Make Your Business Environmentally Friendly Today

Make your business environment friendly today

There are a few different ways in which you can make your business environment friendly, starting today. Being environmentally friendly can include all sorts of actions, from cutting down on the amount of water your business wastes, to making sure that the carbon footprint of your products is minimal. 

Below are few tips to make your business environment friendly:

1. Offer Your Employees and Customers Swag

Swag can be a very important part of either getting more customers or enticing your customers to spend more money with your business.

A clever way of using swag is to advertise your business and your products or services, but it must be useful in order for this kind of advertising to work. The swag that you offer your customers and your employees must also be of good quality and fully reusable in order for it to be both beneficial to those you give it to and the environment. This will improve your Customer Relationship Management system also.

By going to a reputable business in order to obtain your swag items, such as, you will not only be getting good quality items but items that people will want to use time and time again for business environment friendly.

2. Go for Digitalization in the Workplace

One of the best ways of being environmentally friendly is to go for digitalization and try to be totally paperless within your workplace. By sending emails and text messages to work colleges rather than written or typed notes on pieces of paper, you will not only be saving the environment, but you will also be saving the time it would take you to deliver your note to its destination.

Also, some of the main benefits of using tools such as email and especially texts are that they have high open rates, you will not have to wait days for letters to be received by your customers before they get back to you, and you will have the history of any conversation thread at your fingertips rather than having to spend valuable time looking in files.

It will also free up storage space within your workplace not only in storing data printed on paper but also in the amount of room needed to store reams and reams of paper waiting to be used.

3. Offer Discounts to your Customers for Large Orders

Another way of moving your business in a more business environment friendly direction is to get your customers to bulk buy or expect delivery on certain days only. This will cut down your products’ carbon footprint. By being able to deliver to certain areas or ZIP codes on certain days, you can plan your routes in order to get your deliveries done quicker and without overspending on gas running here, there, and everywhere.

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There are a couple of ways in which you can instigate these actions. Offer discounts to customers so that their orders take up more of your delivery vehicles, so they are not running half loaded, or make the deliveries on certain days cheaper in the hope that your customers will choose to save money on their deliveries.


Being business environment friendly has become the need of the current hour. The businesses should adapt themselves to more environment effective modules which can sustain for a longer duration of time. In this article, we discussed some of the ways/ types you can use to make your business environment friendly.

While it is important to make your process and solutions compatible with environmental changes, it is also important to change the thought process of your prospective clients as well as current customers. If the complete ecosystem changes at the same pace, then the desired output will be more efficient and become business environment friendly.

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