Krishna Marathe: A Dynamic Leader & Entrepreneur Transforming Businesses with Best Quality Environment-Friendly Industrial Products

Swift Technoplast- Krishna MArathe

Plastic is derived from the Greek word Plastikos, which simply means easily ductile material that, can be molded into a shape. Its use increased unexpectedly in the industrial and domestic sectors in the 1970s.

As for the perks of industrial revolution 4.0, businesses got an opportunity to spread their wings and accelerate their growth. In the fast-paced digital world, time matters a lot and so the logistics and storage. Here plastic plays a vital role. Industrial material manufactured using plastic is a kind of messiah as it is lighter, easily movable, thermal-electric, vibration-noise resistant, and less space-consuming.

In this context, a leader Mr. Krishna Marathe, Managing Director & Founder, and his team of experts at Swift Technoplast Pvt Ltd is striving smart to transform businesses across the globe with top-notched plastic products offerings.

With advanced production equipment and superb technology, Swift Technoplast ensures the quality of its products. The team of professionals at Swift Technoplast has rich experience in product development, designing, production, sales, and services.

We at The Enterprise World feel happy to feature, Mr. Krishna Marathe and Swift  Technoplast as a cover story for our special issue, The 10 Transformational Business Leaders to Look Out 2020.

The Company

Swift technoplast Pvt ltd is a Unique and technologically advanced industrial Rotomolding & injection Molding plastic products manufacturer in India. Today Swift Technoplast is the best-known brand for dedicated & finest, plastic pallets manufacturer in India, having 125+ unique designs of pallets to cater to different industrial applications. Swift’s product range consists of pallets, ICE Box, Road Safety Products catering to domestic customers and export more than 12 countries.

The company is well-known in the industry for its customer-specific Solution based approach & long-lasting performance of its products.

Swift Technoplast Industrial Products is awarded as “Best Plastic pallets manufacturer & supplier in India” by Worldwide Achievers.  Also, they were on the list of “Top 10 Most Admired companies in Plastic Industry” in Insight Success magazine’s May 2018 issue.

Cutting through the Complexities

Challenges are part of business, initially, the company started as a new enterprise with limited resources, great ambitions, and lots of hard work… When they have started growing, all these resources are also needed to expand like finance, people, knowledge, systems. Mr. Krishna says, “I think everything to be in sync with your growth. Anything in between is a challenge in business as I said challenges and their resolutions is a way of business, we must keep transforming things regularly”

The company’s approach to challenges is always normal and they treat them easygoing. Challenges have never been an issue but it’s one of the motivating, energizing factors in any business.

FAnd then the growth started

Mr. Krishna says, “Our core purpose is, to provide an innovative environment-friendly solution by identifying the purpose behind upfront needs of the industries entirely aligned and reinforced in our company culture.”  Whatever the people at Swift Technoplast do is Customer-centric, they always try to understand the Customer’s purpose to buy their products. Once you know the customer’s purpose well, they can innovatively provide the product as a solution.  The realization of the power of purpose and alignment of the team is kind of a triggering point in the company’s growth.

Since its establishment, the company has experienced continuous progress. They have achieved YOY 30-40% growth and every 3 years the company is increasing its capacity of manufacturing plant. The company is in process of doubling its capacity in financial years. 

Factors behind Swift’s longstanding success

The main factor behind the success of any business is Customers, If you make customers happy customers will make you successful in business, the customer experience is most important. They always focus on customers’ experiences with Swift Technoplast must be enriched, whether when discussing with customer technical support, guidance to select the right product, after-sales query the most important product performance. The company keeps product innovating, focuses on R& D, and also keeps the team upgraded aligned by regular training.

Mr. Krishna says, “Credit goes to our core purpose that understands what is the purpose of customer to buy a product when you understand that purpose then you can easily offer the right product at the right price, we see customer always happy for it & product is also performing well then your service and product are brand ambassadors of your company which make you successful in the long run. Swift Technoplast always strives to create customer experiences.”

Taking innovation to the table

Swift Technoplast has a well-known range of plastic industrial products in the b2b segment, Mainly in Plastic pallets. They have expertise in plastic pallets manufacturing catering food, Pharma, logistics, Chemical, engineering companies. A wide range of pallets meets all types of budgets, performance requirements of storage, racking, load capacity, and cargo Packaging needs of various industries.

The company has almost 125+ different plastic pallet variants by which they are serving different customer applications.

