Kickstart Your Record Company in Remarkable Ways

Kickstart Your Record Company in Remarkable Ways|5 Best Ways | The Enterprise World

Starting a record company? It’s time to kickstart your company with creative steps to success. There is a sizable amount of competition within the record company industry, so you’ll want to consider every purposeful, remarkable step you can take to make your new record company shine. We’ve offered the following ideas; undoubtedly, you’ll also find additional ways to infuse the word, “remarkable” into your record company. And, if you don’t already have one, use this record company business plan to go to the next level of success.

Here Is Remarkable Ways to Kickstart Your Record Company;

1. Go Door-to-Door.

Try the old technique of going door-to-door, visiting established record companies, making friends and researching your competitors. Take small gifts for each person you visit and offer to collaborate with anyone who may be interested. Grow your business by “dropping in” on new friends and old.

While this technique may seem too odd to consider, think about the reaction you would have should someone within the record industry decide to pay you a visit. Surprising, shocking and just a bit over the top, but remarkable. And, that is what you want to be known for…being remarkable.

2.  Sponsor an Art Show.

Why would you have an interest in sponsoring an art show? Simply because music is a natural accompaniment to art and if you combine the music of your record company artists with some fiery art shows at universities, in corporate buildings, or on city sidewalks, you will create a remarkable experience for those who attend or stop to listen and view the art.

Kickstart Your Record Company in Remarkable Ways|5 Best Ways | The Enterprise World

Ensure you are close by the exhibit with your phone ready to receive an airdrop phone number of interested parties.

3.  Put out a Press Release.

Putting out a press release indicates to the world that you have something significant to announce; you’ll want to make appropriate announcements when your company signs a new artist or joins in a collaboration. A press release generally costs absolutely nothing; however, a remarkable press release can easily capture attention on the national newswire. Press release distribution services can play a crucial role in ensuring that your press release reaches the right audience and gets the desired attention, although they may come at a cost. Something to think about.

4.  Take Your Brand Out for a Walk.

As a record company, you’ll want a stellar brand and logo to adorn all elements of your company. Now is the time to have these designed, if you haven’t done so already. If your brand and logo are complete, consider putting them on streetwear and selling the items on the street (or online). If your marketing budget allows, have your t-shirts tossed into the crowd during a local ballgame; your identity will expand every time a t-shirt is worn.

5.  Become a Speaker at Local High Schools.

Sound remarkable? We think so. The truth is you already have a wealth of experience if you’ve started a record company as an entrepreneur and most teens are fascinated by record companies and entrepreneurs; it’s a win-win.

Kickstart Your Record Company in Remarkable Ways|5 Best Ways | The Enterprise World

The obvious connection here is that an appearance at local high schools might involve discussing how you’ve started your own business, while also informing every listener about your record company and the music you record. Teens will look for your music and the national music speed cycle could easily begin. Take some t-shirts to toss into the crowd; you’ll be a star.

6:  Buy Belly Bands.

Many consumer products are held together or finished with a paper strip called a “belly band.” Find a product you believe your target audience would like and contract with the manufacturer of that product to place your brand or logo on the band for a small, teensy, tiny fee. If the manufacturer is tired of paying for that band, chances are the pennies it costs will result in your record company marketing program going into thousands of homes where teens are waiting for your music. Yes, remarkable. 

7:  Wrap your Car.

Seriously. Have your car professionally wrapped with your brand name and logo. This is a unique form of marketing and it’s also a write-off on your taxes. Yet another win-win. The brand and logo will remarkably start conversations with everyone who sees your car, creating interest and building momentum for your record company.

8:  Use Customer Videos to sell your Record Company.

Promote your music through your website, yes; however, put your music out there in the social media channels that really call your name. Ask those who play your artist’s music to create a 2-minute video for publication online. Collect the videos and create a montage of all the videos together, using a backdrop of your music, of course. Play the video online and in every venue that you can imagine. What’s not to love about this remarkable idea? 

Kickstart Your Record Company in Remarkable Ways|5 Best Ways | The Enterprise World

Instead of 3 remarkable ways to kickstart your record company, you probably have about 200, so we hope you enjoy the journey ahead. Use these ideas to propel your company into the next level and we’ll be looking for your record company in the national news. We wish you the best of success!

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