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The strategic communication industry is about how to effectively convey messages, build trust, and influence perceptions among various audiences, whether they are customers, stakeholders, or the general publicRight communication is important for businesses to get noticed, handle problems, and connect with the right audience. With an increase in demand for strategic communication services, the significance of leaders in the industry has grown. 

Lisa Gibson (President and Founder of Ignite Communications) is a prime example of a leader in the communication industry committed to delivering impactful work and encouraging innovation. She possesses the quintessential skills of a modern leader, offering specialized strategic communication services to her clients.

Lisa Gibson prioritizes continuous learning, sees challenges as chances to grow, and maintains a client-centric approach in her leadership philosophy. She is passionate about mentorship, spending her time and energy developing future communication leaders, and sharing her knowledge with others in the industry. 

A Fascinating Journey 

Lisa Gibson’s work journey started many years ago, and over her 30 year career has held different roles across renowned companies. Here are some highlights from her illustrious journey. 

  • Worked at Canadian Tire for 15 years, later became Associate Vice President of Media and Public Relations.
  • Transitioned to Shoppers Drug Mart as Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs.
  • Moved to Target Canada as Head of Communications 
  • Became Director of Communications at Tangerine.
  • Joined Microsoft in 2015 as Chief of Staff to the President and Head of Communications. where she contributed to communication strategies and leadership for  8 years.

Alongside working for companies, Lisa Gibson has also served on several boards. Currently, she is a board member for The Shine Foundation of Canada and Vice President of the Board of QueerTech. 

Thanks to her zeal to start her own business and commitment to driving strategic communication solutions for organizations, Lisa Gibson founded Ignite Communications Inc. in January 2024. She contributes her expertise and leadership to various boards and advisory committees, while also leaving a permanent impact on the communications industry through Ignite Communications.

Turning Dreams into Reality

Lisa Gibson started Ignite Communications. to help companies solve complex business problems using strategic communication plans. She worked for almost 30 years, leading communication teams in big companies before deciding to start her own business.

Lisa Gibson’s goals in starting her own business were threefold: 

  • To be part of the entrepreneurial community, which always inspired her. 
  • To work with clients, who share her values.  Working together, Lisa Gibson helps her clients  reach their goals through impactful and innovative communication strategies. 
  • To focus on work that she enjoyed and also have the freedom to choose where and how she worked.

Dealing with Early Business Barriers

Starting Ignite Communications Inc. was ambitious and since this was the first business she was starting from the ground up she had to understand regulations, manage the organization’s finances. Before she started her business, she connected with other business owners and experts for advice. She was impressed by their willingness to assist her during a casual coffee meeting or a phone conversation. Lisa listened carefully and learned as much as she could from their experiences. It also helped that Lisa Gibson had a solid plan for her business with clear goals in mind. She used her connections, learned new things, and had firm plans that made Ignite Communications Inc. grow.

Catering to Different Business Needs

Ignite Communications Inc. helps leaders deal with business problems, and helps organizations build brand love and mitigate  risks to their reputation. Lisa Gibson draws on her extensive experience, leading teams for  big companies like Microsoft and Target. She works alongside CEOs and other top leaders,  across a wide range of  industries, to address business needs by developing and implementing plans to solve problems and capitalize on opportunities.

Lisa Gibson is a popular speaker who shares strategies for  building personal thought leadership brands, as well as best practices for how professionals  can  use AIto be more creative and productive in their daily work.. In addition to assisting CEOs in building brands, Ignite collaborates with healthcare, technology, and academic organizations to enhance their annual communication strategies. This includes analyzing all stakeholders, planning strategic off-site meetings, and creating practical plans that deliver the organization’s goals. 

With  a strong interest and experience in artificial intelligence, Ignite Communications Inc. helps different businesses of all sizes successfully  adopt and rollout AI. It offers expert advice, policies and a change management communications strategy  to help companies realize the benefits and address the potential risks AI brings. Under the leadership of Lisa, the company has been guiding businesses to successful AI use. Lisa Gibson is known for her talks and helpful workshops, which have benefited various groups, from Canada’s tourism to big tech companies, the retail industry and schools. Ignite Communications’ approach is about ensuring employees are at the center and  that businesses get the most out of AI, helping them grow and change for the better.

Principles of Purpose 

Businesses usually start because people have a strong reason or goal that pushes them to become entrepreneurs. The motive can be different for everyone. Some start a business because they want to solve a problem, while others do it because they want to create something new. Businesses require more than just a motive. They need a philosophy and a leader, like Lisa, to make decisions and deliver client-centered outcomes.  

Crafting Excellence

Philosophy is essential for providing the best services because it guides the values and principles that strengthen the services delivered. Lisa Gibson has a clear philosophy, is customer-focused and  ensures  that customers get the best service in every interaction.. 

Services offered by Ignite Communications Inc. are:

  1. Executive Thought Leadership:

Ignite Communications specializes in helping top leaders establish a strong reputation for their ideas and expertise, which can result in various benefits for their company, including increased sales, attracting better talent, higher employee satisfaction, and career advancement opportunities. Whether someone is a CEO, just starting their career, or assisting leaders at their company, Ignite can help them stand out. 

  1. Change Management and Employee Communications:

Ignite Communications specializes in assisting companies in managing change through transparent communication with their employees. The company recognizes that change can be difficult, but with effective communication, employees can understand and accept changes, leading to a smooth change for the company. It can handle various changes, such as restructuring or new leadership. With their support, companies can navigate changes with minimal disruption and keep their employees engaged.

  1. Issues and Crisis Communication::

Ignite Communications. provides clear and appropriate communication strategies to guide organizations through difficult situations. Whether it’s dealing with cyber-attacks, natural disasters, or environmental issues, it helps in minimizing damage and protecting the organization’s reputation. The brand’s goal is to assist organizations in bouncing back stronger from crises.

  1. Digital & AI Transformation: AI is evolving at a breathtaking place and organizations need to leverage its capabilities or risk being left behind.  Whether it’s helping your organization build an AI adoption roadmap, manage change communications or demonstrate specific use cases, Ignite Communications will help you maximize generative AI to drive productivity, creativity and growth. 
  1. PR & Media Relations:

Ignite Communications provides specialized services in Public Relations and Media Relations to enhance the success of an organization. With extensive experience, the company excels in launching and promoting brands, products, and services through strategic PR, influencer relations, and social media. 

  1. Communication Effectiveness & Org Design:

Ignite Communications offers services in Communication Effectiveness and Org Design. With extensive experience in building, developing, and leading teams across diverse industries, it specializes in assessing organizational structure and talent. It ensures that companies have the right people in suitable positions to meet their business goals.

Achieving Growth through Strategic Vision

Lisa values providing the best services that help clients to build brand love, solve complex problems and help them grow their business. While she has 30 years of experience, she believes in continual learning, and remaining open to trying new things.

Lisa believes that launching a business involves in-built risks. By accepting these risks and believing in your skills and experience while learning from others, growth opportunities occur. 

Lisa ensures that her entrepreneurial approach is balanced, with a clear vision, well-defined goals, and a strong business development plan. 

Balancing Work and Personal Responsibilities

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential for achieving sustainable growth and success. Having her business allows Lisa to do things she enjoys, like traveling, cooking, staying active and mentoring early-in-career communication professionals. However, it is not always easy. Lisa loves her job and running her own business and often finds herself working on evenings and weekends.  Lisa strongly believes in cherishing both your professional journey and your personal wellbeing and is something she focuses on daily!.  

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