Pamela Kurt- Helping You Work Towards the Best Version of You!

Helping You Work Towards the Best Version of You! Pamela Kurt

Every now and then, it seems as if we are at crossroads, stuck in an endless loop of choices, and landing onto none. The ambiguity it brings in life makes an impact and can sway you from your goals. But in the fast world that we live in, this is pretty unacceptable. This is where a life coach enters to turn your views and change your perspectives, helping you to work towards the Best Version of you for your goals.

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s this issue of Top 5 Successful Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2022 is Pamela Kurt, a Coach, helping you work towards your dreams. 

About Pamela-

“I’ve assisted my clients through what can be some of the greatest seasons of transition in their lives.”



Domestic Violence.

Family Rights. 

Gradually, Pam realized she was going through her own transition. 

Her passion had evolved from law into coaching her clients through those transitions. Pam wanted to help women live lives full of passion and empower them to be of service to other women. It’s a powerful, never-ending cycle if one does it right. 

It was only through her own experiences, both in the family and professional lives, that she realized what was blocking her from living my fulfilled life. 

“These difficult experiences held all of the power to catapult me into who I am today.”

Pam’s father, Daniel Kurt served in the US Army and she lost him while she was still a little girl. So, like many who lost their parents at a young age, Pam has worked diligently to build a life her father would be proud of. Her work as a coach, business owner, and attorney is inspired by his sense of service, duty, and honor. It was his privilege to serve the country and give back to his community.

Pamela D. Kurt received her Associate Degree at Lakeland Community College before continuing her education at Cleveland State University. There, she received her bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies Management, graduating magna cum laude in 2000. She later enrolled in the Cleveland State College of Law’s dual degree program, graduating with her master’s in Public Administration and Juris Doctorate in December of 2003. 

As a professional, Pam has added several additional certifications and advanced training in the areas of mediation, domestic violence, and guardian ad litem, where she represents children in juvenile delinquency, child abuse, or contested custody cases. As an attorney, her specialty is in family law and juvenile law.

Pam is a very active business owner in her community, and as a result, has held multiple leadership roles, including President of the Lake County Bar Association for 2021. Other roles include:

  • Ohio State Bar Foundation Fellow, 2011
  • National Association of Professional Women
  • American Bar Association Advisory Panel
  • Ohio State Bar Association
  • Geauga County Bar Association, Currently serving on Certified Grievance Committee
  • Ohio Women’s Bar Association Legislative Committee
  • Western Lake County Chamber Board Member
  • Willoughby Chamber of Commerce Board Member
  • Ohio Care Council, Former Board Member
  • Forbes, Board Member
  • McKinley Outreach Center, Board member
  • Lakeland Strategic Planning Committee
  • Willoughby Hills Economic Development Committee
  • Jo Ann Davidson Ohio Leadership Institute, Class of 2013
  • Lake County District Mock Trial Judge, 2010
  • Leadership Lake County Alumni
  • Lake County Ohio ADAMHS Board Member
  • Lake County Planning Commission
  • Central Committee Member, “Learning About Business” Former Board Member and Rotary

The Journey of Best Version of you, LLC-

Best Version of You, LLC is newly founded company.  Pam is an attorney and her greatest passion is when she am able to be there to support her clients through the hard transitions that life deals them.  

“However, what I found is that process IS my purpose.”

Pam started the Best Version of You, LLC to be a life coach for professional women. It started by her desire to help others. She have recently co-authored in two different women series of books a total of six (6) books.  Everyday Women and Unstoppable Women, both series have reached status as international best sellers and amazon best-selling in several categories.  

Her next book will be released on Mother’s Day, May 8th called; “Becoming an Unstoppable Momprenuer.”  Whether you are looking to pivot to a new career, level up at your current career; or just know something is missing and want to find you.  

“I want to help you on your journey to be the Best Version of you!”

However, in the process of developing this life coaching business Pam has created a signature coaching program:  Dream. Believe. Achieve.  DBA:  YOU! So you can “DBA” or “Do Business As” as YOU!  The authentic fulfilled and purposeful you.  Sometimes we are so busy “doing”; we don’t see what else there is out there and miss our own purposes.  

Looking at the big picture, a mission Pam is on that she wants women to be empowered and taken to the next level.  The program has three distinct sections to the journey to becoming the best version of YOU! 



As she was developing the programs, speaking at summits, doing interviews, and writing; Pam saw and felt the need is there.  Best Version of You is becoming a movement.  This platform is going to be used to continue to encourage other women to be the best they can be. Ladies are wanting to become a part of this community.  It’s satisfying, supporting, and you are worth it.  The movement is about collaboration NOT competition.  

“I want to change lives and collaborate with as many women as I can.”

Bringing them together to empower them! There are ladies that are joining to be affiliate coaches as well.  These coaches may have a special niche to offer the community.  There is merchandise, books, events, speaking events and a community membership is forthcoming. This movement is international.  There also are ladies that are part of the community globally.  The next big goal Pam is working towards is to strengthen the movement and bring this to Northeast Ohio. 

People that know Pam personally or professionally say, “I see the good you’re doing”.  But do they know what it is?  The good is bringing the community together, united, and empowering.  Best Version of You, LLC (BVU) offers workshops, seminars, summits, group trainings and coaching, merchandise, books, and more.  The membership platform will have free resources, discounts for other merchandise and workshops and the community of BVU.  

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