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Big Data grew in unique ways on its long journey. The meiosis of data reams is unraveling the potential and possibilities for Analytics-based-business-planning and execution. But, is data serving senior Business Management? With the growing business spectrum, it gets strenuous for key decision-makers to analyses the processes. By providing algorithmic suites for ambitious businesses with the help of Big Data analytics, M76 Analytics has created a unique place in the technology landscape.

M76 Analytics is a niche business algorithm company providing applicable analytics support for direct consumption of Senior Business Leaders. After working for two decades in the field of Big Data Analytics, Mr. Jai Mrug, Founder and CEO of M76 Analytics, identified the crucial levers missing in the traditional Big Data software products.

MIS, still is a tool for operational insights and control, not planning. It only provides a post-mortem analysis of loss/failure. A software that can support proactive planning is still a technology for posterity, just as it has been for more than 3 decades, until Mego, the Decision Support Framework of M76 knocked on the doors of business strategists.

M76 Analytics sees a hunger in business leaders to change this world. It is a team driven by the inspiration derived from their vision. It is them M76 Analytics serves, and it is for them they built Mego, a simple Do It Yourself Big Data Analytics Framework that brings back the dexterity of planning to Business leaders. With Mego, Business leaders can do all the Big Data Analytics necessary for them, from a simple demand sensing to entire logistics planning, without any training in Big Data Analytics.

Mego can be used to rapidly turn business processes into expert systems, which in-turn facilitates 3 key components of planning. One, You can investigate the process for dead-weights, misalignments, and possible future pitfalls. Two, You can optimize the process and forward the respective actionables to concerning officials (all with 2 clicks). And Three, You can re-optimize and simulate, on-the-fly, to make sure that the planned scenarios are practical and not too disruptive that they make your teams uncomfortable.

Business leaders who invested in the Big Data promise are happy to experience Decision Support today, to realize that the prophesized AI potential of Big Data is not far away from the reach.

From the way the information is channelled, to the way it is presented, it is as if the software is imitating your own thought process at a great speed and helping you plan. Each Thought tool of Mego library is an expert system ready for configuration so that your answers are easily found, be they about past or future. Mego is a strategy planning assistant that is redefining planning, and helping business leaders re-imagine Thinking.

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The Series of Initial Challenges

Every business needs to overcome initial hurdles to create a smoother path ahead. M76 Analytics also faced initial challenges that they tackled with, without panic.

Heavy cynicism for AI was one of the major initial challenges. The vague interpretation of AI hype, that persisted for a long time, brought a lot of confusion, impatience and hence a cynicism for any product that has a promise in this direction.

Business Leaders, who are the true users of M76’s product, stayed away from discussions, thanks to the Big Data confusion. Years of isolation of business leaders from Big Data Analytics made organizations route them through IT teams, only to realize that M76 does not, in any way effect the existing IT infrastructure or software setup.

Mego is an independent Enterprise architecture built especially for the use of Business leaders.

Forecasts are useless in general, unless the planning cycles are extremely agile. A planning cycle lifetime should be at most 1/6th of the forecast horizon, to be able to use forecasts reliably. Meanwhile, forecasts must be reassessed based on the feedback from the previous planning cycle and misalignment in execution. Technical eyes untrained in business planning and execution, saw their product to be predictive-analytics-plus-plus, while they failed to understand the significance of making success certain through statistical approach.

We have achieved a sustainable operation, built assets worthy of trademarking and patenting, and discovered the best networks to get business traction.

Jai Mrug

Many business leaders were facing people’s problems and compliance issues. However, it took little time to prove software can indeed help them by:

1) Setting up north star metrics, that keep updating themselves with every re-optimization, made sure that teams are always pursuing growth and not efficiency metrics.

2) Resource reallocation, that used to happen once every year because of the extensive effort that goes into it, can now upon be carried out request, thanks to the optimizers that mimic business leader to prescribe the best resource allocation plan and let the user play around the contours to enforce his/her own business tacit knowledge. 

The point that triggered the Growth of the M76 Analytics

After Initial resistance, M76 Analytics picked an initial set of prototype customers, and then there was no looking back.

The major breakthrough was, defining decision as a data point. What is the difference between machine learning and AI? Machine learning is to teach software the context of data, while AI is a software that assists the user in accomplishing something. Long has the market misguided business leaders with confusing definitions and inaccurate interpretations. The AI that Business leaders are looking for, is simple at its core. It is a collation of expert systems whose machine learning happens, with historic business decisions as training data points.

