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The business landscape has witnessed major shifts in the past two decades. Businesses have shifted from conventional methods to digital ways, especially from the onset of the pandemic. Many of the changes induced by the pandemic have been permanently adopted by businesses. Amid all these changing circumstances, the importance of business consulting has increased multiple fold.     

Today, business consultants play a major role in guiding companies towards growth. Krishna Mohan (President of GENIUS VISIONARY Inc.) is one such decorated business consultant helping businesses achieve their goals. With an extensive experience of 26 years in sales, business development, and finance, he is playing an instrumental role in the company’s success. 

The Multifaceted Leade

Krishna Mohan completed his Master’s Degree in Marketing Management MMM, MBA-International Business, and an MS in Finance. There, he gained valuable insights and skills in various industries and domains. He also participated in various projects involving business valuation, due diligence, negotiation, and integration. 

Throughout his illustrious career, Krishna has helped three Fortune 500 companies and several start-up organizations. He has achieved definitive and long-term outcomes in Team Leadership, Information Technology, Data Center Consulting, and Client Relations, and has generated millions of dollars in annual profits. 

Krishna Mohan has always been passionate about entrepreneurship and creates value through acquisitions. He has been actively looking for opportunities to buy and grow small businesses that match his interests. His networks with various brokers, investors, and advisors have helped him in his acquisition journey. Moreover, Krishna has made a well-thought-out infrastructure within the organization to ensure productivity. He has hired a competent and motivated team to manage the day-to-day operations of the business. Krishna has been using his experience to spearhead the growth of Genius Visionary. 

Bouquet of Services

Genius Visionary offers a multitude of services to its clients. Here are some of them.

  • Business Growth Advisory: 

Genius Visionary helps clients grow their businesses by providing customized and professional advice, new market entry strategies, e-commerce strategies, and more.

  • Business Coaching: 

The company offers business coaching services to clients who want to improve their overall business skills in all aspects of business, leadership, and performance.

  • Business Funding Advisory: 

It assists clients in collecting and securing funding sources for their businesses, such as private equity, venture capital, or loans.

  • Business Consulting: 

Genius Visionary provides consulting services to clients who need support for their business matters, such as entity structuring, energy consulting, real estate consulting, and more.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions: 

The company enhances the process of buying or selling businesses, by providing valuation, due diligence, negotiation, and closing services.

  • Partnering for Growth: 

It assists clients to identify and establish strategic partnerships that can enhance their business growth and competitiveness.

  • Powerful Exit Strategies: 

It helps clients to plan and implement effective exit strategies for their businesses, such as selling, merging, or liquidating. 

Besides the aforementioned services, Genius Visionary provides some additional services to make a mark. To stand out, it provides a single platform for all business solutions. Genius Visionary provides a vision to create a productive business environment and a thriving economy. Leveraging the relationship of trust, value, and work it has with clients, the company provides detailed insight into clients’ current business goals, values, processes, and financial resources. It concentrates on bringing about a 360-degree change in the business models with a new approach to leadership. 

Paving the Way to Success

Krishna Mohan had his fair share of setbacks in the initial days of his struggle. Some challenges he faced during that time were building a team, hiring, training, and retaining talented and motivated people. He wanted employees who shared his vision and were able to contribute to the growth and success of the company. Time and trial have polished the company’s business advisory services into a carefully crafted art that is established on profound market analysis, financial knowledge, and business skills. He adds, “We are proud to have served various businesses across different industries in the market that imparted us the experience required to run a shrewd business management consultancy”. 

Post-Pandemic Business Scenario

The pandemic has disrupted many aspects of work and life and has created new challenges and opportunities for businesses. It has increased the use of digital, tech, and analytic solutions in various industries. Moreover, the shift to remote and hybrid work models has helped in understanding organizational resilience and the importance of human capital. 

Krishna Mohan mentions that the pandemic has also created new opportunities for growth and innovation in some sectors and regions that have been less affected by or more resilient to the crisis. He further adds, “Businesses that can identify and capture these opportunities, as well as diversify their portfolios and markets, will be able to increase their revenues and profitability.”  

