In Home Personal Services- A New Vision for Caregiving

In Home Personal Services - A New Vision for Caregiving | Michael Collura

A busy lifestyle has taken over in this rapidly moving age, and this has rendered children with the amount of time they get to spend with their parents, let alone taking care of them. For elders suffering from any chronic disease, the hospital provides them with a nurse to take care of them. But for others who wish to live independently, what is the solution? 

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s Enterprising Companies of the Year is In Home Personal Services, a company creating a new vision for caregiving. 

About the Company-

In Home Personal Services is a non-medical senior care provider operating across the United States. Originally formed in 2004, it quickly grew, and a franchise system was built to meet the needs of those to be taken care of as well as aspiring entrepreneurs of all kinds. The system has seen over a 2,000% increase in inquiries from its franchise opportunity and has now tripled in size in just the past 18 months. This year has already seen so many positive milestones and more to come, including for the first time in its history an entire State along the western United States is awarded and will be closed as the entire state and its territories are now sold.

Overcoming the Challenges-

Like all businesses the company faced many challenges, but the true test of a brand and its leadership is how they face, overcome and thrive in the wake of these challenges. 

“Not allowing them to keep us down but allow us to grow.”

It is said your enemy is your greatest teacher. Well, failure has taught much and today the company stands proud, strong, and ready to face the next challenge.

Overcoming the challenges that came their way, the one point that helped In Home Personal Services to grow exponentially was the realization that the business could be replicated. What they had built and continued to improve upon had so much focus, faith and passion behind it that it had the potential to develop into something really unique and powerful. As a business, it thrives, empowered to be a true leader in the industry. As a family, the team is amazing and what they do and why they do it makes all the difference! 

The Products and Services-

There is a lot here that separates In Home Personal Services as a franchise system. From the franchise agreement itself, the language and terms as well as the value built for the genuine entrepreneur, not someone looking to purchase their next job rather grow a business of your own. The team has spent a decade studying, developing, wishing then making those dreams a reality so that they could have so many differentiators as a brand and as a business that the competition could never catch them. 

“We are one of the lowest costs, fastest ramp up to launch and expandable businesses in the industry today.”

The key to growth is never to stop innovating. As a team that has its goals fixed, In Home Personal Services never stops looking forward to the next development or advantage. The company has launched many of these programs successfully systemwide for years now and what is on the horizon is far more exciting than anything they have developed before. 

These innovations have requirements. The first being that it must make a positive impact on the lives of others, and if it fails to do that, the team won’t devote its time, energy and resources towards its development. This helps to build not just value, for the company and its franchisees, but also for all the families that trust the services of the company to do good and take care of them. 

“Our mantra is simple- to keep our trusted customers first in our hearts as we grow.”

Taking the Company, a Step Ahead-

In terms of taking the company ahead, and making way for tremendous growth, the founders have exciting news to share. Aside from the launch of their own custom-built online training and certification platform now live for all 50 states, the program is also the first and only caregiver training program recognized and certified by the Illinois Board of Higher Education! 

As amazing as that is here is something even better. In Home Personal Services has built as a brand a wholly new and unique service model that one would not see anywhere else in the United States offered by any other provider! 

“Launching in the Summer of 2022 we will once again be the first to develop something new for the home care industry.”

Michael Collura- Leading the Way-


“My journey is a blessing.”

Michael’s journey has been a fulfilling experience, for him and for all those he has had a chance to work with. For Michael, the best part of leadership is seeing how so many have reached out beyond their own perceptions of self-worth or comfort zones and today thrive in ways that they never imagined. 

“My experience is still evolving, I am still learning”, says Michael as he steps into taking the company ahead to new heights. This journey has made Michael welcome and accept new challenges. And then turn around counterpunch and turn it into an advantage. 

There are two things Michael is most proud of. First is the care the company has provided and the impact they have made on countless lives. And the one they continue to do so every day. He with his team has built a brand that brings peace of mind, compassion and quality care as well as the independence and dignity of aging. 

And the second thing Michael is most proud of is the team that makes all this possible. Priding himself as being grateful to be the “laziest CEO ever”, Michael says, the team is such a huge and important asset that everyone is always on their toes and everyone takes equal efforts to take the company forward. 

“With such an amazing team by my side, the company is growing every day, and bringing the brand’s mission to new heights.”

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