Mego is a Decision Support System. Their decision support templates made it easy for business leaders to not only make decisions but gave them the comfort that their decisions are being digitized and will soon deliver the AI they yearned for.

After proving multiple times that the Intelligence of Artificial Intelligence has to come from the business leader himself, Mego succeeded as a software that can empower the Senior Level management and started attracting more and more users.

One of M76 Analytics’ first customers during a prototype demonstration, remarked that they had “opened his eyes”. Clearly, they were demonstrating insights that were a rarity, and they got this compliment, in spite of the fact that the client had one of the costliest visual analytics software with them.

The backbone behind M76 Analytics’ long-standing success

With a team of full-stack developers trained with statistics and business domain knowledge, M76’s team is a leader in building expert systems that assist business leaders.

The library of thought tools is designed by Jai himself, with his extensive experience as Psephologist, Big Data and Business strategy consultant. The tools are robust to ever-evolving business anomalies.

There is No Success Without Sacrifice and No Strength Without Suffering

Sri Aurobindo

Managers at the mid-senior level are happy today that their report making has been automated, however, senior business leaders, ironically, have been ignored, left to still feel hand-tied without software that can assist them in planning strategy for an organization of such scale. The software that needed six-figure investments are nowhere close to the promise of Big Data prophecy. Mego is the new age product and a must-have for every data mature organization; M76 Analytics has delivered the dream.

M76 Analytics’ value system is one of the factors that played a vital role in the growth of the company. Speed in execution, transparency in knowledge sharing, provides their clients a sense of security and trust that now; they can themselves turn Big Data into revenues.

The information shrouded in the terabytes of your data needs YOU to interpret it. The evolution of technology and data deluge has made analytics all the more fun. The collective understanding of these data reams is now a vital tool for decision-makers.

Their Offerings

Mego’s most used thought tool, the Thought pin, for example, is an entire Process Intelligence system. It lets the planner set up his/her own process and define metrics. Mego also helps planners set benchmarks on process parameters and assign management personnel accountable for different parts of the process. Once the process is in the execution phase, Mego constantly monitors process parameters and gives feedback to the planner. With a simple click on the monitoring screen itself, Users can trigger context-specific mails where the planner needs feedback from managers e.g. when a benchmark violation occurs. The planner can also easily download context-specific data in the report/raw format from any screen.

Thought pin facilitates a machine-driven root cause analysis to narrow down on the major causes of process misalignment and major dead weights in the process.

While the process is in the execution phase, the Planner will be able to redefine the North Star metric, which will seamlessly update actionables for different teams involved.

Thought pin is by far one of the most configurable and easy to use the tool in Mego’s arsenal. If you are wondering, setting up a new Thought pin takes less than 5 minutes on Mego.

Words from the Founder & CEO, Mr. Jai Mrug

Mr Mrug says, “We have achieved a sustainable operation, built assets worthy of trademarking and patenting, and discovered the best networks to get business traction.”

The technology helps scale with machine abilities business leaders analytic and Decision-making processes. It is a renaissance of knowledge that was earlier not scaled because of technology and computing limitations. It helps Business leaders by literally scaling up their thinking.

While talking about the constant vigilance, Mr Mrug says, “Constant Vigilance is just a foundation of Strategy and not the strategy by itself. It continually provides the green shoots necessary for redesigning business strategy. It’s the only thing that makes the change permanent, and evolution the leitmotif of existence.”

Organizations that continually nurture intellectual assets, have a tendency to look beyond the obvious, will generate assets that continuously give them a differentiation from the rest of the market. These differentiators keep organizations away from the rat race. Of course, the marketing jargon and lingo tend to be common between all competitors, but in the long run, those with a differentiator stand out completely. Mr Mrug says, Nandan Nilekani,  co-founder of Infosys has always been a source of motivation for him.

The Smart Workforce

A workforce is a true treasure for every business. A satisfied staff can only satisfy the client. At M76 Analytics, the happening work environment helps them to increase productivity in terms of quality as well as quantity. Each person of team M76 is trained with extreme care to be a Business Strategy Custodian and be able to run through an entire software development life cycle independently. It is a team of best of the breed coders, each with years of experience in your business domain, who can understand the thought process of Business Management.

There is a high octane learning curve, especially in the first three years, which keeps most intellectually engaged. Other than the Founder, everyone is minus 25, making it a very charged and committed team, and having great ownership of what they have learned. As a team, it, therefore, produces outcomes similar to very experienced teams as well.

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