Mauricio Arce Lara: Sustainably Leading toward new heights of Success

Mauricio Arce Lara: Sustainably Leading toward new heights of Success | The Enterprise World

Sustainability and Efficiency are two pillars driving modern engineering and architectural projects globally. The projects are usually complex, where balancing multiple factors like civil engineering, structural engineering, and architectural design is vital and can make or break the entire project. Considering the cruciality of the projects, clients across the public and private sectors opt for consulting firms to focus on these essential aspects, leveraging their expertise.

One of the firms at the forefront of this sector, driving sustainable growth, is PIASA CONSULTORESTo stay ahead of the curve, the professional teams at PIASA are continually up-to-date on industry trends. At the helm of PIASA, Mauricio Arce LaraCEO, remains a pivotal visionary who is helping the firm reach new heights of success—making him one of the leaders to watch in 2024.

Leadership throughout Generations

Modern businesses today are led by leaders from various generations with different priorities and business methods. Gen-X is more result-oriented and strict, which influenced Mauricio Arce Lara’s leadership style in the initial years. 

To achieve success, he started incorporating a more flexible approach, obtained better methods to maximize productivity, adapted to the digital world and lifestyles, like working from home, helped gain a more rounded vision.  Also becoming  purpose-driven organization  has inspired his teams.

Artificial intelligence could be a massive challenge for business leaders as it revolutionizes industries globally, predicts Maurice. He adds that a good leader must harness the AI-power as early as possible to succeed in the market.

From the Early Years

PIASA was incepted in 1971, offering consulting services in architecture, engineering, and valuation—now operating in Latin America. As a player in the small market, the firm designed all kind of  facilities from the early years. Currently, the business focuses on business parks, industrial facilities, and airports, offering AOR services for large residential and resort projects.

The approach at PIASA is quality-oriented and has a sustainability vision reflected in everything it does. Overall, the intricate knowledge of various practices enables the firm to climb new heights of success.

We embrace the code compliance of the main markets in America and Europe, so it is common for us to adapt to the development of any large-scale project in different locations.

Road to Success

Maurice’s father, who is a renowned architect, has always been a role model for him growing up. In the early days, Maurice encountered new challenges but also discovered new leaders who positively contributed to his business vision. He understood that most of these successful leaders value the elements of purpose, equality, and solidarity.

At PIASA, as a project-based income organization, Mauricio’s primary objective is rainmaking and creating a project pipeline with uncompromised quality. When asked about the success achieved by the firm, he did not hesitate to credit the great team of professionals at PIASA.

Milestones and the Inevitable Setbacks

Maurice has designed some of the most visually pleasing Business Parks in the last two decades. The fact that they are home to some renowned corporations in various fields is our best achievement, says Mauricio Arce Lara. When he witnesses the newer generation wanting to learn and replicate what PIASA does, it adds one more brick to his vision of leaving a lasting legacy in good planning and quality design.

For most entrepreneurs, failure is as common as success and a part of the business ecosystem. Here’s what Mauricio Arce Lara suggests a company should do to safeguard its future: 

During successful times, a company must harvest and save. In failure, try to minimize the cost of learning, making the University of Life as cheap as possible.

With organizations consisting of diverse cultures, there is no longer only one way of achieving objectives. As a B2B organization, PIASA often encounters clients who do not share the same principles and values, which makes leading such clients a daunting task.

Juggling Work and Life

Mauricio Arce Lara loves to spend time outdoors to unwind. While his hobbies include golfing and fishing, he also likes Farming. Moreover, tennis has always been a part of his life, training to maintain his physical health twice a week. He has understood the importance of having a safe space and a good routine to stay focused. It includes meditation, mindfulness, quiet time to think, and surrounding himself with loved ones, family, and friends.

Playing to the strengths

Resilience, discipline, finding the strengths of the staff members, maximizing productivity, and delegating tasks according to people’s strengths are essential qualities of a good leader. As an aspiring entrepreneur, always focus on your product and deliver the best service  you can provide, regardless of what the competition is doing 

Mauricio Arce Lara: Sustainably Leading toward new heights of Success | The Enterprise World
Mauricio Arce Lara: Sustainably Leading toward new heights of Success | The Enterprise World

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