CXP Consulting – Coursing your company’s future!

CXP Consulting -Coursing company’s future! Tania (Riahi) Amar

The consulting space is growing with many experts and established leaders providing exceptional offerings. The companies face fierce competition, making it all about which one has the edge and the trust in the market to become indomitable.

In this competition, many companies and their leaders find themselves overwhelmed with the changing trends, practices, and how quickly the competition adapts and provides exceptional services for it.

This may seem cruel, but it showcases the best players because, in the end, the market is the best judge of any product/service. But what makes a company successful despite its offerings is its leadership.

In our search for enthralling and extremely talented women entrepreneurs, we found Tania (Riahi) Amar, Founder, and CEO of CXP Consulting

In an exclusive interview with Tania (Riahi) Amar. Let’s learn more about her company and her professional journey.

1. What does CXP Consulting do and what inspired you to create the company?

At CXP consulting, the team works mostly with CEOs who want to take their company to the next business level, whether they need to raise funding, expand into new geographies or new vertical markets, or launch a new product. These executives understand that to lead a successful leap ahead they need to delineate a strong business strategy and implement it effectively. 

CXP Consulting is based in Israel, one of the most vibrant technology ecosystems often named the “Startup Nation”, where unique high-quality innovative solutions have the potential to revolutionize the world and even save lives (through hundreds of MedTech companies).

Unfortunately, too often they don’t succeed at making the outstanding impact they deserve. This is why we felt the call to do something about it and to work with these companies to help them reach their maximum potential and make a difference in the World. 

2. What unique services does CXP Consulting offer?

The typical intervention mode of CXP Consulting is by taking the executive team on an exciting journey. 

The first step of the journey, called Assessment Benchmark, consists in reaching full awareness of where the company stands with regards to market dynamics, competing or alternative solutions, and, most importantly, to what’s most pressing for their target customers. 

The outcome of this deep-dive analysis is a complete 360-degree view of the organization from its go-to-market strategy and execution, lead generation and conversion, sales execution, product, customer support, and more. At first step completion, the client gets a very detailed set of strategic recommendations of where the Company should focus its business efforts for maximum impact.

Step 2 focuses on how to translate the strategic recommendations into concrete and practical proactive actions that will drive the company forward. The tools that are used here come from the areas of expertise of the two CXP Consulting founders – Me and Alon Laor. We bring decades of experience in the fields of storytelling and persuasion.

We bring creativity and unique business acumen to generate a full messaging book that will allow our clients to stand out in its busy markets with amazing narratives. 

And then Step 3 kicks in, which is all about execution, and is led by Alon. A key mission of his is to integrate the book of strategic messages into customer-facing teams and equip them with tools and techniques so they can use it to drive desirable decisions through their customer interactions.

In Alon’s words, “I take the power of this ‘Content Engine’ down to the ground to meet reality and race forward at maximum efficiency and speed to reach the target”. It is all about putting together the most effective “sales machine” and equipping the team with the right ammunition.  

The methodology Alon is using here was exclusively created by CXP Consulting and is called T.O.P. which stands for Technics of Persuasion. 

T.O.P.TM – Engineering of Persuasion: Brain Power technics at the service of Persuasion

People “sell” and “negotiate” all the time: with prospects, customers, colleagues, management.

Scholar studies attest that Persuasion is a ‘Science’ with well-proven methods and tactics, yet – most people keep using their ‘gut-feeling’ and intuition in their business negotiations.

The frustration of people is very common when they try to figure out why their message failed to reach the intended audience – and their counterparts opted for a different approach.

The attested fact is that the brain of Humans has many activation points and endless ‘short-cuts’. Negotiators (and Mentalists…) use that knowledge to convince others to think and act along the lines they ‘draw’ to dramatically increase the success ratio of their influence on others.

T.O.P.TM covers the whole array of persuasion techniques: from Neurolinguistics patterns of using “power/magic words and phrases” to unique and effective negotiation tactics (including “planting thoughts”), body language analysis to behavioral ‘cold’-reading – and, of course, effectively handling resistance.

Using T.O.P.TM technics, every person can significantly increase her/his communicational effectiveness and influential power – for every (ethical) purpose.

The overall down-to-earth approach with a commitment to concrete results is certainly what makes CXP consulting well recognized in the market and recurrently called in for more projects by its clients. 

3. Tell us about the team of CXP Consulting

I founded CXP Consulting after more than two decades of executive experience in the Corporate and Venture Capital worlds as the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of global multibillion-dollar high-tech corporations such as NICE Systems (#1 high-tech company in Israel – valued at $17B), Click Software (bought by Salesforce in 2019 at $1.5B) and JVP Venture Capital (managing $1.4B of funding) to name just a few. 

Alon Laor is an executive sales leader, specializing in promoting technological solutions and services to complex, international environments via direct, remote, and channel sales.

Alon held senior executive positions both at global Hi-Tech giants (DEC/Compaq/HP/Comverse/Infosys) as well as startups (leading some to IPO and acquisitions). Alon acquired a unique experience in Enterprise sales both F2F and Remote and has led strategic sales to fortune 100 companies as well as SMBs.

Alon has created the T.O.P. TM (Technics Of Persuasion) method to help customer-facing professionals to better communicate their messages, effectively persuade, successfully ‘close’, and achieve their goals.

4. Please share some key achievements and any client experience

Developing a methodology that, with time, has proven to support a large number of companies on their business transformation pathway (spin-off, IPO, raising funds, penetrating a new market, launching new products, after or before M&As, pivoting..) whatever the domain might be, allowing them to make an even greater impact in the world. It simply WORKS!

One of the most inspiring clients in 2021 was a company in the field of cancer diagnosis. Probably the most impressive aspect of this project was, as a start, the management team’s humility to realize it was time to seek external support after they had already achieved outstanding success. 

Due to their personal experiences with cancer, I and Alon felt particularly compelled to support this company’s international expansion. The focus here was mostly around the benchmark assessment and branding strategy. These kinds of projects fill us with such a great sense of purpose and passion to continue our business journey.   

Another inspiring client was Setoo—an Insurtech startup that emerged from the European-based Kamet startup studio—offering parametric insurance products to e-commerce players. CXP Consulting had the opportunity to first create the foundations of their strategic marketing toolkit: Branding (including creating their name! 

Setoo is inspired by the French word C’est tout! to evoke simplicity), digital presence, sales presentations, and the seed-round investor kit. After Setoo raised their first investment round from the well-known Insurance company, AXA, CXP Consulting continued to be called in for special projects. In 2021 Setoo merged with Pattern Insurance to create the world leader in embedded insurance. Together they raised 25M$. 

CXP Consulting was called in again by Setoo’s CEO to lead the merger from branding and joint value proposition standpoint. “Until very recently, we were still involved with Setoo. We love working with this team and are happy to have gained their loyalty, and to come back every time they need us in key milestones of the company’s life cycle,” adds Tania.

5. What is your favorite quote?

“You have to start with the customer experience and then work backwards to the technology.” By Steve Jobs.

The company’s name was inspired by this powerful sentence. I and Alon believe any technology leader or tech company entrepreneur should follow this amazing and proven insight. It certainly drives us to empower their clients around the world.

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