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Home, one of the basic needs of human beings is the thing that we are attached to most. Everyone dreams to own a house that becomes his home. A second home or a holiday home are the trending concepts that are useful to have me time far away from the noisy routine world as well as for the sake of an investment for the future.

Globalization brought the world closer. Now one may need to shift to different places to run his daily processes to earn. While shifting to different places the first vital thing is to find a shelter and make it an own home.

In a life full of rush hours one can hardly make time for himself or his family. If such time he needed to invest in finding a home and come across many places that are not worth to invest, then that can be a stressful waste of time. Instead of doing this, what if your search for dream home comes to end on just a single click?

Stop thinking now! Because the thought is already turned into reality.

Mr Manik Kinra, Co-Founder of Pin Click helping people to search, view and move into their new homes.

Pin Click which is started back in 2014 is all about simplifying the home search for the customer. It is a technology platform with strong offline integration providing property advisory solutions for your new home requirements. Currently present in Bangalore, Gurgaon, Mumbai & Pune, we are a team of more than 150 advisors.

The Inception

Mr Manik Kinra started his entrepreneurship journey in digital marketing & crowdsourcing domain co-founding Jade Magnet which was the first marketing crowdsourcing platform in India & Middle East. They did extremely well between 2009-13 working with over 3000 SMEs across the globe & over 100 large enterprises. During this journey, they also worked with some of the top real estate brands in India and it’s during this time realized the importance of an institutional sales & distribution platform for residential sales. He also happened to see some of the large players in similar domains doing extremely well outside India and some organized platforms coming up in India during the same time frame.

Real Estate is one of the largest verticals/industries in India and Mr Kinra felt as long as they can institutionalize the process of selling, they could have a scalable model to work on and hence Pin Click.

The Antecedent Challenges 

Mr Kinra doesn’t come from a business family and hence convincing himself of moving out of the corporate world was the toughest task. But once the decision was taken, it was more organizational challenges right from hiring to retaining to customer acquisition, etc. These challenges are common across industries, businesses and also to some level across the stage of business – just the magnitude changes.

He thinks that what worked out was the fact that they have tried to keep things simple, break problems into smaller tasks and look at the task minutely daily. For example, retention which was a major issue with them for quite some time. Over the last 30 months, they have changed their incentive structures, started doing 6 monthly appraisals & got aspirational team members to take over larger roles defined by their ability to deliver & not years of experience, & have seen a significant change in our attrition numbers.

Entrepreneurship around 10 years back wasn’t perceived as glamourous. It was more aspirational and driven by the desire to create an impact that made me become an entrepreneur.

They Offer

  • Pin click deals in advising properties that are most suitable for customer’s residential and investment needs.
  • They try to execute things better by using technology tools which enable the property advisors to give better solutions to the customer and help him make his decision better & faster.
  • They provide online to an offline platform with a team of advisors who are focused on consumer’s investment
  • Pin Click currently provides services in Bangalore, Pune, Gurgaon & Thane.

The Vision

Real Estate is not known for being the most mature, professional industry in India. Would like Pin Click to be a part of that change as that happens with brands trying to bring in more transparency & process in the industry.

Pin Click’s goal is to create a culture where relationships are not built on brokerages but on the ability to understand what the customer needs. Their unique online to offline integration, marketing intelligence capabilities and innovative technology tools help them differentiate from competitors

Secret Behind Building a Successful Customer Base

Customers across the industry, region, or company return if they find value in the product, service, solution that’s being offered. That’s the only way to build a successful customer base. In their case, as long as they can give honest advice, suggest quality options which can help a customer take a much more informed decision, he is bound to either come back or refer his friends and family to Pin Click

Pin Click has 950 happy customers and they have sold properties worth 450 Cr to date.

The Work Culture Like at Pin Click 

They have a very open culture internally. The teams work collaboratively, are open to suggestions & criticism and each department is run for people will full freedom to drive in the fashion best suitable to build inefficiencies. At the same time, they continue to be detailed oriented with daily & weekly reviews to ensure they don’t miss any anomalies at the same time push towards continuous improvement.

A lot of this is driven by people who are aspirational and have been given full authority to be on the driver’s seat. We micromanage only if needed with a focus on improvement.

The city heads for all 4 cities today for Pin Click are folks who joined in 2017 batch and it’s a wonderful feeling to see them grow from bringing fresher’s to managing teams to now leading the load of running full cities.

Reason Behind the Name Pin Click

They wanted to have a name with a focus on real estate but one that can be used across verticals so if tomorrow they add more than residential sales, they don’t have to rename the brand. Real Estate is known through Pin Codes and that’s where Pin Came from.

As 100% of their customer acquisition is online, they wanted to add an activity with relation to the internet and that’s how Click was added to the name.

Quotes – 

Don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait – T. Harv Eker

Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world. – Franklin D. Roosevelt

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