Plastic Pallets:

The main benefit of plastic pallets is that they can be reused for a long time without breakage. They are perfect for storage and reuse in warehouses. They are sleek, light, and splinter-free, friendly for manual handling. Plastic Pallets guarantee unmatched cost and time-saving.

Apart from plastic pallets, Swift Technoplast also manufactures Spill containment products, Insulated container/ Vaccine box, Road safety products even also custom design products as per customer need.

Swift Technoplast Products

Main Products –

Drum Spill Containment Pallets :

Swift Technoplast is a pioneer and 1st company in India that developed Spill containment pallets in the year 2012 as per international standard and offered Pallets are made up from High-quality virgin grade polymers for excellent chemical resistance, & maximum performance as per standard norms of spill control pallet which are safe for use in the food industry.

Drum Spill Containment Pallets by Swift Technoplast are specially designed for the safe storage of oils and chemical containers. It is specialized in catching leaks, drip, spills. These pallets are made up of high-quality materials, having reliable construction and safety on the floors, and are resistant to most chemicals. These drum spill pallets are having reliable chemical compatibility and resistance – preventing corrosion and deterioration, assuring a long lifetime of service. These plastic pallets are having enhanced features that augment the speed, efficiency of product distribution and ensure product protection along with human safety.

Swift Technoplast Drum

Vaccine/Ice Box: 

Swift Technoplast is introducing Insulated Iceboxes having up to 70-liter capacities. Boxes are manufactured from Prime Quality Virgin Food grade materials, double-walled Constructions with a polyethylene exterior, Rubberised locks that are easy to use and last long. These containers are having drainage plugs for water removal which makes them more demanding.

Swift Technoplast is all set with this container as it can be used for the storage of vaccines and medicines. Also, catering companies find the best choice when it comes to the transportation of frozen items, such as ice, ice cream, and marinated meats. Supermarkets can use these iceboxes to distribute frozen meat such as chicken, from their manufacturing unit to various distribution centers. These iceboxes allow for easy storage and transportation of frozen foods for up to a week without melting! Though it is on the heavier side, they guarantee quality.

Swift Technoplast Box

Footwear Sanitization Station:

Everyone knows that washing their hands and keeping a social distance from people is incredibly important to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus right now. Essential businesses that are allowed to operate are sanitizing high-touch areas several times a day such as a door entrance, countertops, and so on.

What people may not realize is that there is another common virus carrier and that is your shoes?

Viruses are potentially living on the shoe soles or heels hence, it is important to reduce the cross-contamination and spread of diseases through shoes with a disinfectant mat.

Swift Technoplast has designed Footwear Sanitization Station which helps in stopping viruses from traveling from one place to another via shoes. When people travel risky areas or outside pathogens, germs, viruses may get placed on footwear and ride inside with us in premises hence shoes could be possible carriers for harmful germs, virus & bacteria from risk area to safe area premises, i.e. cross-contamination By considering this scenario Swift Technoplast has developed footwear sanitization stations which will help to reduce spread cross-contamination from one place to another.

It is designed for effective delivery of sanitizer to the bottoms of footwear, upper layers provide a clean and high-performing foot bath system, which helps to sanitize your soles of shoes before you enter any premise to prevent the spread of germs. Sanitise footwear effectively before entering your premise, we and Swift Technoplast suggest you use footwear sanitization stations in entry points of your premises and kitchens to sanitize footwear, to minimize the risk of travel of viruses along with footwear

Swift Technoplast Sanitizer

Nirmalya Kalash :

Swift has come across this idea to find a unique solution for one of the major causes which is a religious tradition of throwing ‘Nirmalya’ – floral items, pooja items, coconuts, and so on. While most of the contributions are come enveloped by Plastic sacks and in the water of rivers, lakes, and ponds.

Swift has designed Nirmalya Kalash in which people can donate all their Nirmalya during religious festivals and poojas.  Swift has given this big solution over making Nirmalya Kalash, so let us all get together and save our environment from pollution by using Nirmalya Kalash for disposal of the Holy Nirmalya in a proper way.

Probably the greatest yield of pooja and celebrations in India is the huge amounts of nirmalya and throw it away in the water. This Nirmalya Kalash will not only save our cities from being polluted but will also provide aesthetics and a neat sophisticated way to dispose of the Nirmalya without disturbing people’s religious sentiments with the proud feeling of Green Farewell to preserve the environment health.

Swift Technoplast Nirmalya

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