7 Motivating Stories of Indian Business Women

7 Motivating Stories of Indian Business Women

The scenario of the Indian business has changed over the years. With the feminists taking over the country, and women getting equal rights to education and in every other field, the Indian Business Women too have emerged as the superpowers in the business world. A few decades ago, a woman setting foot in the business world was not readily accepted and was turned a deaf ear. But with the zeal and the passion, more and more women are entering the business world and changing the face of it. Here are some stories of the Indian Business Women, who have led their companies to a successful path.

Falguni Nayar, the founder of Nykaa-

Nykaa was founded in 2012 by Falguni Nayar. Falguni Nayar, Indian Business Women is an investment banker turned e-commerce entrepreneur. Nykaa was a relatively new venture, as they’re already were e-commerce businesses that sold women’s apparel and other general commodities. Cosmetics was a new industry to step into the e-commerce wing, and no one earlier had tried it. Nykaa is now a seven-year-old online beauty retail venture. The brand is growing day by day, and there is not a single girl who does not adore the online beauty portal. With excellent products and quick product delivery, Nykaa is gaining tremendous momentum in the beauty industry.

Rati Shetty, the founder of BankBazaar

Rati Shetty, Indian Business Women is someone who has come from a family of entrepreneurs and always had an inclination towards setting up an enterprise. The idea behind the establishment of BankBazaar was to minimize the long paperwork associated with the bank processes of loans and other banks’ procedures and make it easier and streamlined.

Initially, the company faced a lot of hardships because people have a doubtful mindset when there is no human element involved in bank procedures. Today BankBazaar is the number one FinTech Company in India and they intend to focus on the use of even more innovative technology in the industry.

Radhika Aggarwal, the founder of ShopClues

ShopClues is an internet industry that provides online shopping services to people. She is the first woman to have entered the Unicorn Club. The website promotes many local as well as regional brands. “There have been several mistakes and we are wiser because of them,” Radhika, Indian Business Women said in an interview. Today, ShopClues has risen among the first three marketplaces in India and sells products across categories like fashion, home décor, furnishings, and electronics. ShopClues focuses on the consumers and sellers from Tier II and Tier III, unlike their competitors. In the year 2015, ShopClues also launched its mobile application for Android and later for iOS.

Richa Kar, the founder of Zivame

Richa Kar, Indian Business Women wanted to solve the problem of women buying lingerie, and probably also change the way they buy it. And that is when the idea of Zivame struck her. She was researching the lingerie market in India when she realized that lingerie shopping was more of a task than an experience for women.

This was her bold step towards a different venture, which has reached the heights of success today. Richa started with 30 Lakh rupees and small office space, and today the company has over 200 team members and is raising over 9 million dollars. Zivame offers a variety of lingerie for Indian women; it also offers nightwear and activewear in both its online and offline portals.

Indian Business Women are playing key role in enhancing enterprise world in the country.

Sabina Chopra, the founder of Yatra.com

Yatra is a travel search engine, based in Gurugram, Haryana, and is a successful online travel agency. Yatra is among the largest online travel-related websites in India. Sabina, Indian Business Women has had the experience of about 16 years in the travel BPO industry. Yatra provides a best-in-class travel experience to the people. The aim of Yatra is to become India’s travel planner and it is working on that. Through the website or mobile applications, people can explore a range of services that cater to their traveling needs. Yatra has a customer base of more than 7 million customers and is providing people with the best travel experiences.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, the founder of Biocon

Biocon is a Biopharmaceutical company based in Bangalore, India. The company manufactures generic active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), which are sold in over 140 countries across the globe. The founder of the company, who is also an Indian billionaire entrepreneur, is Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Indian Business Women. She led the company from just an industrial enzymes manufacturing company to a successful bio-pharmaceutical industry. The company also focuses on research in diabetes, oncology, and auto-immune diseases. Biocon has ranked 20th among the leading biotechnology companies and also as the 7th largest biotech employer globally.

Suchi Mukherjee, the founder of LimeRoad

Limeroad is India’s first women’s social shopping site. The company is headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana, and is an online marketplace. Her inability to reach out to certain sellers to buy the desired things gave way to the idea of Limeroad. Her idea of sharing the product information along with the details of the manufacturer and shipping outside of India was an idea that helped India to connect to the virtual world.

She found out that there were many vendors in the market who could not reach their stuff to the targeted users. And she was successful in maintaining a balance in supplies and demands. Suchi Mukherjee, Indian Business Women was among the 15, voted for the ‘Rising Talent- Global Leaders under 40’ at the World Women’s Forum in Paris in 2010. 

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