Mirela Jain- Taking Your Luxurious Stay Up A Notch!

My Goa Villas-Taking Your Luxurious Stay Up A Notch! | Mirela Jain | The Enterprise World

Mirela knows that when you decide to go on a vacation, you expect certain things and you don’t want to compromise on your standard of living. 

Goa is one of the hottest places for anyone looking to spend some vacation time. Mirela wants to give anyone who visits a  top-notch experience with My Goa Villas.

Featuring The Enterprise World’s this issue of The Most Influential Women To Watch for in 2022 is Mirela Jain, a visionary making your Goa vacation ever more exciting.

Mirela Jain- Leading the way:


Mirela was into hospitality for more than 15 years. She moved from Tenerife, Canary Island to India 6 years ago. She has the same villa rental company in Tenerife and it was fairly easy for Mirela to integrate European standards into holiday rentals, thanks to her vast experience. With Mirela’s My Goa Villas, you can be sure that what you see online is what you will get offline as well.


At the start of her goa journey, Mirela started promoting villas for holiday rentals by simply sending bookings to the villa owners. Over the span of 1 to 1.5 years, Mirela figured out that if she started renting it with her own staff,  she will be able to give better service to the people staying in. 

After some time Mirela started hiring people. That included housekeeping staff, chefs, security, and others. To make sure guests got the best service possible, she trained them constantly, offered them the highest quality of bed linen, made her own brand of toiletries, and did everything to keep her villas a 5-star property.

About My Goa Villas:

My Goa Villas was established in May 2017. They have carefully inspected and coordinated the selection of villas. At the time of choosing each villa, The MGV carefully takes into consideration the villa location, villa design, interior,  facilities, and most important thing, the management and staff setup. 

Proving to be a challenge in itself, each villa is handpicked and regularly re-evaluated. Extensive research onboarding new properties for holiday rentals. To describe each of their villas, they have compiled the villa inclusions and facilities, however, if anyone has any additional queries, The My Goa Villas team is always pleased to provide immediate assistance.

Building The Empire Brick By Brick:  

Mirela did everything to prepare a property for rentals while making sure even the smallest of details were done perfectly. And because she did not want to deal with complaints later, everything needed to be in the right place. 

Mirela wanted to exceed the expectations of guests with everything she offered and the experience she gained in Europe helped her tremendously in that.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work:

Mirela values her employees greatly. Along with getting a higher-paying job, Mirela also provides a safe and clean place to stay for the employees to make sure their quality of living isn’t compromised.

How things stand currently:

According to Mirela India is a big market for her business to grow and vacation rental revenue is the practice where you need to adapt your prices to whatever the demand is to convert bookings at the highest possible price point.

Mirela believes in providing value for everyone and with My Goa Villas, she delivers on that promise.

Reason Behind Long-Standing Success:

Years of experience in running a vacation rental business has taught Mirela that guests’ satisfaction depends on three main factors: Product offering, product marketing, and good reviews. 

Mirela has utilized these three main factors perfectly in her favor to keep the success of her villas soaring.

Products & Services:

Welcome to Goa!

Experience a multitude of beautiful beaches, a Comfortable room fitted with modern amenities, and wonderful hospitality ensuring satisfaction for each person.

What makes My Goa Villas Stand Out:


Mirela and her team live and work in Goa, which means that they are on hand to manage your property and ensure that all rentals are organized and run smoothly.


My Goa Villa prides itself on offering only the highest levels of service both to its clients and to the owners.


Mirela’s team specializes in holiday villa rentals in North Goa. The team will advise you on what you need to do to ensure the maximum rental return from your property.

Led by Mirela, the team has gained tremendous experience by visiting each of the villas. The team knows the properties inside and out and will only confirm rentals in your villa where they are sure the clients will be happy and enjoy a wonderful holiday.

-Maximized Rental Income:

My Goa Villas offers competitive, fixed commission rates meaning all their rental properties are competitively priced to attract the maximum rental revenues for you.

-International Marketing: 

My Goa Villas markets their rental villas on a truly global basis using both digital and more traditional marketing methods.

Happy Owners:

The owners of My Goa Villas trust them in managing the rental process from start to finish and the greatest compliment is that many of the new properties come to them from personal recommendations of our services.

Expansion plans for the future:

Politeness, availability, and helpfulness are the things you expect at any quality hospitality service, says Mirela.

But because My Goa Villas is a luxury villa, guests expect a certain set of services such as personal chefs, housekeeping, and a caretaker who handles things like luggage, makes reservations, and more. Mirela makes sure all of these things are provided to every guest at her villas.

Mirela likes to maintain a very high standard for her villas. Responding to the guests in a professional yet natural way is a really important skill to have. Positivity is contagious, and Mirela makes sure the people she hires possess just the skills that create a positive environment surrounding the villa to transform the experience of the guests.

Mirela has already led the way and reached the top of holiday rentals and management. But she doesn’t want to stop here. She is planning on improving her portfolio of villas further by building many more My Goa Villas.

Breaking the obstacles with technology:

Running a vacation rental business can sometimes feel like you’re constantly dodging obstacles that stop your progress. It might feel like you can’t catch a break and your to-do list just keeps on increasing one by one with many problems to solve. 

Trying to do everything by yourself can be tiresome and difficult at times.

This is where vacation rental technology comes in as a blessing to help cut down on manual, repetitive tasks. You can use the energy saved from this in improving other areas of your personal and professional life, Says Mirela.

Word of advice for budding entrepreneurs:

“Stay positive, lean on your strengths, and hire experts who would help in taking your projects to another level. Take risks, but calculated. Never give up. 

If you want to take the faster road to success, make your business visible to the consumers, and be optimistic about everything that you are doing to achieve your goals.”

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