Natura Biotechnol- Complete Solutions for Healthy Living

Natura Biotechnol- Complete Solutions for Healthy Living Pankaj Varshney

With changing lifestyles, the number of people facing chronic diseases has increased. Healthcare professionals today are looking for a more novel solution to cure these diseases and also keep their side effects to a minimum. And in all this research, botanical extracts have emerged as game-changers. Botanical extracts are widely used in the healthcare industry today for their medicinal and therapeutic properties. 

Featuring in The Enterprise World’s this issue of The Most Influential Healthcare Leaders in 2021, Natura Biotechnol is one such company that provides complete botanical solutions for healthy living. 

In this Interview with Pankaj Varshney, CEO, and Director, let us find out more about their products and services. 

What Inspired the company? 

After my post-graduation in Chemistry, I worked for companies in the private sector as an employee for over a span of 12 years. During my stints with these companies, I developed a significant skill and talent to manufacture extracts from almost all types of herbals and simultaneously also developed skills for marketing extracts. During these years, I was moved and inspired by the biographies of successful entrepreneurs who gave new directions and created new opportunities for the masses looking for employment. I decided to

establish my own start-up to carry out R&D, manufacture, and marketing of herbal extracts

Tell us more about the Natura Biotechnol. 

Providentially, around that time, I came in contact with one of my acquaintances who also appeared to be thinking along the same lines. Soon, a business idea developed and a Company in the name and style of ‘ Natura Biotechnol Private Limited’ was floated. The Natura Biotechnol was launched in the year 2012-13 with women as the initial promoters. They along with us are Directors in the Company and constitute an effective Board that manages the Company.

What were the initial challenges? 

The Natura Biotechnol is shortly going to complete 9 years of existence. However, the journey was not hassle-free. Despite experience in the line of activity, we faced a strong challenge in mobilizing finance, ensuring and convincing our buyers about the quality of extracts, herbals, etc., quality and reliability of analytical tests, procuring high-quality raw material on a consistent basis, etc. in the initial years. Identifying was yet another challenge to

achieve volume business in the early years.

What is the reason for your company’s long-standing success? 

The most significant factor behind our continued success is the spirit of our Teamwork, professional approach towards business. Natura Biotechnol’s commitment to quality, price competitiveness timely delivery and R&D in herbal extract technology, strict adherence to ethical and fair business practices as well as regular contacts with our clients have been our USPs. I have carved out a respectful space for our organization and am now duly reckoned in the industry both in India and abroad.

What was the turning point for your company? 

After persistent persuasion for 3-4 years with major Ayurveda manufacturers, the Natura Biotechnol was able to break the ice and captured a contract for bulk supply from a few companies. This was a landmark event in the business history of our company gave us a big breakthrough not only in terms of business but also in terms of our confidence and morale-boosting. Natura Biotechnol’s enthusiasm was very high and we could accelerate our tie-up MOUs with a few more reputed companies. Over a period of 9 years of operations, the company’s sales have gone up from Rs.300 lakhs during the FY- 2012-13 to Rs. 2800 lakhs during FY.2020-21.

The Products / Services

The Natura Biotechnol is focusing on marketing herbal extracts, nutraceuticals, Dietary supplements, cosmeceuticals, etc. Although all types of herbal extracts are supplied by us in different forms and variants, Natura Biotechnol concentrate on a bulk supply of Herbal extract as an ingredient. We have a very aggressive and proactive marketing team in place. We keep a constant vigil on the markets to explore new opportunities for the development and supply of new and varied products. We are equally aggressive on the export front are supplying to countries like USA, EU nations, UAE, GULF, etc.

What makes your company different? 

Besides, Natura Biotechnol also provide Technical Consultancy on their uses in the development of new products. Natura Biotechnol stand strongly with our buyers post-sales as far as quality, test report, etc. are concerned. We authenticate our sales with the proper support of documents. Addition of new products/ services Research and Development in herbal extraction technology is a regular activity in our organization. New products, as well as new and modified variants of the existing products, are regularly developed, tested, and launched in the market. Expanding the list of our products and services is a continuous process.


What are the responsibilities of an entrepreneur? 

We are first-generation entrepreneurs. After launching the enterprise, I realized what it means to be an entrepreneur. The initial years were very tough for me. Responsibilities of an entrepreneur I firmly believe that in becoming a successful entrepreneur, patience, tolerance for unfavourable events, perseverance in the wake of challenges, problem-solving attitude, professional abilities, skills, a genius in getting things done, commitment etc. are all put to test.

An entrepreneur has to take all decisions by himself and therefore it is essential that he must stand and take the responsibility of owning the decisions. An entrepreneur

has to be discreet and vigilant because he runs the risk of being cheated and deceived by several others.

My experience with the Herbal industry now spans over a period of about 20 years. My areas of immense interest are Research and Development, marketing, and procurement of herbals. I am also engaged actively in providing consultancy in extraction and formulation to

peer manufacturers.

What are some of your key achievements? 

My major achievement, in my assessment, is that I have become from job seeker (salaried employee) to job provider, providing jobs and livelihood to about 40 families. I have launched another enterprise in the name of Natura Herbal Ashram (LLP) and PAR CHEMBIO PVT. LTD deals in the marketing of pharma products.

What makes your team unique?

I treat my workers as Co-partners. I feel responsible for the comprehensible care of my fellow employees and workers. My management model of human resources is based on mutual trust, co-operation, and confidence among the team members. I believe in giving full freedom to my workers in the performance of their duties so that the best comes out of them with a sense of responsibility. All the welfare activities required as per law are extended to workers in my organization.

What are your future plans for the company? 

Having acquired expertise in manufacturing herbal extracts and preparing formulations, providing consultancy , treating ailments using Ayurvedic extracts of my acquaintances in the closed-circuit which is fairly large , I have committed myself to serve the Healthcare

Sector by providing quality treatment at very concessional rates. I am proposing to set up an Ashram hospital for the treatment of critical diseases like Cancer, Kidney diseases, Heart diseases, etc. Ashram shall have comprehensive outdoor and indoor patient facilities as well as facilities for education in Ayurveda. Natura Herbal Ashram has been registered with myself “HERBAL BABA” as the managing partner.

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