TWOi Architects – Reshaping the definition of Excellence 

Twoi Architects – Reshaping The Definition Of Excellence  Ar. Noufal C Hashim The Enterprise World

From since ancient times architecture has been a piece of art work to the world. Among the masterpieces list ancient civilizations and temples are more popular. The art work is simply masterpiece in time. During European and British times, the architectural work changed drastically including more luxury in lifestyles and living.  

Architecture sector has been recognized as a most ancient art of mankind. Though it said that ancient architecture was a masterpiece today also the sector proves it right by new innovative and luxurious ideas beyond normal thoughts proving to be the best ever creation of man-made things which can be beautiful with safety.

Here TWOi Architects would look over the work with devotion and perfection. TWOi Architects reshaping the definition of work with perfection and excellence. 

In this interview with Ar. Noufal C Hashim, CEO & Managing Director of TWOi Architects, we shall know more about the company’s growth and journey through the hurdles and challenges. 

Q1. Tell us about the company?

Our firm TWOi Architects , is an architectural practice at Calicut and Bangalore by Ar. Noufal C Hashim. The firm is a design and concept oriented architectural consultancy that focus on custom architecture and committed to excellence in Architecture, Planning, Landscape and interior design. We believe that well-designed spaces add a great amount of spirit and improve the value and quality of life. For us each space is one of a kind and by following this notion we create interesting designs and functional architecture solutions for our clients.

Q2. Tell us about the journey of the company so far?

We are into the field of Architecture for over 4 years headed by our Principal Architect Ar. Noufal C Hashim who began his career as an Architect in the year 2003. After 15 years of successfully heading a joint venture, he decided to part ways happily and practice independently fulfilling and exploring individual visions. Thus, he started TWOi architects at Calicut in the year 2018 with few professionals who were working under him before.

The journey of four years of TWOi architects simply slipped in the midst of a lot of learning process, slog, events and many activities. We started the office with good Client base and soon we received new projects. It was around this time the devastating Kerala Flood happened in almost all districts, and the office was hit by flood twice resulting in major damage to the workspace and the belongings.

We overcame all those difficulties and were settling down, and that was the time, the outbreak of Corona in 2020. Just like everyone, our office also started working remotely, few projects were on hold, it was difficult to handle distant sites, coordination and group works at the beginning of the season but soon the team adapted the new normal.

Now things are back and everything is going well as before. And between all these struggles, in these four years, we have completed 18 projects of different categories, we bagged a few awards, Projects with National Level recognition etc. Currently, we have 26 ongoing projects, we work with other reputed firms in consortium and also, we take up the government projects too.

Q3. What do you think triggered the growth of the company?

It’s been four years since the company has founded and there are various factors that contributed to its growth. The major factor is the experience of the Principal Architect. Mr Noufal had 15 years of experience when the company was being founded. His experience in working with various projects was crucial at the time the company was being founded.

Another factor would be the team that was chosen when starting this company, these were the same group of professionals who had assisted Mr Noufal in his projects in the last company. They were very familiar with his working style, which made it easier at the start.

The difficulty of hiring an entirely new team and grooming them was avoided. We started with just two project and so we put in all our efforts to ensure that we provide the best service to our clients. A couple of our projects, a government project and a residential project received good reach on social media, and which in turn helped us in getting more projects.

Q4. What establishes the long-standing success of the company?

Although we cannot completely quantify what makes the firm successful, the quality of services, varying management styles, office culture, the core team etc contributes success. Every small step TWOi Architects take for the betterment of a project, be it the design, the quality of deliverables, communication with the clients, the consistent hard work, motivation of team, the freedom we give to the team, studying the new materials, trends, the market etc must be a constant practice for all level of employees.

Q5. What are the services/products you provide?

Our Architectural Services is a full package from preparing the concept and design to the soft furnishing. This process includes delivering the complete set of drawings required for the construction as well as for the approval, Estimation and Fixing of Contractors for every scope of works and periodic monitoring of the project at all the stages of a project.

Q6. What sets you apart and what makes your services/products ahead of the competition?

TWOi Architects believe that delivering the best design and concept to the Client is not only important, at the same time, practically executing those design in the best possible way within the scheduled time is also very important. We provide each and every minute details that is required at the site for constructing as per the design and concept. Though, we only need to monitor the site periodically as per our scope of work, we take initiative to closely monitor all the works, preparing snags and rectifying those at the site at every stage of works.

Q7. How does your company keep up with the latest trends and practices in the architecture? design industry?

In the ever – changing world that we live in, one of the best things TWOi Architects can do is to keep up with the current market trends. Social media is one of the platforms and trend emerged these days to keep us in the current market trends and practices in architecture. This benefits to stay us up to date about the new materials, technologies, predictions, new opportunities, to build credibility, better business and branding. But at the same time, when coming to materials and technologies, we do not believe in blindly following the trends unless studying about a new product/technology, its pros and cons as well as the cost analysis.

Q8. Any new additions to your service line-up?

TWOi Architects expanded our office to Bangalore too

Q9. Responsibilities of an entrepreneur?

Building a Business, especially service-oriented business is not an easy job in this competitive and fast evolving world. It has to be gone through a series of small steps and intelligent management. It is a lifelong learning process that one should be able to manage and supervise all related activities constantly to run the firm successfully.

Q10. Tell us about your professional journey?

Architect Noufal.C.Hashim, the founder of TWO i architects, is one among the known Architects in Calicut who has paved his own way to his professional career. He completed his B. Arch at M.E.S.School of Architecture, Kuttippuram, University Of Calicut during the academic year 1999-04. He started his professional career in the year July 2004 under various architects and in the middle of 2006, he started a venture at Calicut on partnership basis.

Later in the year 2018, he independently started TWO I architects, a Calicut based Architectural Consultancy which is associated with all kinds of Projects especially Public, Residential, commercial, assembly, institutional, educational etc. The firm focuses on custom architecture and committed to excellence in Architecture, Planning, Landscape and interior design. Apart from these, the firm has several National level achievements for its projects and activities to its credit.

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