3 New Strategic Investment Options for Manufacturing in the UK.

Strategic Investment Options for Manufacturing Sector in the UK

Britain has been the birthplace of the industrial revolution and still remains a leading manufacturing nation and a world leader in hi-tech sectors such as aerospace. There are almost 2.6 million people employed directly in the manufacturing sector in the UK. The British manufacturing sector enters a new era and is shaping up for challenges. With this new era, here are three new options for strategic investment in the UK manufacturing sector.

Announcements by Siemens, Dassault Systèmes, and the UK Atomic Energy Authority emphasize the growing importance of industry playing a major role with the government and academia in the UK’s future of skill and research.

1. Digital Academy in Manufacturing Sector

Siemens Digital Industries has created a new Digital Academy for investment in second-year university students who seek their careers in the manufacturing sector.

Siemens, the University of Sheffield, and Newcastle University have partnered to offer a selected few students £3,000 a year for their second year of university and also up to 12-weeks of paid summer placement throughout their duration of studies within a Siemens Business. And also at the end of their degree, they will be given a chance to join Siemens Graduate Scheme.

The managing director of Siemens Digital Industries, Brian Holliday said, “This program gives undergraduates applied and up-to-date experience to bolster their academic learning. By strengthening links between business and our world-leading universities, we can inspire and nurture talent to support the UK’s leading role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

2. A New Deal Benefits AMRC

Another major investment is the technology company Dassault Systèmes. The company has become a member of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) to support UK manufacturing sector as it is venturing into automation, robotics, and visualization at all levels.

The AMRC, which is a part of the High-Value Manufacturing Catapult, is also a world-class research center for the advanced manufacturing sector, for the development of sustainable solutions to improve UK’s productivity, talent, and skill.

With the introduction of new ways of automatically assembling with the use of complex products and certain advanced technologies like robotics, augmented reality and large volume metrology, the AMRC is addressing a few key operational challenges its partners face in their course of development of factories of future through digital transformation.

The global affairs manager, Séverine Trouillet, EuroNorth at Dassault Systèmes has said that “Automation, robotics, and visualization are the basis on which we are building a radically new world, where entire sectors will be turned upside down.

No industry will be transformed quite as much as manufacturing, which is why we are proud to be joining the AMRC and helping its members adopt a digital-first way of thinking, and also create the Future of Manufacturing at the heart of the industrial North.”

Dassault Systèmes will also engage in a Made Smarter initiative which was recently launched at AMRC. This initiative was launched in order to create an open-access Smart Factory testbed. This will allow the companies to increase their productivity and reduce the defects and time to market. This new investment is also set to impact the increasingly worrying skill gap in the UK.

3. Fusion Power in Manufacturing Sector

The Atomic Energy Authority of the UK (UKAEA) is planning on building a £22m fusion energy research facility on the Advanced Manufacturing Park the following year. This facility will work with research and industry partner to put the UK in a strong position for the commercialization of nuclear fusion as a major source of low-carbon electricity in the years ahead.

This facility would bring as many as 40 highly skilled jobs to the South Yorkshire area and will also work with the AMRC and also the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRC).

This venture of Advanced Manufacturing plant already has Rolls-Royce and McLaren Automotive on board and also the University of Sheffield AMRC and the Nuclear AMRC. The site will supposedly help the UK companies to win contracts as a part of ITER, a key international fusion project which is being built in France. Further, it will also enable the development of technology for the first nuclear fusion power plants.

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