Delta flight was forced back to Amsterdam after maggots fell onto the passenger

Delta flight was forced back to Amsterdam after maggots fell onto the passenger | The Enterprise World

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Delta Flight From Amsterdam to Detroit Turns Back Due to Maggot Infestation

On Tuesday, Delta Flight 133 encountered an unexpected and unsettling incident during its journey from Amsterdam, Netherlands, to Detroit, Michigan. Approximately one hour into the flight, the Airbus A330-300 was compelled to return to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport after maggots reportedly emerged from an overhead bin and fell onto a passenger, as reported by Detroit TV station FOX 2 (WJBK).

Passengers Shocked as Maggots Fall From Overhead Bin

Passenger Philip Schotte, a Netherlands native currently residing in Iowa, recounted the harrowing experience in an interview with FOX 2. According to Schotte, he witnessed approximately a dozen maggots on a fellow passenger seated beside him. The woman, visibly distressed, attempted to fend off the unexpected intruders as confusion and disgust gripped the cabin.

Schotte described his disbelief and struggle to comprehend the situation as the scene unfolded before him. “She was freaking out. She was just trying to kind of fight off these maggots… I don’t know what was going through my mind. I was trying to process it – disgust is one thing of course. We had to wait there for help to come,” he conveyed to the station.

Following the discovery, the Delta flight crew undertook efforts to identify the source of the infestation. Eventually, they traced it back to a passenger’s bag, which reportedly contained rotten fish wrapped in newspaper. As a precautionary measure, the bag was relocated to the rear of the aircraft. Subsequently, it was announced that the flight would return to Amsterdam.

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Disruption to an improperly packed carry-on bag

Despite the unsettling turn of events, Schotte and other affected passengers were accommodated on alternative Delta flights to their destination. Schotte himself boarded another flight to the US a few hours later, eager to put the unsettling incident behind him.

While CNN has not independently verified the details provided by Schotte, data from the flight tracking website FlightAware corroborates that Flight 133 spent just one hour and 49 minutes in the air before its return to Amsterdam.

Delta Flight, when contacted by CNN for clarification, confirmed the flight’s diversion but refrained from commenting specifically on the presence of maggots. In a statement to CNN Travel, the airline apologized to the affected passengers and attributed the disruption to an improperly packed carry-on bag. The aircraft underwent cleaning procedures before resuming service.

Notably, Delta Air Lines does not enforce prohibitions on carrying perishable food items, such as fish, onboard its flights, provided they adhere to agricultural restrictions for the destination country, as outlined on its website.

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