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Saurabh Gupta CEO Manras Technologies

Over the past few years, Salesforce has evolved as an excellent platform that deploys the cloud computing service as software that specializes in the customer relationship management. The services offered by Salesforce have made it easy for the businesses to use this cloud technology and connect with the customers efficiently.

Many companies deploy Salesforce’s services, with a hint of their innovation, combined altogether to give the clients the best in class CRM solutions. Manras Technologies is one such company that offers high end software solutions, software development, consulting and IT services to the clients globally to execute technology driven business transformation initiatives.

Manras Technologies started as an initiative for bringing young, passionate Salesforce CRM talent under one roof and to create simple yet innovative solutions for various Service needs for our customers.

Manras Technologies enables its customers to maximize their investment in Salesforce by providing you access to a team of certified and experienced consultants and engineers. We are Salesforce gold consulting partner and are 5 years old.

We, at Manras, believe that your success is our Mission and that’s why we are here to transform your company digitally.

The Journey-

Manras Technologies exists to help customers overcome key business challenges by providing innovative Salesforce business solutions that increase efficiency with their products, and execution excellence. Manras Technologies has earned their excellence over years by overcoming initial challenges, almost every business encounters.

Their major challenges were that of capital formation, finding the right people and building the brand. Getting the correct people hired in a smaller organization and with same growth mindset was a bigger challenge. As it’s very crucial to have correct team members to take the company in desired direction. Initially customer didn’t know about the organization, they didn’t trust the organization.

But it all started to fall together into a big picture when the right people joined the team and worked towards the goal together. And very soon, the customers started being confident about the services provided by Manras Technologies. They started seeing their value and benefits when they worked with them, and from this came a steady flow of recurring business.  The charts below show the growth of the business over the years.

Today, Manras Technologies is a team of more than 60 qualified professionals who have vast industry experience and are highly skilled in handling leading technology platforms. His expertise translates into business solutions for our clients providing them with a competitive advantage that drives price advantage as well as bottom-line results.

The Products and Services-

Manras Technologies is a Salesforce consulting and implementation partner. The company is driven by delivery excellence and customer success the two things that distinguish them from other companies in market. Their services include-

Salesforce Consulting Services-

Salesforce is a powerful platform where companies and clients can interact in an unimaginably easier way. Unleashing its immense power is extremely important to crack profitable deals, thus optimizing your business. This is where Salesforce Consultants pitch in. Salesforce Consulting Services analyze the business requirements to build solutions that have full capabilities to put a full stop to all the queries of the client or business prospects.

Salesforce Development Services-

With 5+ years of experience and 95% client satisfactionManras Technologies understands the need of every type of industry sector. Their experienced developers provide end-to-end Salesforce Development services including planning, strategizing and implementing Salesforce platform.

They don’t change the business functioning to fit to Salesforce CRM. Instead their development services customize Salesforce CRM to fit to the existing business functioning.

At Manras, we understand that Salesforce Development is the fuel to the body where the client is the heart and the employees are its brain.

The company makes sure to leave no stone unturned to provide the best quality Development services with their experienced team of Lightning developers, UI designers and developers, System architects, API developers.

Salesforce Integration Services-

Salesforce, in itself, is a robust platform in terms of automation, adaptability, and productivity. Salesforce Integration services help conjugate Salesforce with other third-party applications and are therefore being used by many business owners to avail themselves of this missed opportunity.

The Team-

Being transparent with employees has helped the company to run the operations smooth. Truthful feedback to the employees helps them in improving in the areas required.

Sometimes, raising the bar also helps. Manras tries to explore new arenas, removes eather than be satisfied with what they do. This brings out the best in them.

Manras Technologies takes a keen interest in professional growth path of the employees and always give them help, direction and opportunities to move ahead. 

Why Manras?

  • We understand your pain points and with effective implementation resolve them.
  • From consultation to implementation our experts deliver results at a bigger scale in shorter time.
  • We at Manras believe we will only be successful it our customers are successful.
  • We have a strong foundation of trust and understanding with our clients, which we attribute to four pillars of success.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney

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