“How Clean Energy Network Goes Above and Beyond for Homeowners Interested in Solar Panel Installation”

Clean Energy Network: Goes Above and Beyond for Homeowners Interested in Solar Panel Installation

There’s a big push occurring to get people across the nation to switch to solar power, but homeowners have a lot of questions they need answered before they feel comfortable or confident with making that kind of decision.

Merely telling homeowners that solar is more energy efficient isn’t enough information. How do you maintain the panels? How long do they last once installed? Do you need to get your roof redone before installation can take place? Can homeowners install the panels themselves? If not, and most importantly, how much does it cost to get the panels installed?

More and more companies will push to get homeowners to purchase through them, but not all of them are trustworthy or selling quality solar energy systems, and even fewer provide them with answers to their questions. It’s hard to know what to do when you want to be energy efficient but you also have other needs that need to be met. This is where Clean Energy Network comes in.

A Company that Cares

Clean Energy Network is a nationwide platform that matches homeowners with the best verified solar sales companies in their region, and they are proud of the fact that they have now helped over 2 million homeowners in America get educational resources on government solar incentives, helping them research both the pros and cons of investing in solar panels.

The Network is unlike other companies within the solar industry in that they genuinely want homeowners to make informed decisions and choose what is right for them without being pressured to make the switch to solar. They provide all who are interested with material that will teach them all about home solar energy systems and the benefits they can provide. Benefits like an increase in property value, a long-term return on investment, government incentives, and a reduced energy bill.

A Reputable Platform

Should they decide to pursue solar panel installation, Clean Energy Network can connect homeowners with a triple-verified installer based in their region, helping them find a company that meets all of their needs and price points, and they can make this decision with no cost upfront after applying on the site.

“A common question our online visitors have when coming to the site is, “ Are Clean Energy Network and the claims they make legitimate?” the Network said. “We understand that people are hesitant about applying for things online, especially when it comes to solar, but we have partnered with over 3,000 reputable solar installation companies in 45 states since 2017.”

This is another area in which Clean Energy Network goes above and beyond for homeowners—they serve a majority of the nation instead of one small area. They have a vast network of true solar professionals, and they ensure that anyone who uses their site gets connected with the best possible company in their area, saving them time and money.

And it’s easier than ever before to get started. You simply request a quote on the website, and then they connect you with a trusted local installer based on the information the homeowner provides online. The local installer they get matched with will explain the process and the cost of switching to solar and personally answer all questions the potential buyer may have. They vet every solar company before they are allowed on the platform in an effort to ensure that the process is explained properly and that every customer is treated right.

With the Network, all you need to do is enter basic information and the rest is done for you, and you don’t have to worry about being scammed or being taken advantage of. It doesn’t get any better than the Network, just ask one of the 2 million they’ve already helped.

About Clean Energy Network

Clean Energy Network connects customers with verified local solar installers across the United States with maximum savings. It has been featured in CNN, Forbes, FOX, MSNBC, and USA Today. To get a quote for your home, please visit https://cleanenergynetwork.com.

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