How Might Nitrogen Generation Equipment Effectively Be Utilised by Businesses?

How Might Nitrogen Generation Equipment Effectively Be Utilised by Businesses_

A large volume of nitrogen is needed to facilitate many processes such as gas purging, nitrogen blanketing, and the likes. The success of some industrial businesses is heavily linked to using large volumes of nitrogen as this is required in many manufacturing processes. This, however, surfaces the need for industries to procure a nitrogen generator to bring the best out of their business.

Nevertheless, getting nitrogen generation equipment doesn’t seem to be that easy because there are a few things that must be put into check, especially adopting the perfect method to generate the required industrial nitrogen gas supply. Most process plant managers prefer to go for on-site Nitrogen Generation Equipment, even though some processes may run on nitrogen supplied by an external source. But, have you ever wondered why nitrogen generation equipment is so essential for businesses? Well, read further to know more.

What Is Nitrogen Gas?

Gaseous nitrogen has inert properties, and it’s tasteless, odorless, and colorless. Nitrogen gas is a part of industrially significant compounds, and it’s as well an inert element that occurs in abundance in nature freely. The properties of this nitrogen make it a potential safety hazard to personnel and as well as ideal for use in various industrial processes. However, one must take caution and follow all safety guidelines.

Common Industrial Uses of Nitrogen Gas:

Industrial nitrogen has a lot of critical uses, especially in the oil and gas industry, and this nitrogen gas has several applications which include;

  • Nitrogen Sparging for Wine
  • Gas-assisted injection moulding
  • Nitrogen injection/ Gas lifting
  • Nitrogen purging

Advantages of a Nitrogen Generator

Businesses have more to gain by replacing their inefficient system of pre-filled Nitrogen cylinders with an onsite nitrogen generator, and these are some of the things that make nitrogen generators more valuable:

  • Low long-term operating cost: You can enjoy big long term savings when you’re able to reduce costs on administration, delivery, and tank rental. Nitrogen generation equipment helps you get to save more in the long run.
  • No supply constraint: There are some nitrogen generators that don’t need to be plugged into an electric power supply and they supply a continuous flow of pure Nitrogen gas.
  • Adjustable purity and flow rate: You’ll be able to fit your specific application needs since you can control the flow rate and purity of the nitrogen.
  • Compact and portable: Most nitrogen generators don’t take more space as a set of canisters because of their slim tower design and they’re often small.
  • Low maintenance: Until maybe your generator calls for a filter change in about five to ten years, you’ll still enjoy using your device without stress as it demands no reloading or moving around.
  • Efficient: Efficiency is one of the valuable benefits businesses have to gain because they’ll bid goodbye to almost-empty tanks.

Keeping your Nitrogen System Functioning

Nitrogen Generation Equipment has the capacity of producing nitrogen accurately and efficiently for decades when cared for. And, compared to other systems, they’re a cost-effective solution. Nevertheless, you must make sure your generator is working just as it should be by conducting regular maintenance and upkeep.

This, however, is only to enhance the lifespan of your product, and you can easily do this by incorporating a few routines.

  • Keep the equipment clean: There’s no further need to emphasize that it’s essential for us to clean what we use to avoid a mess and cleanliness is part of maintenance. So, clean all parts carefully with a damp cloth but be very careful not to tamper with the Nitrogen Generation Equipment’s electrical components while cleaning.
  • Check status gauges and Indicators: Look over the quality of the inlet air and make sure the system has no leaks. Verify if the nitrogen generating system functions as it should by checking both the gauges and indicators’ status. On the front of Nitrogen Generation Equipment, you’ll see a visible control panel.
  • Shut the Nitrogen Generation Equipment down after use: If improving your nitrogen generator’s lifespan is important to you, properly shut the unit down after every use as instructed by the maintenance manual of your nitrogen generating system.
  • Regularly change the system’s filters: Follow the disposal procedures utilised by your company to discard elements and change your system’s filters with careful adherence to the manual’s instructions. There’s a combination of carbon and coalescing filtration used by most nitrogen generator systems, and this is why changing the system’s filters might be a necessity to facilitate the extension of the lifespan of your generator.
  • Restart the Nitrogen Generation Equipment: Do well to follow the proper start-up procedure by checking your nitrogen generator system’s manual. And then, restart the equipment after changing the filters.
  • Replace your oxygen sensor and valve: The number of hours the nitrogen generator is in use is what will determine the frequency in which you’ll change your oxygen sensor and valve. However, replacement is done around every three years, typically. Oh, you thought months? No.

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