McDonald’s introducing purple milkshake in honor of Grimace

McDonald’s introducing purple milkshake in honor of Grimace | The Enterprise World

In honor of Grimace’s birthday, McDonald’s is introducing a special purple milkshake to go with his limited-edition meal. McDonald’s changed the images in the social media account logos to show a sleepy-eyed, furry purple thing about to consume a milkshake in time for a birthday celebration. Grimace is its name, and it will be 52 years old soon.

Grimace is a fictional character from the McDonald’s world

The promotion is comparable to the green milkshake that the fast food chain debuted on St. Patrick’s Day in honor of Uncle O’Grimacey, Grimace’s uncle. Grimace is a fictional character from the McDonald’s world that was made for kids to use as a bribe to get their parents to buy them fast food after seeing the fluffy ball of fluff in advertisements or as a toy.

Grimace’s original name was Evil Grimace, and when it first appeared in 1971, it unintentionally startled children because of his scaly body and four limbs, which was the opposite of what the McDonald’s marketing team intended. By 1973, Ronald McDonald and Grimace had become close friends, and Grimace had been changed into a fuzzy purple blob with two limbs and a fondness for milkshakes.

Starting on June 12

A Big Mac or 10 chicken McNuggets, medium-sized french fries, and the purple milkshake are all part of Grimace’s birthday feast. According to, the shake will be a mixed concoction of vanilla soft-serve ice cream swirled with berry flavors. Starting on June 12 and lasting as long as supplies last, participating eateries will serve the Grimace birthday feast.

Grimace, the enormous purple mascot frequently seen alongside Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar, turns one today, and McDonald’s is inviting the general public to help them celebrate. The burger joint revealed on Tuesday that it will mark the occasion by offering the Grimace Birthday Meal, which features food that is supposed to be among the character’s favorites. Burger lovers will be able to order the meal later this month with either a Big Mac or ten pieces of Chicken McNuggets as their side. After that, the dish comes with a side of fries and a brand-new purple milkshake.

Beginning on June 12, the meal will be available at participating restaurants and can be ordered inside, through the drive-thru, or the McDonald’s rewards app. McDonald’s chief marketer Tariq Hassan stated in a press release that “our fans have incredible childhood memories of their birthdays at McDonald’s…and Grimace’s Birthday is all about paying homage to the amazing, fun moments we all share.” We’re thrilled to give these memories a contemporary twist to keep McDonald’s relevant with a new generation. To have McDonald’s meet our followers at the nexus of nostalgia and culture, Grimace is the ideal endearing icon.

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