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CPQi - AI-Powered Revolution! | Terry Boyland

In today’s era of digital transformation and revolution, Microsoft solutions are becoming more and more important. Leveraging Microsoft’s solutions one can gain deep and extensive insights into a business, which can prove to be a game-changer in today’s fast-paced world.

These solutions also help you achieve great insights into your business data. As the covid pandemic arrived and working shifted online, the data coming in increased exponentially. Thus, emphasizing the need for Microsoft solutions.

CPQi is one of the leading names when it comes to providing the “Best Performing Microsoft Solution Providers To Watch – 2022”. The company has been leading the FinTech industry, providing innovative, breakthrough, and highly advanced services. The company has been leading the space with AI-powered services and unmatched service standards.

In conversation with Terry Boyland, Founder, and CEO, CPQi. Let’s get to know more about the company, its services, and Terry’s professional journey.

Brief us about CPQi?

CPQi is a consulting firm in the FinTech industry with a keen focus on delivering digital transformation, predictive artificial intelligence, DevOps, and cloud migration. We provide managed services, which include building, implementing, & supporting financial market systems for leading American economies. Founded in 2006, the company consists of 30+ global tier 1 clients residing in both North and Latin America. We have 9 offices in the Americas with 300+ team members that are well versed in industries both technically and financially. 

What products or services does CPQi produce? How are your services different from those in the market?

CPQi specializes in the technical competencies of several software and methodologies within the Financial Industry. Predominantly supporting the “sell-side” which is mostly Banks and the “buy-side” encompassing Insurance and Pension Fund businesses. We offer three streams of services. First, staffing solutions in teams, squads, or staff augmentation who are highly competent and certified in several specialized areas.

Second, we offer transformational services where our staff are extremely competent in defining, strategizing, and more importantly executing. CPQi staff is all well versed with DevOps, Cloud, Agile, Predictive Technologies, and various Channels with flawless execution on all fronts. The third stream is Managed Services, which is where we take on the production and maintenance support of existing systems.

Further to the service streams, we provide our uniqueness within the FinTech market. This centers around several components. We specialize and exclusively work within the financial industry.

CPQi maintains strong partnerships within key areas. We have partnerships with major trading and risk platforms, as well as those in digital transformation. We continue to maintain and grow these partnerships as the industry evolves.

Our Geographic spread across the Americas provides a sensible balance of resources and scale with competitive rates enabling our clients to deliver major projects/efficiencies within budget.

Equally important to our partnerships, geography, and what we do is the investment in our staff. CPQi has created a robust training program that includes certifications in methodologies, software, and banking. This has formed a well-educated staffing population top-down, who all understand the banking business and the technological side, enabling them to develop game-changing solutions.

Please tell us about your team?

The staff and workplace since the COVID-19 pandemic have changed. How we work is extremely different. Our teams have more choices available to them now that remote or hybrid options are offered. The staff can choose whom they work for and what they can negotiate to ensure a better work-life balance. Staff is no longer constricted to the geographic constraints of an organization. This is a new facet that companies must consider.

As a result, you’ve got to ask yourself, aside from paying people a sensible wage or attracting them with benefits, what are they looking for? In reality, it is very simple. We all want to work with an organization that appreciates work-life balance, understands family demands, and provides more flexibility.

At CPQi we focused on these elements promoting a culture of understanding, giving, and taking with an emphasis on collaboration between the company and people resulting in strong execution for clients and contentment amongst staff. I think this is one of our major successes, resulting in our people voting CPQi as “the best place to work”. If staff feel sponsored, valued, and recognized for their efforts this manifests into great execution and client adoration.

Any client experience you would like to highlight?

What quickly comes to mind is the work we did with a well-known organization providing solutions for the monitoring of Fraud Prevention. Their internal team encountered three challenging issues regarding the management and repairs of system bugs and incidents. 

Due to our expertise in the SRE space, we worked shoulder to shoulder with the client solving all their challenges while strategically building the path for future problem resolution. 

Working with CPQi, they were able to isolate the issues and counteract the root causes of the problems, which resulted in a substantial improvement in the overall performance, incident management, and current/future operational risks. 

Thanks to an amazing working experience that goes both ways, our client now has a strong clarification within the business domain which was previously considered problematic for them.

We have been lucky to receive much recognition from clients, who always comment positively about our people, our execution, and our approaches. Most often we are told that CPQi can resolve specialized complex issues simply and quickly, and we like that!

What’s your favorite quote?

I have always believed in the famous saying of Wayne Gretzy, the greatest hockey player of all time, “Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.” I hold the following quote in great importance as it encourages my ability to identify opportunities and market trends and help play a role in shaping strategic decisions.

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