Execlient- Delivering Excellence Worldwide

Execlient- Delivering Excellence Worldwide Vishal Vadhera

One of the most important features that help you to stand out from the market is that of branding. When the branding and its marketing is on point, it works as a giant magnet for your company, attracting loads of clients. Since the pandemic, people are now online, and a good online portfolio is what they go looking for when they come across the name of your brand. Having one that is creative, innovative will make all the difference to your brand. 

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s this issue of Top 5 Marketing Tech Companies 2022 is Execlient, a company delivering excellence worldwide. 

In this interview with Vishal Vadhera – Founder, let us know more about the company. 

Brief us about the inception of the company. 

As we all know there has been a major shift in the way the companies used to do marketing before 5 years and now. Everything is moving from Offline to Online. Because of this major shift more & more ways of connecting with audience are being invented frequently. Even the smartphone has become the basic need of everyone.

Undoubtedly, when it comes to businesses, the trend of digital marketing is on the boom. Everybody wants to market their brands, products, and services on the internet to have targeted reach. In retrospect the invasion of digital media has almost killed the existence of traditional marketing means that have undergone tremendous changes. 

The digital media offers an incredible range of economical, powerful, contemporary, and tech-driven mediums for effective marketing. A Businesses can truly expect a surge in their prof-it-making if they try to keep pace with the latest technologies and develop a great digital marketing strategy to work around it. One such agency is Gurgaon-based Execlient.com, with a name stands for Excellence delivered in it, a 360-degree consulting and advertising agency that helps brands reach their full potential in engaging a broader spectrum of audience. 

Execlient is recognized as a melting pot of vibrant ideas that offers astounding customer experiences. Execlient specializes in Strategic Consulting, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Creative Graphic Designing, Website designing & development, Logo Designing, Content Creation,  Search Engine Optimization, Digital Insights and Analytics & Market research.

Constituted by the CEO, Vishal Vadhera is a seasoned professional with an experience of 10 years in marketing. As a digital marketing consultant, he is constantly on the move meeting clients from various businesses, and he is also a serial entrepreneur catering to various verticals including Education, pharmaceutical, hospitality, lifestyle, etc the company has successfully delivered 200+ projects, acquired 50+ active clients and houses a team of 15+ super active stars. 

Execlient works to help clients accomplish their digital media goals combining various digital channels to increase visibility, online leads, calls and revenue. By offering be-spoke plans for all the budgets. There are so many brands out their world but not all of them are able to voice their opinion or showcase their product in the right manner due to lack of resources and large funds, which many of the traditional advertising agencies may demand. 

What were the initial challenges that the company faced? How have the graphs changed since the foundation? 

The marketing domain is thriving and the competition in the industry is increasing, elaborate on the challenges pertaining to the industry. 

Simply put, digital marketing can-not be ignored. An effectively executed marketing and advertising campaign can serve the needs of any business 10 times better. But times have changed, and while the need for marketing is still essential, the choice of picking up the effective one has changed a lot. It’s a big market and there are already many players – big and small. The real threats are fresh individuals who claim to know-it-all and are ready to work at very cheap rates. This affects quality in a big way. Also, such clients evaluate agencies based on money and not deliverables or results. 

The team at Execlient has a clear lookout to face these challenges. The company houses a team of experts who chalk down the strategy and a team of young minds along with the others to ideate as per the new generation and technology. “Our objective is to deliver Excellence as work can be deliver by any other agency! To meet this objective our core (management) and spine (team) work on a motto, we keep on working for you till the time you get results, unlike other company which tries to showcase 4-5 samples of artwork or campaign revisions etc. We believe if someone is paying us for some service it should be delivered with 100% customer satisfaction. 

In a time where marketing has become a technology dependent process in business, Execlient is progressively incorporating marketing techniques that apply to the present marketing trends. The firm is pivoting towards creating next level personalization by using AI for data collection and interpretation. “We understand that a brand is not merely a logo a website or a TV commercial but is much more than that. We make use of particular campaign goals to convey the brand declaration and are always ready to embrace change to drive the effect beyond the walls of advertising,”

How have the company graphs changed since the foundation? Any notable milestones? 

A few of their work worth mentioning include BookmyShow, Paytm, VIVO IPL, BMW India, Havells, Barbeque Nation, etc. Execlient handcrafted multiple strategies for many startups and with advertising reached over 40 lakh plus unique target users in combine. Execlient run campaigns for various real estate agents & developers targeting IT employees over a certain band of pay scale across Facebook, Instagram, Google, Search, Display, YouTube and Emails, which resulted in 90 percent sales in the first three months of its launch of there project.

Also, the company has played a pivotal role in the launch of NEXA; here it did a prebooking campaign with an interesting communication line using influencer marketing and social promotions which lead to over 600+ bookings in 45 days. And the list goes on. “Our work speaks! Understanding consumer behaviour and implementing the same with a clear picture for brands to achieve their digital goals in the key,” 

What is your company’s vision? For today and for the future? 

Throwing light on the uniqueness of Execlient, “We recommend & guide the best-suited services that would drive the client’s business towards excellence. We Provide smart ideas for there business growth as well once the level of first benchmark achievement is received, we start work on the next level”

Describe ‘Execlient’ in a sentence.

Excellence Delivered !

Who have been the biggest support for the success of the company? A word for them? 

In mentors would like to mention here Riya, my better half as been the biggest support & advisor in my journey. Growing at more than three times in terms of revenue, it has managed to acquire a clientele base that spans across USA, UK, the Middle East and India. Currently based in Gurgaon Execlient is looking forward to expand its presence to other cities as well in order to cater to more brands on a personal level. It is also looking forward to expanding its team and clientele speedily.

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