. 

Once the clients’ requests are lodged in, and the illumisoft truly understands their requirements, the team then moves on to choose the right technology and then architect a solution that best meets the clients’ expectations. 

As of today, the illumisoft has done about 42 projects worth over $10M. Their projects have helped 30 different clients and changed the lives of 100’s of thousands of children and families of children with diabetes and other diseases. 

“We have had ZERO failed projects although we were not able to complete one due to a shrinking budget and cost overruns. We have 100% 5-star reviews.”

The Products and Services-

The services that illumisoft provides are described as software development services. People hire them to help them build solutions that they then take over and manage going forward. Often, they have an internal development team, but they don’t have the necessary experience to architect modern solutions using modern technology. 

Their hopes are that if illumnisoft can provide a codebase they can teach their developers how to maintain it. In Dan’s experience with supporting entrepreneurial efforts in this area, the three main steps that you need to take to build a strong community of users and subscribers would include-  

  • building a strong brand that aligns with your intended audience, 
  • Make sure that your software is easy to use and easy to understand, and 
  • being consistent in never taking advantage of your subscriber base by marketing to them and upselling to them ad nauseum. 

The Road Ahead-

“Being centered around helping others is why we at illumisoft have focused our services on the healthcare industry.”

Dan realized that at some point several years ago, building great solutions feels good and delighting their clients feels great. But, building great solutions that delight their clients, and then realizing you’ve helped literally hundreds of thousands of people around the world live happier, healthier lives feels noble, heroic, and worth it. 

Dan sees Illumisoft becoming the go-to custom solution provider for hospitals, private practices, and research centers across the United States. Eventually, the illumisoft would take their services on a global level. They have already seen a consistent, incremental increase in their growth, and expect that to continue at an exponential rate. Additionally, they plan on becoming a product company and combining that with their service offerings. 

“We have several product ideas in the works, and we have a couple of products already built that we are beginning to market now.” 

A Team that Stands Strong-

“I want to highlight that illumisoft’s culture starts with our values.” 

Whenever the team faces difficult times and the need to deliver difficult news, Dan, as a leader of integrity makes sure to revisit the list below. These values guide the team’s behavior as people within an organization and sets the expectation for the clients when they work with illumnisoft. 

“Our team members and clients have confidence that we will always be truthful and transparent regardless of the situation.” 

Continuous Personal Improvement 

We cannot be the best in business if we cannot be our best selves. 


We do it right. Right means it solves the solution in the simplest, lowest cost way. 


It is not enough to be the best only part of the time. 


Confidence comes from having built the skills through personal development. 

Courageous & Tactful 

it can be difficult to voice opinions to a client but  necessary. Well-earned confidence allows for tactfulness. 

Honesty and Accountability through Transparency 

We communicate to our team and our clients our achievements and the challenges we face and our plans to overcome.

A Long-Standing Success-

Dan believes that the illumisoft’s internal values as a team are a huge factor in the company’s success. It is a very prideful thing that the company, as a result of the genius team is about as modern as one can get. 

“We are a 100% remote company that focuses on high-quality customer service as the utmost priority in any client relationship. We mean it.” 

At illumnisoft, the team prioritizes good customer service over their profits and the team is willing to make sacrifices to make sure the clients get what they need. Each member values hard work, intelligence, and a drive to be the best. 

“Our vision is to take technology work out of healthcare work. We’ll do the tech stuff that enables you to do healthcare at your best.”

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