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Notably, over the past few years, the employment and recruiting process has undergone a significant transformation. This is primarily due to the industry’s continuously changing requirements. The dynamic nature of the industry forces businesses and their executives to think creatively. This necessitates a team of talented individuals with a variety of skill sets to deal with various situations. Therefore, the hiring or recruitment process needs a shift in strategy.

One such company, Search Quest, promises systemic transformation through its creative and specialized approach to hiring. The company unequivocally guarantees that every position it accepts will be filled successfully. It keeps going through the hiring process until they find the ideal individual.  

The idea for Search Quest, which was founded in 2008, came from Nishu Miglani (Founder & Managing Director), who wanted to offer a distinctive, “guaranteed placement” style recruitment option to a clientele in need of a better hiring method.

Background and Key Responsibilities

Nishu Miglani played a key role in the creation of Search Quest. She has over 30 years of experience working for firms like ABC Consultants and Manpower. Nishu Miglani is a seasoned professional in the field of executive search and selection, has strong professional connections, and has been successful in building long-lasting partnerships with companies in the sector.

Nishu Miglani, who holds a master’s degree in civil engineering, oversees corporate business development, sales funnel management, staff development, training, strategy, and policy design. Additionally, she oversees the conduct of CXO and leadership-level searches. Nishu Miglani is a goal-oriented expert in talent acquisition with track record of developing and implementing efficient sourcing and recruiting procedures. Nishu Miglani was one of the first batches of women officers and had served in the Indian Navy as a Lieutenant (Short Services Commission).

After leaving the Navy, Nishu Miglani began her career with ABC Consultants, the top recruitment firm in India, where Nishu Miglani oversaw sizable teams and international accounts in the recruitment of information technology over six years. Nishu Miglani joined Manpower Group (US MNC) in 2005 as a joint venture partner with ABC consultants and took over the position of general manager, managing a team of over 100 recruiters nationwide and over 100 customers in the information technology sector.

Nishu Miglani founded Search Quest in 2008, and during the past 15 years, she has worked with her team to establish 12 KPO and IT centers for investment banks, with the original teams consisting of 100–800 specialists. Her primary duties, in addition to overseeing the company’s strategy, include expansion and acquiring new clients.

Mission and Vision of the company 

To meet the different labor needs across industry verticals, Search Quest Consultants offers a full range of recruitment services. The company has a dedicated staff of qualified recruiting consultants to support the strategic human capital plans of multiple top-tier businesses. Search Quest has quickly made a name for itself as the go-to partner in hiring high-profile clients and career professionals.

The mission of Search Quest is to deliver top-notch talent and services ON TIME, EVERY TIME, and to become the Top Preferred Recruitment Solutions Provider across sectors. The business strives to be a full-spectrum provider of human capital services and to establish itself as a top provider of recruiting services, providing exceptional management teams to its customers to compete in the international market. The goal of Search Quest is to continue being the clients’ preferred partner by holding the largest market and mindshare shares in the recruiting industry.

Search Quest assures the following:


Search Quest collaborates with clients as an extension of the business and delivers a truly collaborative approach. To comprehend the organizational structure, business model, operational challenges, and work culture, it collaborates closely with them. When the business has a complete understanding of the client’s stringent criteria, it matches those with the abilities and goals of possible applicants.


Search Quest upholds strict confidentiality and treats the information with the utmost respect. It takes pride in upholding the greatest levels of ethics, and all transactions are open and honest. The company operates with the knowledge and consent of its customers and provides complete security for the secrecy and privacy of the candidates’ preferences.


Search Quest is dedicated to establishing and preserving lasting relationships. As a result, customer requests are processed quickly and with improved levels of responsiveness. All of this translates to the clients receiving unrivaled quality, service, and attention.

Serving for 30+

The leadership team at Search Quest has more than 30 years of combined experience as seasoned executive search specialists with a track record of providing skilled and competent executives to fulfill the needs of all major industries in the short and long term.

By establishing operations in foreign regions, where the Canadian company is already active and where services will soon begin, Search Quest has set out on an international trip. As it expands to other nations, it will gradually leave its mark on international marketplaces.

Some of the reasons that stand out are:

1.Best Practices

The core team at Search Quest has developed best practices for practice groups and recruitment processes, thanks to extensive experience in search and selection across major recruitment agencies in India.

Regardless of level, experience, or skill, every team member is trained in and indoctrinated with its best practices to ensure best-in-class turnaround and delivery.

2.Quality and Dependability

Customers rely on Search Quest’s recruitment expertise because they receive high-caliber resumes and the best hit-and-fill rates.

They believe on the team’s extensive experience and expertise to save costs and obtain the best recruitment solutions.

3.Customized Solutions

The Search Quest team creates unique recruitment solutions based on the demands of the customer to produce the necessary numbers within the allotted time frame.

To meet the needs of the clients, the team adjusts its focus as needed.

4. Domain Expertise

The Search Quest team has extensive industry knowledge in the selected fields (Technology, KPOs, Financial Services, HR Consulting & Turnkey projects).

Due to the team’s extensive expertise in numerous domains, they can demonstrate value addition to the clients.

5.Partnership Approach

To provide top-notch recruitment solutions, Search Quest collaborates with each of its clients as an external business partner.

To ensure a win-win outcome for all parties, the team supports clients and applicants as true partners at every stage of the process.

Overcoming Initial Challenges 

When Nishu Miglani launched Search Quest, the market was slowing down because of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, which dealt major blows to investment banks. To reduce risk, Search Quest quickly diversified into other industries and made sure that the company became profitable in its first year of operations with a clear focus, commitment, and dedication combined with the highest quality delivery to clients. The company’s primary focus had been on servicing requirements for Investment Banks’ technology and KPO centers, so it was difficult to rebuild clients from scratch.

Growth trajectory, Revenue, and Clientele base

By demonstrating revenue growth of more than 100% annually and expanding its clientele, Search Quest has come a long way. Today, selected Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 MNC organizations work with Search Quest as an external business partner.

Two of Search Quest’s important members have taken the role of Directors internally to advance the firm, demonstrating how the company has evolved by developing home-grown leaders. By expanding its business inside each client, it has been able to keep all of its clients year after year.

Post-pandemic Era and Attention to Employees

After the pandemic, the hybrid work paradigm was implemented and the perspective on how Search Quest operated changed. Productivity has increased as a result, and with the WFH option available, the company can hire personnel anywhere in India without opening an office there. Clients are at ease with zoom conversations and MD meetings, and costs have been optimized.

Search Quest has the finest employee-friendly practices, with each employee invited to the company’s profit-sharing program, where they can build wealth by exceeding expectations. All policies are open and everyone has the power to make decisions at every level with full empowerment. Additionally, Search Quest offers the best rewards and incentive programs in the market. At every level, career objectives are made explicit, and employees are motivated by high-caliber work.

Technology, Future Plans & Advice for Aspirants

Currently, Search Quest has its whole information in the cloud and can anticipate client demands by using digital platforms and media. The company wants to put the Search Quest brand on the map of the world in the future by providing the highest quality services.

When asked about a piece of advice for aspiring youth, Nishu Miglani says that “Have a clear vision, dream big, be hands-on, and stay committed to your goals with persistence and dedication and success will be yours.”


“The goal of Search Quest is to be a full-spectrum provider of human capital services and to establish itself as a top provider of recruiting services, providing exceptional management teams to its customers to compete in the international market.”

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