Innovation Leads to Business Growth

Krishna Mohan believes innovation is important for growing the company, especially for acquisition entrepreneurs who face the challenge of transforming an existing business into a more competitive and profitable one. According to him, innovation can be implemented in many forms. From introducing new products or services, improving operational efficiency, enhancing customer satisfaction, expanding into new markets, to acquiring complementary businesses, innovation is necessary. 

He further asserts that to add value as an acquisition entrepreneur, business leaders need to have a clear vision of how they can add value to the business they are buying, and how they can leverage its strengths and overcome its weaknesses. They also need to have the skills and resources to achieve their vision and handle the change process. These skills include creativity, adaptability, and resilience in the face of uncertainty and risk.

He adds, “Innovation can help you create a positive impact on your industry, society, and environment by solving problems, creating opportunities, or enhancing sustainability.” 

Team with a Shared Vision

Being an acquisition entrepreneur, Krishna Mohan is interested in buying and growing existing businesses. He believes that the workforce of every business plays a significant role in its growth. The workforce represents the culture and values of the business that affect the performance and reputation of the business. 

His team includes talented and passionate professionals who share his vision. The team is divided into experts in various fields like finance, marketing, operations, legal, and human resources. The team provides support to formulate strategies to improve the efficiency, profitability, and scalability of the acquired businesses. His team is his greatest strength and support of Genius Visionary. 

Critical Victories

  • Tangible Results:

Krishna Mohan has successfully acquired and grown a small business in a niche market that resonated with his skills and interests. He has increased his existing customer base, supplier relationships, and brand recognition of the business to increase revenue and market share. To enhance the business in terms of efficiency and competitiveness, he has implemented operational improvements and strategic initiatives.   

  • Delegation & Flexible:

Krishna Mohan has built a strong team that shares his vision and thought process for the business. He has empowered them to be accountable for their roles and responsibilities by providing opportunities for learning and development. Moreover, he has nurtured a culture of collaboration, innovation, and brilliance within the organization. 

  • Social Impact:

Krishna understands the importance of giving back to society. He has created noticeable social and environmental impacts through his business. He has aligned his business goals with sustainable development goals and exercised best practices for corporate social responsibility. He has also supported various causes and social initiatives that have benefited his local community and the wider society. 

Client Success Stories

Krishna Mohan has a client who bought a company that manages billing for emergency service providers. She used her engineering background and MBA education to improve the company’s processes, technology, and customer service. She also expanded the company’s market share by acquiring two smaller competitors in the same industry. Under her leadership, the company’s revenue grew by 40% and its profitability increased by 25% in the first year. 

Another client acquired a window-cleaning specialist for commercial properties, in 2021. He also invested in new equipment, training, and marketing to enhance the company’s reputation and reach. He grew the company’s customer base by 30% and its revenue by 35% in the first year. 

These are just two of the many client success stories Krishna Mohan shared. These stories positively impact his businesses, employees, customers, and communities. 

Further Expansions

Krishna Mohan believes in carrying a growth mindset. He tackles the same by seeking and exploring new opportunities and markets and scaling and growing the company. He aspires to expand his company’s reach by creating a unique and fascinating brand identity, value proposition, and customer experience. He fosters a culture of creativity, curiosity, and collaboration within the company, and encourages his team to generate and implement new ideas and solutions.

To expand his operations, he wants to craft a clear and compelling vision and mission for the company. A set of strategic goals and objectives too, that will align with his values and culture.

Favourite Quote

Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the best.” – John D. Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil Company. 

About this quote, Krishna says, “This quote resonates with me because it encourages me to pursue excellence and not settle for mediocrity. It also reminds me that sometimes I have to make tough choices and sacrifices to achieve my goals. As an acquisition entrepreneur, I think this quote can motivate me to seek out the best opportunities and not be content with the status quo.”

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