Vasupujya – Turning Dreams into Reality

Vasupujya – Turning Dreams into Reality | Rahul Ajmera | The Enterprise World

Since the era of trends, style, and changed lifestyle everyone loves and dreams to live in lavish and luxury. In latest survey since 2 decades construction sector increased and is in demand since many years now. With lots of changes and advancement people like to live a simple and easy life with maintaining living standards.

Since everyone knows from ancient period mankind lives on three basic needs which are Food, Water and Shelter but, now the needs have changed a bit now the changes to a new generation art system which mainly consists of major luxurious changes and lavish amenities. 

During early 20th century house was mainly of one aspect which was bungalow or villa it gradually changed to flat system and row houses now the system added up with luxury amenities and various options open for bookings and home loans. 

Here we will see the construction company named as Vasupujya Corporation a real estate firm having delivered more than 1200 homes and works on a large-scale project. Let’s know more about this construction organization, their work till know and further plans.

In this interview with Rahul Ajmera, Founder & CEO of Vasupujya Corporation, we shall know more about the company’s growth and journey.

The Company-

Vasupujya Corporation was founded by Mr. Suresh Ajmera, a stalwart in the plumbing industry, who started real estate development in 1980.

Today, it is helmed by his sons – Dhanesh and Siddharth, both civil engineers who excel at project planning and design. In 2012, his grandson – Rahul Ajmera, a civil engineer from IIT Bombay, joined the company ranks and handles project execution and delivery.

Vasupujya Corporation has a unique way of doing business. They develop only self-owned lands (No JVs or JDs) and focus on only 1 large project at a time. This enables the management team to give their entire bandwidth to the project, thus ensuring the superlative customer experience. They are easily approachable at the project office or company office, in case customers want to reach out to them for any assistance. Most of their customers are first-time home buyers and Vasupujya Corporation wants their experience to be as delightful as possible.


What are the products/services the company focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market? How do you decide to take the company a step further in terms of your products/services?

Vasupujya Corporation focuses on developing mid-range apartments for first-time home buyers and has delivered over 1200 such homes in the last two decades. They are about to deliver 192 homes at Neco Beaumont near NIBM at Mohammad wadi Pune. They strive to achieve a balance between project viability and product quality.

Vasupujya Corporation has done the usual bit towards reducing our carbon footprint by using GGBS replacement of cement during construction and providing Solar Water Heaters, LED lights, Wet Waste Composting units, and Sewage Water Treatment Plant, but they wanted to do something more for the buyer. 

They wanted to create more common spaces for the residents to enjoy, so they created several amenities like Children’s Play Area, Multi-purpose Court and Community Lounge on the top terrace of their project – Neco Beaumont. The top terrace is generally left neglected in most projects, hence by providing more amenities here, the residents will have a better quality of life.

Vasupujya Corporation doesn’t believe in providing namesake amenities, which would be difficult to maintain, their offerings are practical and focused on customers’ ease of use. Instead of providing additional amenities in front of the Club House, they provided an Open Lawn so that residents get maximum open space as possible in front of their homes. All other amenities were shifted to the building top terrace. In their projects, they are using recycled sewage water and wet waste compost fertilizer, all generated within the housing project itself.

Vasupujya Corporation planning to launch their Magnum Opus project – Neco Parkwood at Bavdhan Pune, which happens to be Pune’s most sought-after location due to the vast natural spaces and excellent connectivity. Vasupujya Corporation’s proposed project is adjacent to thousand acres of open Bio-Diversity Park and Forest Reservation, which will act as a green lung for all residents.

Vasupujya Corporation is also starting a redevelopment project at Matunga, Mumbai, which is one of Mumbai’s most sought-after locations due to the excellent social infrastructure and greenery around.

How do you think is the real estate market evolving? Which are the new areas that are being explored in the real estate market?

The real estate market is being driven by the digital media and Channel Partners today. The newer generation of buyers is over-exposed to information and hence more confused, making sales today more challenging than earlier. Co-Working Spaces have become more relevant than ever after Covid19 made Work-From-Home as an essential part of everyone’s life.


Professional Experience

Vasupujya Corporation is a real estate development firm with civil engineers at the helm. It matters to have technically sound people leading the organization. Mr. Rahul Ajmera is graduated as a civil engineer from IIT Bombay in 2012. He has experience in the construction and financial valuation industry after his stint at Shapoorji Pallonji Engineering & Construction as Deputy Manager Planning and at RBSA Advisors as an Associate.

He also has entrepreneurial experience, having co-founded a start-up – 1920aur21, which was a unique e-commerce portal catering exclusively to college campuses, subsequently acquired by mSauda in 2013. Mr. Rahul also provides Real Estate Data Analytics for projects in Maharashtra under the firm name – AREA Foresight, assisting real estate developers decide on their final product sizes/prices before launch as well as providing the government itself with data to aid policy formulation.

About the Team

Vasupujya Corporation is a close-knit family of 40 employees, with most of the staff have been with them for over 10 years and a very minimal attrition rate. They provide employees with social and financial support such as Subsidized Housing, Health/Accident Insurance, Maternity Benefits, etc. At the construction site, they empower the staff to take control of the project as owners themselves, instead of giving them a rigid role. This allows them to work freely and wholeheartedly across verticals.

Vasupujya Corporation is also open to implementing positive suggestions from anyone, be it a customer or even a security guard. The team is unique because no one is allowed to boss over another at work, everyone’s opinion is sought, valued and they encourage thoughtful discussions before taking decisions.

The Uniqueness 

What sets Vasupujya Corporation apart is that they are completely approachable to all customers at the project site. The advantage of having a builder, who is personally present at the construction project, is something that existing customers rave about. They understand that people are spending their life savings in buying this product and the builder should empathize with his customers for their issues. We are always available to the customer in making extra changes at home or providing after-sales service. Our impeccable and personalized service is what sets us apart and that helps us get repeat customers.

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