The Main Features of Leveling and the Raid System in Destiny 2

Destiny 2: The Main Features of Leveling and the Raid System | The Enterprise World

Many players starting to play Destiny 2 are faced with a general misunderstanding of the leveling and grinding system, which leads to a rather rapid outflow of gamers from the servers of the Bungie studio, although if you pay attention to the game mechanics and tips, and also use the D2 carry services, then everything will be simple and interesting.

Destiny 2 is a full-fledged MMO RPG project with shooter elements that use all the key mechanics for interesting gameplay.

These are headshots, suppressive fire, and a system of grenades and shelters, which have their effect in raids, during leveling, or in PVP modes like Trial of Osiris.

Choose your hero

Destiny 2: The Main Features of Leveling and the Raid System | The Enterprise World

D2 carry, or leveling up, always begins with choosing your hero, regardless of the style of play and the pace that you choose for yourself.

Fortunately, the overall selection system is not so complicated and is limited to a small number of heroes, but a large number of options and development variations that you can use.

1. Titan

This is a first-class tank and defender of the group, which can act as a classic defensive hero with a blocking shield and high armor, or a semi-attack class with the ability to deal stable damage due to its mechanics, ranged weapons, and enemy control skills.

Everything is decided by specialization, which will also determine your ability to upgrade yourself.

You can choose lightning as a key aspect of your development – it helps in battle by periodically causing magical damage to all nearby targets.

This can be absolutely all opponents without exception, and you do not need to deal constant damage to activate. You can simply hold a blocking shield and enemies will still take damage over time.

You can also hit the ground with steel fists to knock down nearby enemies if they are too close to your hero.

A tank as a hero is not bad at leveling up, since it can either consistently attack enemies itself or act as a defensive hero and keep the enemies on itself while the main allies destroy them.

Not a single Destiny 2 carry raid goes without a titan – this is a hero who can withstand a lot of damage from the boss and his minion. For the rest of the group, such damage can be fatal, but titanium can easily withstand it and protect its comrades.

2. Warlock

This is an attacking shooter and magician in the world of MMO RPG shooter genre. This is a stable hero with massive damage and the ability to choose both an attacking and auxiliary build.

Any format you prefer will be relevant in Destiny 2 carry raids.

The attacking format will deal stable damage to a large cluster of targets and will easily deal with the enemy retinue, while the auxiliary format will maintain the health and safety of allies in most situations, such as massive attacks from the boss and heavy damage from his ultimate abilities.

Most often, players choose an attacking type, which can be strengthened with void magic, or a stand. When choosing void, all your attacks will be enhanced by the power of uncontrolled energy, and when choosing a stand, your damage will be supplemented by the shrapnel effect and will have a greater spread.

In any case, your format will find a response, and warlocks are one of the most desirable heroes during Grind and Destiny 2 raid-carry.

3. Hunter

Destiny 2: The Main Features of Leveling and the Raid System | The Enterprise World

This is a full-fledged attacking hero and the most often chosen character due to its mechanics of fighting from long distances, strong damage in D2 carry and the ability to use elements of camouflage and melee.

In his mechanics, the hunter inflicts damage that ignores the armor of enemies, monsters, and bosses, making him one of the most effective heroes for the D2 carry service. You simply deal strong and stable damage from a safe distance, completely trusting your allies, who must not only contribute their damage to the target but also not let them get to the hunter to let the attacking classes do their thing.

One of the most profitable specializations is called the sun, which allows you to concentrate energy into one, but extremely powerful shot with a cooldown, and since you are already a powerful attacking unit, the damage will be accelerated accordingly.

Stand – as a new mechanic from the Lightfall update, is not very effective for a hunter, since it allows you to combine melee and ranged attacks, which is not very good for consistently causing damage.

What you need to know about raids?

A raid is a combined trip to a dangerous zone with a group, which allows you to claim dungeon rewards if you defeat the boss in his lair.

The system practically does not limit you in choosing the composition of the group, but shows its recommendations, which you can take into account, or you can simply act based on the personal confidence and capabilities of your group.

You will go through each raid several times – this can be done at will, since after each successful completion, you will get the opportunity to go through it again, but at an increased difficulty.

1. Regular raid

This is a standard and first trip to a specific monster’s lair with your D2 carry group.

You must meet the boss and in battle understand his strengths and special attacks and learn how to resist them, as well as find weaknesses and sources of stable damage against him.

This type of raid is the simplest and is essentially an introductory format – you just need to complete it to get equipment of sufficient quality to immediately move on to the heroic difficulty level.

2. Heroic Raid

This is a more difficult format that differs from a regular dungeon due to the faster pace of combat, higher rewards, and aggressive boss behavior.

3. Mythic Raid

The most difficult format, which, according to the recommendations of the game itself, requires at least 9 characters to complete the D2 carry raid. This does not mean that you must necessarily follow this path – if you are confident in the strength of your squad, then you should overcome this milestone.

Be prepared for difficulties, but the reward in case of victory will be worth it.

These are often legendary equipment and dungeon-level weapons.

General conclusion on the raid system in Destiny 2

If you play with a small group that plays well together, then the raid carry in Destiny 2 will be ideal for you.

You will be able to level up by going through interesting and different dungeons, and at the same time receive unique and powerful equipment that will greatly simplify your grind until the Lightfall update.

This does not mean that alone, or with a large squad of random players, you will not be able to complete raids or will find them ineffective, just that the chance of success may be lower due to the factor of random players who have no guarantee that they know how to play well their characters.

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