How to avoid physical problems in lockdown

How to maintain physical health during Lockdown

How to Maintain Physical Health during Lockdown?

The lockdown is designed to protect as many people as possible from the coronavirus. However, the lockdown has led to restrictions on free movement in public places. Having to stay home all day has slowed people’s physical activity. This can reflect on the health of citizens.

The coronavirus has spread all over the world. The number of corona patients is increasing exponentially. Many countries have imposed a nationwide curfew to curb the spread of corona. As a result, citizens are no longer able to leave their homes. Many working-class people are now seen doing ‘work from home’ as they have to stay at home to save their lives.

The implication is that a sedentary lifestyle has reduced physical activity. In addition, due to lockdown, you have to work from home, so staying in one place all day can lead to health problems.

The lockdown has seen everyone adopt a different way of working from home. Many people feel tired without going to the office, without having a quintet meeting, without going to the field. This means that people, on the one hand, succeed in doing ‘work from home‘ but on the other hand fail to maintain physical health. Many people sit on beds, couches, or chairs while doing office work at home. Sitting in such a position for too long can cause pressure on the shoulders and neck and can lead to physical problems.

Since ‘Work from Home’ is on, you have to sit in one place all day long. As a result, there is no movement, and indigestion occurs. Eating and drinking times have changed since the onset of the cycle of going to bed late at night and getting up late in the morning. So many people may also experience headaches.

Avoid doing so to Maintain Physical Health:

•    Do not strain your back to lift or sweep anything. This can cause back pain.

•    Avoid sitting in one place for a long time: – If you want to Maintain Physical Health, you need to move constantly. So don’t sit in one place for long while working from home. Make it a habit to walk frequently while working in the kitchen. For this, you should try to talk on the phone without sitting down and talking. So that physical movement can take place.

•    Leaning down while working on a computer can be harmful. This can cause pain in the neck, back, and shoulders. To do this, put books under the computer screen so that it appears in front of your face to Maintain Physical Health. So you can see the computer screen properly. So that bending down while working will not hurt the neck and spine.

•    Bending the wrists or elbows on both sides of the keyboard while typing can hurt the joints and their nerves. If left untreated, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can develop. This causes tingling in the hands. So it is important to have a large keyboard with a large computer screen while working to Maintain Physical Health.

Do this to Maintain Physical Health:

•    Regular physical exercise is essential to Maintain Physical Health. Exercise is a great way to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, back, and legs. In addition, yoga is very beneficial if you want to reduce stress on the mind and body.

•    When working from home, try to take occasional breaks and stand for a while.

•    Always practice this type of exercise to relax the shoulders and neck

•    Practice proper breathing techniques.

•    Use a pillow if you have back pain while working at home.

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