Dr. Kalyan Kankanala- Safeguarding Your Invention

BananaIP Counsels-Safeguarding Your Invention | Kalyan Kankanala

At BananaIP counsels, we are a closely-knit family of IP attorneys seeking to add significant value to every project we undertake. Every file and project of every client is very important to us, and our client’s success is our success.

Who would like it when someone else takes the credit for your invention? Your inventions can always be safe with you, only if you file for a patent. In simple words, a patent is something that states that this particular invention was by you and gives you all the rights to it. By filing for a patent, you can hold a strong market position and also get a high return on investments. In the long run, if you want to sell the invention, a patent is something that gives you the authority to do that too.

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s issue of The Most Influential Lawyers to Watch in 2022 is Dr. Kalyan Kankanala, the Founding Partner of BananaIP Counsels and an expert lawyer helping you safeguard your inventions.

Dr. Kalyan Kankanala- The Leading Force-

Dr. Kalyan Kankanala is the primary founding partner of BananaIP Counsels. Being a well-known IP attorney and author, his expertise in the field has helped the firm and its clients to maximize their business and financial value with the help of their intellectual property assets. Having authored some of the most pathbreaking works on IP, his works have made a great impact and significant contributions to the field, more specifically, that of patent law.

Along with Dr. Kalyan Kankanala, the expertise that the founding team of BananaIP Counsels brings to the table is what sets the firm apart from all other competitors.

“Our core team includes some of the highly qualified, experienced, and specialized team of Senior Partners. All senior partners are highly accomplished and are recognized as leaders in their areas of expertise.”

Banana IP’s Team of Senior Partners-

Vinita Radhakrishnan

Senior Partner

Internationally recognized life sciences, pharma, and traditional medicine patent agent/attorney.

Has significant in-house experience in helping pharma companies strategize, protect and license intellectual property.

Works with a portfolio of clients across the world on international patent strategy, filing and protection.

Somashekar Ramakrishna

Senior Partner

Nationally recognized automotive, mechanical, robotics, and medical device patent agent/attorney.

Has significant experience working in a leading US Patent Firm and UNIDO.

Seasoned patent drafting and prosecution expert for global manufacturing and automotive companies.

Nitin Nair

Senior Partner

Nationally recognized telecom, electronics, AI, and big data patent agent/attorney.

Worked as a patent agent and attorney for global Fortune 500 clients.

Instrumental in helping many companies mine, evaluate, protect, and commercialize patents and inventions.

Sanjeeth Hegde

Senior Partner

Nationally recognized entertainment law, IP licensing, and trademark attorney.

Has significant US in-house experience in tech licensing with Fortune 500 companies.

Advises leading organizations on branding, IP protection, and valuation.

Madhav Rao

Senior Partner

Strategic Partner & Chief Financial Officer

The Founding of BananaIP Counsels- 

BananaIP Counsels started in 2004 from the entrepreneurship cell (NSRCEL) of IIM, Bangalore, a premier management institution in India. It was founded by two members and was initially known as Brain League IP Services. As of date, the firm has more than 60 intellectual property attorneys and experts offering highly specialized services in different technology domains.

BananaIP Counsels is today recognized as one of the best IP firms in India. BananaIP Counsels is known for its high-quality patent, trademark, open-source, entertainment, eCommerce, and technology law services. It has over the years worked with more than 1, 000 clients, and has handled more than 10, 000 projects/files. It has specialized departments that offer high-quality and highly specialized services in different fields/domains. Over the years, several clients have gained significant business/commercial value from their IP by engaging BananaIP’s attorneys.

Overcoming the Challenges-

During the firm’s formative years, their first biggest challenge was the lack of IP awareness among companies and businesses in India. The team overcame this through extensive IP training and sensitization programs. Also, BananaIP Counsels’s team has patent experts with a strong technology background, and it took some time for companies to understand the value the firm could bring to the table.

Later, several other firms emulated BananaIP Counsels’s model of lawyers and patent attorneys with strong technology backgrounds and specialization, and when they started competing with large firms, it took them some time to identify their areas of specialization and built teams in specific technology domains. Today, the firm is well known in the following domains:

  • AI and Robotics
  • Health Care and Medical Devices
  • Automotive and Electric Mobility
  • IT and Software
  • Biotech and Pharma
  • Electronics and Telecom
  • Entertainment 
  • Education
  • eCommerce
  • Traditional Medicine
  • Agritech, Food, and Nutrition

The Growth Quotient-

The Growth Quotient

Some factors that helped BananaIP succeed are:

  • The specialized technology background combined with legal/patent expertise;
  • Honesty, and dedication to the client’s cause;
  • The ability to understand the client’s strategic business needs, and identify possible IP-based solutions to address these needs;
  • The specialization, expertise, and experience of the core team and the value given by clients for the opinions of the Senior Partners.

Dr. Kalyan Kankanala’s Message to the Newbies-

“Take time to understand the market and your specific niche in it. Once you understand your biggest competitive advantage, build on it aggressively before diversifying. Once you prove your company’s capabilities and potential, rest will follow. 

Don’t give up too soon. The entrepreneurship ecosystem in India has everything that will help you succeed if you have a good idea, and can work it to suit market needs.”

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