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Women leaders have made significant strides in the 21st century, breaking barriers and achieving significant milestones in various sectors. Katherine McCumber bring a unique set of skills and qualities to the table, which sets them apart from their male counterparts. They often display exceptional communication skills, empathy, collaboration, and resilience, all of which are critical to effective leadership.

Additionally, women leaders tend to be more attuned to the needs of their communities and stakeholders, resulting in policies and initiatives that are more responsive and inclusive.

One significant impact of women leaders has been their ability to challenge traditional stereotypes and gender roles. Women leaders have defied the odds, breaking through the glass ceiling and proving that women can lead just as effectively as men. This has inspired a generation of women to pursue leadership roles, creating a pipeline of talented and ambitious women leaders who are poised to make an even greater impact in the future.

Another critical impact of women leaders has been their ability to effect change in policies and initiatives that affect women and girls. Women leaders have championed issues such as gender equality, women’s rights, and empowerment, leading to the adoption of policies that promote gender parity and inclusivity. This has resulted in more opportunities for women and girls, including access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities.

Women leaders have also been instrumental in promoting sustainable development and environmental conservation. Women leaders have recognized the link between gender equality and sustainable development, with studies showing that women’s empowerment is critical to achieving environmental goals. Women leaders have therefore championed initiatives that promote sustainable development, including renewable energy, climate change mitigation, and conservation of natural resources.

In conclusion, women leaders have made a significant impact in various sectors, bringing their unique skills, qualities, and perspective to bear on leadership roles. Their ability to challenge traditional stereotypes, effect change in policies that affect women and girls, and promote sustainable development has been transformational, inspiring a generation of women leaders and setting a precedent for inclusive and equitable leadership.

One such leader breaking the glass ceiling and rising above is Katherine McCumber featuring in The Enterprise World’s this issue of The Most Influential Women Business Leaders to Watch Out For 2023. 

A Journey against All Odds

Katherine McCumber started the company in 2000 with her father named MCCUMBERS GLASS INC. Having a strong background of the glazing industry, the both decided to start their own venture and thus embarked on a new journey with McCumber’s Glass. 

Even though Katherine McCumber had a strong hand in founding of the company, she had to step back for a while. With 32 brain surgeries, but an ever strong will she jumped back in to the operations of the company, stronger than ever. 

“They said I was never going to be able to work again. But here I am, living my absolute best life and skyrocketing the company.”, recalls Katherine McCumber

After her father passed away, Katherine McCumber took on the entire operations of the company. Being an observant person, challenges were a few at the start, but Katherine McCumber stood up to them and giving her best every day. She took on a much greater role in the company, and with it started handling the responsibilities.

Looking back at her journey, she says, “My job title was actually earned. After I took on the bigger role, I have just grown from there and have absorbed as much knowledge as I could.”

Being a woman in the male dominant construction industry is a tough job. Job contractors are to easily dismiss you, and you have to keep proving yourself every day. 

“I have earned my place and my respect in the industry.”

When you work in an industry that is so lucrative and has a strong male dominance, you are always on a look out for a source of inspiration, and for Katherine McCumber, it’s her grandkids! 

“My grandkids keep reminding me of why we work so hard.”

Louis McCumber, Katherine McCumber’s father, who laid the foundation of McCumber’s Glass dreamt of leaving a legacy for his great-grandchildren. And now, with Katherine reigning the company to new heights, takes on that role with immense dedication. 

A Positive Attitude Always Reels in a Positive Outcome

Challenge after challenge can easily take you down, but being positive is the only thing that will help you get back up. After having been through a number of health issues, Katherine McCumber always looked at the positive side of the coin. She has always focused on being happy and spreading joy. 

“They love to call me sunshine!”

If you keep focusing on what’s keeping you down, there is no way you can rise above that. Instead what you ought to do is, keep looking at the bright side and have faith! And that is also the way Katherine McCumber has shaped her work culture. Faith. 

Leading McCumber’s Glass

“Glass is what we sell, but customer service is what we do.”

McCumber’s Glass was established in 2000. Louis McCumber, who was in the industry from the age of 18 decided to take a step forward and started his own company with his daughter Katherine McCumber. 

“What he saw was, that you are always going to need an entrance, windows and he perfected that.”, says Katherine McCumber. 

McCumber’s Glass has become one of the popular glazers because of the industry knowledge they possess, the intricacies of it all, the specialty of the product. 

An Overview of McCumber’s Glass’ Services

  • Aluminum Window Installation & Replacement
  • Custom Window Installation & Replacement
  • Skylight Installation & Replacement
  • Transaction Window Installation & Replacement
  • Bullet Resistant Window Installation & Replacement
  • Storefront Window Installation & Replacement
  • Awning, Casement, Fixed, and Hopper Window Installation & Replacement
  • Frameless Window Installation & Replacement
  • Curtain Wall Installation & Replacement

What makes all the Difference?

“We rise above. We go above and beyond for our customers.”

McCumber’s Glass makes sure that when you are a sub-contractor, all of your paperwork is always in order. That you never have to wait on them. 

“We always have everything ready. And we rise above by making sure that the customers have never waited on us. You never want to be that subcontractor that drops the ball.”

“Our end goal is to always keep the client happy.”

McCumber’s Glass always thinks outside the box. Any problems that come, the team is always ready to tackle it, and come up with ideas to keep the client always happy.

Looking forward to the future, Katherine McCumber says she just wants the company to keep growing. To be able to have a strong team, secure more contracts, because those two are the biggest challenges anybody in the glazing industry is facing today. 

Looking forward as an industry leader, Katherine McCumber says, “Looking at the future is really hard. Its going away. It is a generation that’s really going away. And in order for me to leave a legacy to cherish and look up to, I need to buckle up and shake things even more. 

My granddaughter once came to me and said, ‘Grandma I want to be you. You are so smart and I look up to you, I cherish everything you do!’.

And this is something that keeps inspiring me. I just want to keep working towards a day where this new generation will understand the potential of this industry.”

Life beyond the Cabin

“At the end of my workday, typically at 5 o’clock, I make a conscious effort to disconnect from work and redirect my focus towards my family. During weekends, I have attempted to refrain from working as my grandkids have expressed concern that I am always working.”, says Katherine McCumber. 

In terms of achieving a balance between her work and personal life, Katherine McCumber is still in the process of finding a solution as it poses a daily challenge for her. 

As someone who tends to overachieve, Katherine McCumber often gives more than 100%, which can be counterproductive as she neglects to take care of herself. 

“I understand the importance of self-care, and I am actively working on improving in this area by taking breaks when necessary and listening to my body and team.” 

“I feel grateful for the opportunities I have been given in life.”

A Message to the New Entrepreneurs

“Never give up on your dreams.”

“Age should never be a hindrance in embarking on a new journey, regardless of the challenges and difficulties that may arise. Your dreams hold a profound purpose, and attaining them brings a sense of fulfillment like no other. 

Therefore, it is crucial to remain steadfast in your pursuit and never give up on your aspirations. Additionally, I would like to mention that every morning, I express gratitude to Heavenly Father for the gift of a new day, which I strive to utilize for His glorification. 

As I continue to honor the memory of my father and late husband, I endeavor to make my mother proud and set a positive example for my grandchildren, who hold a special place in my heart.”

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