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Add On Scans and Labs- Medical Expertise Dr Sunil Kumar

Add On Scans and Labs

A small inconvenience to our daily routines, and we run to the doctors, and then they make us go to the diagnostic labs. It is not realized, but accurate diagnosis plays an important role in determining the correct treatment for the doctors. And this is a huge role played by the diagnostic labs. With reliable diagnostic results, people get the right idea of what action needs to be taken to take better care of their health. 

Featuring in The Enterprise World’s this issue of Best Laboratory Services Providers in 2022 is Add On Scans & Labs, a company providing people with medical expertise that they can trust. 

Int his interview with Dr Sunil Kumar (co-founder, CEO and Chief Consultant Radiologist), let us find out more about the company. 

1. Tell us about the company.

Add On Scans and Labs was inaugurated on March 6th 2016. It was started as a stand-alone Imaging & laboratory Diagnostics centre on Sarjapura road, Bangalore. As the nomenclature of the organization goes, “add-on” signifies on adding good health services to our clients, better work atmosphere and growth for our employees and simultaneously fulfilling the aspirations of the business (Win-win-win philosophy). 

At Add On Scans and Labs, we promise to deliver our patients the ultimate medical diagnostics services. This includes delivering the highest quality Imaging, laboratory and comprehensive health check services with respect, courtesy and compassion.

Add On Scans and Labs combines the most sophisticated technology in medicine with personal attention, to provide patients with thorough individual care by our experienced and specialist doctors, certified technologists and friendly supportive staff.

Add On Scans and Labs centre has been designed to deliver a world class ambience. The centre also houses the latest medical equipment from leading manufactures in the industry

2. What were the initial challenges you faced?

Add On Scans and Labs has not faced challenges that are different from any other new company. We had tough competition from bigger players in the industry who dominate the space. Add On Scans and Labs had difficulty to hire  good talent since the company was small and people were reluctant to join the organisation considering their career growth. 

3. Which was that point that triggered the growth of the Add On Scans and Labs?

We have had steady growth that was carefully curated and planned. In fact, the expansion of the team was also as per plan. The team follows the company’s vision in delivering excellent customer care, which must be the only secret or our success. The growth mind set of our founders helped the organisation to grow at steady pace. 

4. How have the company graphs changed since the foundation? Can you share a few statistics? 

March 2016- 2017- 6 employees, 3 Doctors, 15 thousand customers 

March 2017-2018- 15 employees, 6 Doctors, 30 thousand customers

March 2018-2019- 25 employees, 8 Doctors, 50 thousand customers

March 2019-2020 – 35 employees, 10 doctors, 80 thousand customers

March 2020-2021- 40 employees, 12 Doctors, 1 lakh customers

March 2021-2022 – 45 employees, 12 Doctors, 1.25 lakh Customers

Till now we have served 1.25 lakh customers, 1 lakh + Ultrasound scans, 10 lakhs blood tests processed.

5. What is the reason behind your company’s long-standing success?

Team work, ongoing training and development for the employees, Customer centric in delivering reports on time are the reasons for Add On Scans and Labs’s success. 

6. What are the products/services the company focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market?

The business has five verticals

1) Radiology & imaging services

2) Laboratory services

3) Health check up

4) Specialists consultation and

5) Allied diagnostics services

We follow a Direct-to-Consumers Business Model with a Customer Centric Service approach. Add On Scans and Labs Business model aims at low cost diagnostic services with no compromise on quality. The brand positioning has been established to provide excellent customer service, in the health care industry. Our customer segments would be mid to high income families in the vicinity of the centre.

7. How is technology helping you to leverage the services?

In today’s scenario, technology is key to connect to the intelligent customer!

To leverage this, we have gone the extra mile and have invested in technology to help customers have a good experience with our services. To name a few, company App, CRM system and patient engagement platforms. We have the latest machines from leading manufacturers in the healthcare industry. These machines are constantly being upgraded to provide the best and latest reports and services to patients. 

For example, we are proud to say that, at add-on Scans, turnaround time of reports for scanning is 5 minutes and for blood tests is 1 hour, no other diagnostics service provider can deliver the reports in such short time. Also, we have created a Seamless experience for our customers, right from booking the test, getting it done and availing the reports online. Reports are viewed from app and website by a single click.

8. How do you make sure your customers get maximum value for their solutions? 

-Affordable cost- Our test costs are less compared to any neighbourhood hospitals and health care facilities.

-Quick reports

-Customised services- friendly staff and Doctors make our patients comfortable

-Easy access of reports by App, website and through mail.

9. How do you decide to take the company a step further in terms of your products/services?

We have elaborate plans for the future expansion of brand ‘Add On Scans and Labs’. We are constantly adding now team members and specialists who are the top practitioners in their field of specialty. Add On Scans and Labs also plan to add more pre-medical healthcare services under the same roof to cater to growing demand. 

10. Can you please brief us about your professional experience?

Dr Sunil Kumar G S, MBBS , MD, DNB, FRCR(UK) is the co-founder, CEO and Chief Consultant Radiologist at Add On Scans and Labs. Leveraging his experience of 16 years in the medical field, he spearheads the organisation with immense knowledge, skill and expertise in Radiology. He is the university Rank holder for his post-graduate specialization, MD (Radio-diagnosis) and is a Fellow of Royal College of Radiology, London. 

Dr Sunil Kumar has worked with Major corporate hospitals and also has experience in reporting emergency tele-radiology for USA and Singapore hospitals. Having varied exposure in the field of radiology not only from India but also from the UK, he thinks differently and has set a benchmark in par with international standards. He is committed to clinical excellence, delivering reliable reports which finally aid in proper treatment.

Another important person who is involved in building the enterprise is Ms Sharadhi Suresh, Co-founder and Managing Director of Add On Scans and Labs. Being a Science graduate (BE) and MBA (HR), she has a significant experience of working as an HR professional in one of the major life science MNC. 

She has been instrumental in designing the infrastructure and training the team to deliver quality services. Being a technical person she adds value in technology, people and management standpoint. She is ambitious to set up a dominant brand in the healthcare industry which provides quality services maintaining the ethical standards at value price.

11. What are the key achievements of your entrepreneurial journey?

  • Add On Scans and Labs is the preferred health care destination for Ultrasound scans and Path lab tests in South Bangalore.
  • 4.8 star in Google with 3400 reviews
  • One of the first few healthcare centre to do COVID vaccination to communities- 20000 beneficiaries till now.
  • Served 1.25lakhs customers till now with 30 % repeat visits
  • Awarded as top 10 diagnostics centre in 2018 by a leading magazine brand

12. What would be your advice to the budding entrepreneurs? 

  • Start small and then scale up 
  • Ensure Cash flow and profitability from your business
  • Take care of customers and employees, they will help you grow.
  • Avoid bad debt and get rid of bad partners
  • Learn business and communication skills
  • Do not shy away from selling (sales) and marketing.

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