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In this interview with Milind Pai, Founder & CEO of Architects and Interior Designers Firm, we shall know more about the journey of the company and his personality.

Since ancient times architecture has been a piece of artwork to the world. Among the masterpieces listed, ancient civilizations and temples are more popular. The artwork is simply a masterpiece in time. During European and British times, architectural work changed drastically including more luxury in lifestyles and living.  

Time changed as well as strategies and art do go through changes. Today’s architecture consists of many different ideas and abstract art gradually changing the perspective of the field. Many companies are shining bright in the last few decades. Many architectural firms are now working on a global level. The demand for luxury and to have the best lifestyle is on the top priority of people. Here we have some kind of firm which started in 1987 and is now working on a global level. 

Q1. Tell us about the company.

Milind Pai Architects is a multi-specialty business firm established in the year 1987. We undertake Residential and Commercial projects. Some of the commercial subdomains in which we are quite active are — Institutional, Health, and Hospitality. Currently, we operate from a fully-equipped office in Mumbai’s bustling suburb, Andheri. We have executed more than 600 projects in the past three decades. Interestingly, these projects have been executed locally (30 cities) as well as globally (3 cities).

Q2. Tell us about the journey of the company so far.

Right from its inception, the company focused on evolving in terms of newer trends, tools, and methodologies. It has been the hallmark of Milind Pai Architects & Designers. Our ethos has remained the same — providing state-of-the-art workmanship, value-for-money services, and maintaining transparency across various stages of a project including pricing and business values. This vision allows us to keep on adding new milestones every year.

No project is a challenge for us, and the reason is because of our constant hunger to update and upgrade. It has resulted in steady year-on-year growth, a crucial metric for an architecture and design firm. It is this thirst to excel which has led Milind Pai Architecture to introduce some radical designs and approaches. We follow new design trends at the same time pioneer some of these. Our impressive social media presence and mass reactions are proof of our leadership in this domain.

Q3. What do you think triggered the growth of the company?

Our philosophy has always been to stick to the basics. We cater to a world that seeks aesthetically pleasing spaces; therefore, client psychology plays a vital role. Once we understand their needs we offer organic designs that offer the best of human-made creations and nature. Our mission doesn’t stop here. We maintain this passion and enthusiasm until we hand over the finished property to its owner. It has not only fetched us accolades but also kept the growth momentum in top gear in this highly creative market.

Q4. What establishes the long-standing success of the company?

Every successful enterprise lays out specific ground rules. Milind Pai Architects is no different. As mentioned above, we are highly transparent in our workings and it is this openness along with one-of-a-kind design solutions which have provided success since our inception. This long-standing success also fetched us the tag of a “highly reputed” Interior Designer Agency.

Q5. What are the services/products you provide?

Our services are highly diverse in their creative form. What is common is the stamp of quality and timely delivery. Let us elaborate on this — we have a dedicated team of design wizards, software operators, and highly dependable associates from the civil engineering domain. Our coordinated efforts, right from rough sketches, to computer-generated layouts till the final brush stroke results in spaces that are client-centric, visually pleasing, and reflect current trending elements.

Q6. What sets you apart and what makes your services/products ahead of the competition?

Our design philosophy is really simple; the look of the concerned space should also complement the intended purpose. The spaces that we design are the outcome of an in-depth analysis of the client’s needs and functionality. Our design solutions blend the cultural, physical, and emotional needs of the occupants. And this is what sets us apart and allows us to stay ahead of the competition.

Q7. How does your company keep up with the latest trends and practices in the architecture design industry?

This one is easy; keep evolving. At Milind Pai Architects we are never shy of enhancing and adapting newer skills or exploiting new generation design techniques. This unabashed sentimentality not only keeps us in touch with the latest trends but also keeps us right at the top in the design market.

Q8. Any new additions to your service lineup?

Although technologies, tools, and trends are rapidly evolving, and we do employ some of these changes, we strongly believe that we also need to focus on improving our current mechanisms and design choices. The new service line-up is gradually seeping into our portfolio and it will only increase its presence in the future. Frankly, for now, we want to focus on innovation and seamless integration of our present line-up.

Q09. Tell us about your professional journey.

Frankly, my professional journey is hooked to Milind Pai Architects and my team. The timeline of growth and success has been slow but steady. In these days of startup culture where products, personalities, and valuations skyrocket overnight, the design industry is quite conservative. The learning and success curve have been steep because each project educates and informs us of our strengths as well as weaknesses. These insights and exposure and experience have helped Milind Pai Architects migrate from the local to the international podium, executing projects in dream countries like Dubai, Muscat, and Singapore.

Q10. Any achievements you would like to share?

Milind Pai Architects believes in “Creativity that turns dreams to reality”. This mantra has

catapulted us to the top and today we are considered one of the top design firms. It is

this popularity and brand fever that attracted many reputed Magazines and Media

outlets. We have been consistently mentioned in interior design, leisure and associated

journals. We have also been labeled as a design firm that industries should watch out


Q11. Your take on where Architecture Design is going ahead in the future?

As the head of Milind Pai Architects, I strongly believe that architecture, design, nature, and technology, including AI and VR, will one day merge into a highly complex tool that will allow designers to build rapid prototypes. It will allow making processes and procedures faster, more efficient, and the resultant designs sustainable. Having said that I also believe the footprints of past design principles and values will not be completely obliterated.

Q12. What is your view of the rat race in the market? How do you handle it?

Every design firm has a rock-solid business strategy in place, especially in these fast-moving and ever-evolving times of the internet and social media. Milind Pai Architects too has one. Well, the antidote for this rat race is actually quite simple. We offer a patient hearing. We are great listeners and therefore allow the client’s needs such as professional background, physical and emotional needs, temperament, budget, aesthetical expectations, and design style to seep into the entire team before heading for the drawing board/computer. On the competitor side, we check their latest offerings, and research their skillset and reputation. All this offers insights that are valuable in handling this mad rush.

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