Interior Trends for 2022!

Interior Design Trends for 2022

Earlier, interior interior design was limited to temple carvings, public halls, museums, offices, churches, etc. But now, the trend to get your home designed by professionals for a good interior has taken the world by storm.

The field of interior design is fluid and ever-changing. Yes, there are a lot of concepts that are evergreen, but mostly it is dynamic. A lot of factors affect it like the upcoming trends, digital media, weather and climatic conditions, the presence of any furry friends, etc. To facilitate the best services to these factors, the field of interior designing holds a wide range of Interior design and decor under its belt. 

Interior design isn’t just for the aesthetic. A space interacts with the people present over there. The colors, designs, and all the other interior decor also have a major psychological impact on the people living in or moving in and out of that space. This is precisely why interior designing is a whole different matter of study. It also represents the social, psychological, financial, and other state and identity of people inhabiting that place. 

Factors that can contribute to determining your interior! 

1. Minimalist Interior Design 

Coming Back to a cluttered mess, not just for those with a busy schedule, but for everyone, can be a stressful experience. Here, the minimalist aesthetic comes into play. It encourages clutter-free and spacious interiors to give rest to your eyes and brain along with looking pleasant and aesthetic. 

2. Functional decor and spaces 

For modern lifestyles, especially in urban and metropolitan areas, where it is all a fast-paced life, a functional home becomes a necessity. By functional home, we mean home with utility corners, a modular kitchen, which can all be achieved with the help of professional interior designers or kitchen remodeling companies in Austin, Boston, or elsewhere.

3. Easy to maintain 

Maintenance is very important for a home, especially for modern families where almost all members are working. It can become one heck of a task to maintain households. Therefore to ease it up, and avoid spending too much time cleaning and maintaining, interiors should have opted accordingly. One should get low-maintenance layouts, furniture with mounted legs, fabrics that can be easily cleaned, etc. 

4. Smart home 

Introducing smart features like sensor activation for lighting, indoor plants that repel insects, marble look-alike tiles etc can very hassle-free and great from the aesthetic point of view as well. 

5. Comfort 

It all comes down to one thing, your comfort. It’s not just about your mattresses or sink-in sofas it’s also about comfort in terms of pet-friendly upholstery, furniture etc. A nursery to suit your toddler, fabrics to make your pet fur cleaning easier, etc can have a huge impact on your comfort. These factors can make your home more comfortable than ever. Home is to relax and destress yourself from daily routine and work-life stress, so if you’re not comfortable in your own home then where else will you be?

What Upholstery to get, what fabrics to use?

Simply put, upholstery is the work of attaching a furniture frame with padding, cushioning, and fabric or leather textile covers. The material makes a significant difference to the visual identity of the chair, and while the interior elements may not be visible, they make a big difference to the comfort and ergonomics of the place. 

Natural fabrics are usually favored by someone looking for the softest, less performance-based feel to their furniture. Some popular natural upholstery fabrics include –

1. Cotton

It is the most widely used natural fiber and is the cheapest. With comfort and stability, cotton is meant to provide a soft feel to your furniture. Cotton is great for durability and resistance to fading but is susceptible to stains. The best-quality cotton blends will generally contain about 45% to 60% cotton. 

2. Silk

A natural fibre, silk, with its shimmery appearance and smoothness, has a wow factor attached to it. It has an opulent look to it and can make a space shine. It even looks rich as a wallpaper fabric. Due to its smooth surface, it doesn’t let the dust settle in. Pure silk upholstery usually needs a layer of fabric bonded to its back for material stability.

3. Linen

Made from flax, linen is a strong natural fibre. It’s smooth, soft, and naturally lustrous. Linen naturally resists pilling and soiling, but it can wrinkle easily, enabling it to be better suited for casual than formal spaces. It’s often used in a blend with cotton for greater elasticity. 

4. Linen

A natural fibre that comes from animal hair, wool is a durable choice for upholstery fabric. However, it can be a bit scratchy and if not part of a blend, can be difficult to clean and risks felting. Because of this, most wool upholstery fabric is a blend. 

5. Velvet

It has a dense cut pile, making it luxuriously soft with a sheen. Velvet can stand up to heavy usage and is an attractive choice for most homes. Cleans best when a spill or stain is tended to immediately. It can give a lift to furniture pieces, creating a luxe, glitzy ambience. Since the fabric is dense, it can absorb large amounts of dye, creating a vibrant tone. 

Patterns and accessories 

The pattern gives you the ability to bring energy, interest, and contrast into your Interior design, and when patterns are done well they bring a room together and give depth to your space. The pattern plays a part in every interior style, and it’s worth considering as you make Interior design decisions. Here are some possibilities of patterns. 

1. Geometric Patterns 

Simple, bold geometric shapes are key to getting across your message. Using simple circles, semicircles, rectangles, and squares can help you create a clean, energetic look in your Interior design.

2. Check Patterns 

Check patterns have a classic appeal that’s always on-trend. No matter the season, they will never go out of style. They can be refreshed in many ways, with numerous colour combinations and varying thicknesses of stripes. Checks can also be mixed and matched with other pieces at home, giving your home an entirely different look. 

3. Vibrant Patterns

These patterns are a very popular interior design trend at the moment. They are versatile, dynamic and when used correctly, they can enhance any work or living space. You can seek the unique style, play with natural neutrals, or even consider accenting the ceiling. Vibrant patterns can never go wrong. 

4. Patterns with a happy vibe!

Flower-based patterns are the best patterns for happy vibes as they offer connection to the natural environment as well as display colourful art forms. Tartans are warm, traditional, and plaid patterns that balance your space with complementary colours and give it a positive feel. 

When redesigning any space, no matter how large or small, there is one element that should never be overlooked, accessories. Without them, your spaces will be left looking and feeling incredibly unloved. Think of them as icing on a cake, offering visual interest, and detail. 

1. Teapots 

If you are a fan of drinking tea, teapots are just the right accessory for you. Glass or ceramic teapots give an aesthetic look and are also versatile. You can up-cycle them as candles, garden planters, or a clock. They act as perfect centerpiece decor items.

2. Vases 

Vases are meant to beautify your homes and workspaces. They also add a decor element and interest to them. Differently shaped with various colors, they give visual treats and can vary from square, cylindrical, urn, trumpet, bud to bottle and amphora.

3. Designer Storage 

Not every home is given ample places to put things away. So coming up with creative storage options can provide you with extra storage space as well as give your place an aesthetic look. 

4. Rugs

A room will never look finished without an area rug. It helps define space, adds softness, and pulls the whole room together. Layer rugs in varying colors, prints, and textures to add visual interest to your floor. 

5. Art Pieces 

Make a simple wall a little more exciting with oversized artwork. Choose large-scale photography or something abstract and vibrant such as a personalized wall sign from Neon Mama to make a statement. It adds an element of fun to your space and makes the room appear finished. 

6. House Plants 

The mere presence of outside coming in is a big statement, and it doesn’t need to be anything remarkable to make an impact. You can begin with easy plants and twisted branches that would look stunning on a piece of driftwood. 

7. Personal Collections

If you have been collecting something for a long time and aren’t sure where to put your knick-knacks, install a floating shelf of your choice and then line them up. We would love the sense of nostalgia vintage glass bottles add to your room as well. 

Is your home 2022 ready yet? 

So is your home New Year ready yet? If not then what are you waiting for? Yes, all the above-mentioned tips and tricks are just for you for Interior design, so why wait for more, just start prepping for your next year to be as comfy as ever with yours and only, Studio Astrid India. 

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