RPtecture- Taking Innovation to the Next Level

RPtecture- Taking Innovation to the Next Level | Rakesh Pate | The Enterprise World

Featuring RPtecture for The Enterprise World’s this issue of The Best Architecture Design Firm In 2022 is RPtecture, a firm that is taking innovation to the next level. 

Being a modern architecture and interior firm, there is an added pressure to present contemporary ideas that excite the modern artist eyes. Thinking outside of the box has become so ordinary that sometimes a simple idea with a twisted perspective can make a huge difference. This is the main ideology behind most of the modern architecture firms that have made utility possible in the smallest of spaces, and have designed spaces in a way that is pleasing to the eye. 

In this interview with Rakesh Pate, Founder, let us find out more about the journey of the firm. 

Tell us about the company.

RPtecture is a quality assured practice that provides a full range of architectural & interior services from project inception to completion and is committed to accommodating its client’s needs.

The word RPtecture comes from the chemistry of ‘Rakesh Pate + Architecture.

Tell us about the journey of the company so far.

In 2013, the idea of RPtecture was generated when a few clients showed interest and faith in the creativity of Ar Rakesh Pate who was an artist since childhood. Within the span of 9 years, the journey of designing a compound wall to India’s biggest Indian railways project of 100+ acres in Andhra Pradesh is like a dream come true for all the team members. We are continuing to thrive for excellence in all the projects whether it is small or big, every project gets equal treatment. 

What do you think triggered the growth of the company?

The systematic process of start-to-end solutions and adaptation of new things as per the fast-changing trends.  

What establishes the long-standing success of the company?

Honesty, respect & righteousness towards the field of Architecture and Interior design. 

What are the services/products you provide?

Architecture & interior design services and Turnkey contracting for residential, commercial, industrial as well as hospitality projects.

What sets you apart and what makes your services/products ahead of the competition?

Thinking out of the box, be transparent with the client, colleagues, associates, and vendors.

How does your company keep up with the latest trends and practices in the architecture design industry?

Market research through market visits, friends, online social media platforms, and attending the expos, events, etc.

Any new additions to your service line-up?

We have started taking up landscape projects as well. 

Responsibilities of an entrepreneur?

Overseeing all RPtecture projects, Ar Rakesh Pate ensures the design and review of all projects which is optimized. He specializes in projects of all scales, thinking of innovative ideas and space planning designs that are unique to our brand ‘RPtecture’.  He significantly contributed in defining the architecture, interior style, and planning of hospitality, residential and commercial projects in and around India.

Tell us about your professional journey.

By God’s grace, the journey so far is being smooth with a lot of ups and downs. Being an artist, a cyclist, and an athlete since the start, it’s always easy to handle all the situations positively and creatively under any circumstances in the professional life of an entrepreneur. 

Any achievements you would like to share?

If you look at our CV, we have completed the 1st make-in India project – MARS International India, Sneakers chocolate factory situated at KHED CITY, Pune. 

Another achievement for us is being an Architect and Interior designer of SERUM Institute of India and all the buildings of COVID-19. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi visited the buildings designed by RPtecture. We are proud to be a part of saving the world from the pandemic. 

Celebrity & singer Shankar Mahadevan visited and appreciated one of our interior turnkey sites, Saket communications in Pune. 

Your take on where Architecture Design is going ahead in the future?

It’s not going in a good direction from my point of view. Architects are responsible for all the infrastructure we are seeing in every part of the Nation and most of us do not think about the use of simple things like absolutely free natural resources which are light and wind. A basic study of ancient buildings makes us realize how environmentally responsible buildings they have constructed.  I’m sure if we look at our history and follow their basic principles wherever possible, we can make our nation more healthy and beautiful.  

What is your favorite quote?


Constant vigilance – is it a need or strategy?

A need. 

What is your view of the rat race in the market? How do you handle it?

Keep calm, be alert and follow your own instincts!  

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